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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

One of the best life choices that I made was to travel not just for the culture and the adventure but also for the food. Just a few weeks ago, a visit to LIO, EL NIDO in PALAWAN gave me a chance to try out different restaurants along the beach front. Something everyone would surely love.
Coined as SHOPS AT LIO, it is a strip of restaurants and stores that is found just a few meters away from the beach. It houses different establishments to entice visitors to come on over and check out LIO TOURISM ESTATE. It is just a stone throw away from CASA KALAW BEACH RESORT
To start things off, one could try out PAIR-A-DICE BURGER HOUSE. This place is owned by a former DJ in Taiwan and makes everything more impressive. The food is all made from scratch. The meat and even the bread is all done in house. Their best sellers would be the different types of burgers that they offer. Some would enjoy the Hawaiian Version as it has a thick cut of pineapple. Others would just be happy with bacon and even onion rings in their mouth.
Pizza lovers would enjoy a visit to PIZZA AMORE. With their very own brick oven, each pizza is carefully molded to make the diners jump for joy with each bite. Aside from the carbonara-ish pizza, one could also try out the decadent Nutella version.
Since you are at the beach and traveling for rest and relaxation, you might want to try out different dishes from the region. You could for the GLOBY TRAVELING CHEF RESTAURANT and BAR.

Here, they got rendangs and even satays to turn on your spicy side. Aside from these, they also serve Filipino dishes like the Kare-Kare and even some Adobo.

As the sun sets, there's a different vibe that comes to you while you're in SHOPS AT LIO. Everthing turns festive and you get to enjoy the night life in PALAWAN.

You could start off with a bit of lounging at MANILLE BEACH BAR. Owned by the same people behind the Manille series of drinks, you won't go wrong with any of their creations.
Suggestions would go a long way here. With their excellent bar tender skills, MANILLE BEACH BAR could definitely make your night memorable. A crowd favorite would be the MANILLE BASIL SMASH. Refreshing, this drink is mixed with their Liqueur de Calamansi. Everything goes perfectly well with their liquor infused dishes.

If you're looking for a bit of entertainment, the PUKKA BEACH BAR could be the place for you. This is a more upbeat place that has nightly performers for their guests. Sometimes it would be an acoustic band or maybe even a DJ.
One could go for a shot of a fancy looking drink called BLOWJOB or just nurse a sweet drink on the side.
Chips and other bar chows are present as well as they go well with the drinks they offer.
A late night craving might make you head on over to neighboring EL NIDO GRILL. Here, you could pick out fresh and plump seafood for your appetite.
Aside from crabs, huge fishes and even shrimps could be cooked to your liking. A favorite would be their butter and garlic concoction.
Still, having grilled squid is a must as the natural flavors pop out. Each bite gives you a taste of the sea and you realize how lucky it is to be there.
The following day, BEAD CAFE might be the perfect place to hang at. Here, you could order a hot or cold drink and even make your own necklace to spend the time away.
SHOPS AT LIO could be compared to a similar place in BORACAY. It reminds me of D'MALL but it is more organized and visually perfect with the beach surroundings.


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