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Sunday, October 13, 2013

One rainy night, I found myself all alone in Trinoma. I had done a lot of errands that day. I went back and forth to different places and malls just to get this and that. (Why did I go shopping alone?! WHY!!!!?)
 With my tummy bugging me and telling me to stop doing these awful chores, I tried to look for a budget friendly place that could brighten up my night. Haven't you ever experienced that? It was as if everything was sucked out of you. No more energy and no more money!! ARGH! LOL!
So yeah, I was tired, almost broke (damn GTA V, Blurays, external hard drive, and laptop accessories) and it was raining hard.
I found a place that I hope could do the job. RAMEN X!!!
If I am not mistaken, RAMEN X is one of the few places that offered ramen before the RAMEN Boom in Metro Manila came about. 

The place has a canteen feel to it. Everything just steady. You go up to the counter and order and pay up.
Everything is just basic. No special whatever just plain food.

For my drink, I got the Peach Fruit Tea (60Php)
Not too sweet and has a lot of this small seed like stuff. 
(fine you got me I don't know what they are.. any guesses?)
For the price, it was sulit.
I can't go to a ramen place without getting ramen right? So I got the Yoshi Ramen (189Php) with extra green toppings (15Php).
The noodles were cooked right. Not sloppy and is firm. The broth isn't that great compared to Nomama (click) or Ikkoryu Fukuoka (click) or Kichitora (click)
  but I believe would pass for the Filipino taste bud. Okay for its price.
For my side dish I got their tempura (99Php). 
At first glance, I thought I was going to be happy. Sadly, I was really disappointed with this dish because they used old oil. I wasn't able to get pass the 2nd bite. Everything was steady, but this was a bummer dish. SKIP  
The ramen I ate steamed up my night and led me to do more stuff like shopping!LOL! Definitely good soupy comfort food for the rainy season. Maybe just skip the fried stuff. Was it just me or maybe I had an unlucky day? The price is competitive and all right I guess. The serving is huge so no worries there. If you are up for some deep ramen flavors maybe you could skip this and ride the MRT to Megamall or Shangrila but be ready to pay a little bit more. 
LOL! Budget around 200Php per person. 

Ramen X
2nd Floor, Trinoma
Outer Area along with the the other restaurants like
Cabalen, Rocks, CPK

Disclaimer: I wrote this post based on my sole opinion. 
I wasn't asked nor paid to do this.

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