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Monday, November 24, 2014

 The Stone Grill with some of the best WAGYU in town.

Not my first time and not my last, HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL is the place to go to for your steak fix.
Located on the top floor of THE PODIUM, The HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL, seats on a quiet corner waiting to lure customers in with their incredible steak.

Since it was my dad's birthday and I was bombed with what happened to me, we figured to have lunch in our go to steak place. This is not our first time time, as we usually frequent their branch in Eastwood, so we kind of knew what to expect.

I ordered their special set meal since I wanted to try the 999 Php deal. It included soup of the day, salad, mashed potato with some veggies and the AUSTRALIAN WAGYU SIRLOIN 220gm usually priced at 1450Php.  

Dad, on the other hand, went for his usual TENDERLOIN GRADE 8 (220gms at 3050Php)

We started off with some soup. French Onion if I am not mistaken.
Lovely, not too thick and perfect. Alongside with the refillable bread basket and butter.. we were actually nearing our fill.

My set had a generous portion of CAESAR SALAD and since dad didn't have one included, he ordered one for himself (245Php) which actually is good for 2 to 3 persons. 
He liked the light 

When I got my sirloin, I was a little disappointed. The meat was rolled up and it is something that I don't often experience when eating there at HOUSE OF WAGYU. Worst, it was placed near the edge of the stone so I don't know if the heat would evenly cook the meat.
When I tried to open it up, I knew it. It was two cuts of steak. Joined together and seemed to look as if it was a single. What should I expect? At only, 999Php, I guess you get what you paid for. It was a bit difficult to cook this since everything was spread on the hot stone.
Flavor wise, it was all right. You control how you take it, since you cook it. The staff would assist and guide you but the choice of how you would take it is up to you.

On the other hand, my dad and I was pretty impressed with the TENDERLOIN GRADE 8.
As the name says, it is super duper tender. Even if you over cook it a bit, the meat is flavorful and super soft.
Since my dad was full from the salad and the bread, I got some piece off his plate.
It was juicy and soft. Simple as that. I had to place the uncooked meat on a separate plate so that it won't be overcooked. A little searing here and there definitely made it awesome. A melt in your mouth moment. 

We were served a side of mashed potatoes with a few veggies.
Skipped the veggies!

HOUSE OF WAGYU has been there for quite sometime now and my family loves eating here. I guess next time out, we would go for the medium priced cuts as they have more flavor. Quality wise, they are a notch higher than the usual. Budget would be around 3,000 Php per person if you are up for a steak dinner. 

5th Level Podium Mall

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our meal. Happy Birthday dad!
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  1. Belated happy birthday to your dad! :)

    And wow at that marbling! Didn't know a grade 8 tenderloin would have that kind of marbling, considering it's tenderloin! Haha :D

    Anyway, we've been eyeing this steak house for far too long! Kailangan nalang ng special occasion to finally dine here! Hope Atty's wallet is ready. Toinkz! XD

  2. Hey Sumi... Thanks a lot ^_^ uhm it is pretty expensive but i am sure atty would cough it up!!! Hahahahaha ! A must try girl ^_^

  3. Replies
    1. Bwhahahahahaha!!! Go!!! its near your office dear ^_€