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Thursday, July 21, 2016

A foodie destination, BGC is in need of a serious dessert place. Thankfully Chef MIKO planned it all out and created FREEZER BURN.
Located just a few steps away from FOWL BREAD (which you can read here), CHEF MIKO ASPIRAS made a classic novelty into something wild and creative. Not just your ordinary ice cream shop, FREEZER BURN has interesting flavors that you won't normally see just anywhere in the metro.

Making COMPOSED DESSERTS or combining ice cream with something familiar to create delicious mixed sweet delights, FREEZER BURN lit up social media with their KETCHUP MAYO FRIES (295Php). One would have to admit that combining KETCHUP and MAYO is something like a thousand island dressing. Eating ice cream with fries would also be different for some. On the other hand, I love it. Ever since I was a kid I would eat my fries by dipping it into vanilla ice cream. What perfect way to expound on this by making the flavor of the ice cream into something familiar. FREEZER BURN didn't go over but made the flavor light to properly work well with the fries.

Another crowd favorite, G'DAY MATE (295Php) is a combination of BUTTER ICE CREAM and STICKY DATE PUDDING. The mix of the butter ice cream flavor and the pudding made it a delicious treat. Having some "injectable" sweet syrup makes this a perfect treat for sweet tooths.

A classic flavor,  the BBPPBB (295Php) is FREEZER BURN'S take on a butter pecan and bananas. They created a browned butterpeacan ice cream served with peanut butter waffles and bananas.
MINT lovers would enjoy the THICK MINTS (295Php). Composed of Best Mint Stracciatella ice cream with 5 bite brownie. It's refreshing but it works.
For something safe, one could go for the OLA! (295Php). This is their chocolate ice cream partnered with churros. The ice cream is a bit heavy perfect for a dip like expecirience.
Aside from these flavors, FREEZER BURN has a couple more up its sleeve. If I were to go back, I believe I would try out the MORNING GLORY with its maple bacon ice cream and brioche toast. Also, another round of ketchup mayo fries would also be in my list.
FREEZERBURN is an excellent concept. Perfect for Sweet loving dessert crazy Filipinos. My only concern is that the prices are a bit expensive for some but the flavors and the quality of these creations make it worth a try. Better to go in for take out. There are only a limited number of seats in the store.

FOWLBREAD: Delicious Chicken

Bonifacio High Street.
Near Nike Store and right in front of Krispy Kreme.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the restaurant.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A must place to pig out, FAT DADDY'S in BURGOS CIRLCE, BGC is a gem in plain sight. Already their second branch (after Marikina), FAT DADDY'S SMOKEHOUSE enjoy a following among foodies. Looking in, the place seems simple and neat. BUT, this is where you go to enjoy good food and better company.  Diners will rejoice with all the MANLY dishes they serve.
Starting strong, you might want to try one of their famous milkshake. The SMOKEY MAPLE BACON (150Php). A nice blend of sweet and salty all rolled into one cold drink.
Trying to be healthy, FAT DADDY'S serve salads with a little oily twist. These dishes would be perfect for someone that is trying to go on a diet but still loves bacon.

Something to warm up the taste buds, the WILD MUSHROOM SOUP would do the trick. Three different kinds were used to create this dish. Crispy bits would greet you as you take the first spoonful.

Something that I personally enjoyed was the CRISPY FRIED PICKLES (165Php). Huge cuts of pickles were deep fried to perfection. Making me one happy camper.

A couple more deep fried starters that put FAT DADDY'S on the map would be the HOT PORK POPPERS (175Php) and the BUTTERMILK FRIED LIVERS (185Php).
Rubbed Pork belly was used to make the poppers more flavorful. Partnering it with the vinegar sauce would make someone crave for rice. Another interesting and well executed dish, the LIVER was pretty good. The use of the buttermilk and other seasoning was able to mellow down the strong flavors.
Cheesy dishes would make great comfort food. FAT DADDY'S makes them pretty well.

The HOT MESS (360Php) and the MAC and 4 CHEESE (320Php) are classic examples of what hot cheese dishes should be. The Hot Mess is their version of mashed potato with loads of cheese, bacon and pulled pork on top. The MAC and CHEESE meanwhile, would fulfill your childhood fantasy of having amazing home made bacon with those macaroni. Cheesy, salty, damn GOOD!

For someone that is truly hungry, their main dishes would be your best bet.

The braised short ribs is slow cooked and is partnered with bourbon sauce. This gives it a little twang on the palette. On the other hand, one could go for some salmon or shrimps just to getaway from all the meat.

For a huge party, it would be better to go for their SMOKED and BARBECUE MEATS.
A whole range of flavors and meat experience would greet the diners. The Beef Brisket, hot links, bacon slab, and even a bacon slab.  These are done right. You won't go wrong with any.

Side dishes would also be a welcome partner for the mains. I would suggest going for the dirty rice and the bacon and chives corn bread. The rice has a little bit of saltiness and the corn bread gives you a different mouth feel from all the meat.
Dessert is a big thing in FAT DADDY'S. If there is only one dish for you to try, it must be the BACON and SMORES DIP. Homemade smoked bacon provides the salty component while the chocolate ganache and marshmallows give you that sweet ending.
FAT DADDY'S SMOKEHOUSE in BGC is that place where you want to go to if you want to pig out.  Aside from smoked and barbecued meats, the starters are well executed. They also serve burgers and other pasta dishes for variety. These are delicious and yet very deadly. As with everything good, always keep things in moderation. Cheers.

Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this event.
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Monday, July 18, 2016
INDIAN FOOD FESTIVAL at HYATT Hotel City of Dreams Manila

 Once I started learning that food is more than just nutrition and a need, I realized that spices and flavors intertwine and work together to create the perfect dish. Of course this is subjective and yet, experience plays a huge factor in how people react or enjoy their food. After all is said and done, I believe variety is the main component of being happy. One of the most flavorful and spice filled cuisine that I have experienced would be INDIAN FOOD. Being able to deliver flavors from both end of the spectrum, Indian Cuisine definitely has the variety aspect to make anyone enjoy their meal.
 Starting July 17th to the 24th, CAFE at The HYATT HOTEL in CITY OF DREAMS MANILA is having the INDIAN FOOD FESTIVAL. Coined as the ROAD to GURGAON, Hyatt brought in Chef AJITH KUMAR from Hyatt New Delhi to showcase the vast dishes that Indian cuisine has to offer.
 Making use of fresh ingredients and a plethora of spices, the team of HYATT made sure to produce the most authentic flavors with regards to INDIAN Cuisine.
 To start, freshly baked Indian breads like papadum and roti welcomed the guests to the buffet spread.
 Appetizers like Vegetarian Samosas and Aloo Tikaa or potato croquette would be the perfect starter for an Indian feast. As this coats and prepares the stomach for the adventure ahead.
 Traditionally Indian Cuisine is viewed as spicy and a bit hot for the Filipinos and other Asian palettes, as such, the chefs toned down the dishes a bit without sacrificing the flavor profiles.
 Different types of curries and other delectable dishes were laid out in such a way that it is a feast for the senses. Starting from your eyes to your nose and all the way to your mouth.
 To give you a proper greeting, the TOMATO TULSI KA SHORBA or tomato soup is prepared in such a way that it isn't heavy nor dragging. It just helps your taste buds get accustomed to the spice-filled nature of the dishes to come.
The CHICKEN Curry would definitely be something familiar. Speaking of chicken, the Chicken Tikka is a must try. Properly marinated, one would appreciate the moist and tender meat coupled with Indian spices.
 Personally, I enjoyed the MUTTON GOSHT ROGAN. This lamb dish is a specialty that would go well with any of the Indian breads or biryani.
 When it comes to seafood, the PRAWN CURRY was pretty good. The Indian flavors were there but the mango sort of balanced it out. Making the dish somewhat neutral. Another must eat dish would be the PANEER MAKHANI. Basically this tofu like cubes are actually made from cottage cheese simmered in tomato sauce. Use the bread to scoop up the sauce and the cheese. Then, you'll understand.
 Fish lovers would enjoy the BAKED TREVALLY with MUSTARD YOGHURT. This huge fish is very flavorful that you might get a bit surprised at first bite. The yoghurt flavor was absorbed by the meat making it creamier.
 To help balance the spiciness of the dishes, a RAITA STATION was put up. This basically has different fresh vegetables and yoghurt and even seasoned rice to mellow down the kick and make everything flow just right.
 Surprisingly, there are also dessert dishes that had an Indian flare. The Carrot Halwa has a mild sweetness that was somewhat in the middle of the range. I enjoyed it even if it was made out of carrots. The Gulab Jamun and Rice Kheer Barfi were a bit too sweet for me.
 The great thing about the INDIAN FOOD FESTIVAL at THE HYATT is that they have a lot more in store for diners. Aside from the INDIAN SECTION, guests could choose from the Chinese, Grilled, Salads, Caviar, Cold Cuts and Cheese, Japanese section and a long dessert spread.
 PRO TIP: Go on a Sunday and indulge. "THE BEAST" MAYURA WAGYU BEEF is definitely a must try.
 Remember, mix and match. ENJOY!
The ROAD to GURGAON, INDIA would run from July 17-24, 2016. For lunch and dinner buffet, regular rates would apply. (Php 1,388 / 1,888 nett). Metrobank Card Holders get 25% DISCOUNTS at the CAFE and CLUB ROOM accommodations. (June1-Aug31, 2016).

NOBU'S Luxurious Sunday Brunch
5 Dishes to Try at the Cantonese Food Festival 
Cafe at The Hyatt: 2 Culinary Food Festivals

Asean Avenue Cor Roxas Boulevard
Entertainment City, Paranaque, Metro Manila
Contact them at (632)691-1234 

Disclaimer: Was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience.
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

One thing always leads to another. Hence, APPLEBEE'S recently opened another branch in Quezon City. Located in the Citywalk area of Eastwood, APPLEBEE'S is a welcome addition to the restaurant vibe in the metro.
Unassuming and somewhat hidden in plain sight, the newest restaurant in Eastwood is nestled on a second floor of what will be IHOP. Don't worry as they are currently installing elevators to help the guests enter the restaurant and not use the stairs.

A well stocked bar is also located in the alfresco area of APPLEBEE'S.
Here, they have a plethora of cocktails to choose from. Perfect to spend a lazy afternoon or a night of unwinding.

To start the meal, one could go for the SRIRACHA SHRIMPS. Crunchy and coated with a spicy sauce, this is pretty good. I liked the seasoning and the fact that it was not overwhelming.
Salads are also masterfully done in APPLEBEE'S. You could choose to make your own but having an Sweet Asian flavored dressing would work. Grilled shrimps would make a perfect add on as well.

A crowd favorite, the WONTON TACO is screaming with texture and flavor. Wonton wrappers were deep fried to create a shell. A little on the sweet side, this could pass off as an Asian Mexican flavor fusion.

Surprisingly, the MEATBALLS were soft, delicious and flavorful. Compared to other restaurants, APPLEBEE'S version has real meat flavor. Having some tomato sauce also helped it out.
The 4 Cheese Mac and Cheese would be perfect for kids and kids at heart. The cheesy flavor works well with the Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders. I could see myself going back just because of this dish and the tacos!
Uniquely APPLEBEE'S, the QUESADILLA BURGER. The juicy burger went well with cheese and the quesadilla wrap. Tender and delightfully good. Yummy.
The BBQ PORK RIBS is somewhat different from others that I have tasted. Usually, it would be fall off the bones and could have been a little overcooked. Their version has tender meat but it still sticks to the bones, making it easier to eat with your hands.
I also like the fact that APPLEBEE'S offer meals less than 600 calories. One of them is this 3 cheese with chicken and a side salad. A little lighter compared to the 4 cheese, I was pleased with how filling this meal was even if it was less than 600 calories.
APPLEBEE'S has a lot of playful desserts. From an ice creamed black forest mug to a butter pecan blondie, you could get what your taste buds would crave for.
APPLEBEE'S is now open in EASTWOOD CITY WALK in Quezon City. Affordable and quality dishes done right. Cheers.


Eastwood City Walk
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer:was invited. wrote this based on my experience
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