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Sunday, May 29, 2016

This coming May 31 to June 2, SIAL ASEAN MANILA would be happening in the World Trade Center in Pasay City.
 The first and only B2B expo in the metro, SIAL ASEAN has a lineup of different booths and scheduled activities for the participants.
 On opening day, a lot of talks would be focusing on sustainability and other important factors in the food industry.
 Days 2 and 3 would focus on cooking and agribusiness that would help the community.
 Other than that, SIAL ASEAN is worth the visit as it has a lot to offer in terms of innovation and standards in the Food and Beverage Industry.
I hope to see you guys there. Cheers
It's FREE. For pre-registered visitors, it's free.


5 Reasons to visit SIAL

Food in the Bag is an official media partner of SIAL ASEAN 2016
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Thursday, May 26, 2016
5 REASONS to VISIT SIAL ASEAN on May 31 to June 2

 This coming May 31-June 2, 2016 the Philippines would play host to the first and only B2B platform in Manila, SIAL ASEAN MANILA. This 3 day expo would bring together different international and domestic exhibitors and trade buyers under one roof. To be held in the WORLD TRADE CENTER in MANILA, this would be an amazing gathering of different businesses in the region.
 There are a lot of reasons to go but keep the following in mind:
1) YOU GET TO NETWORK with different exhibitors from domestic and international businesses. Hence, you expand your horizon and your knowledge base.
 2) YOU LEARN techniques and innovations within the food and beverage industry. Different pavilions and booths would be engaging and exhibiting different products.
3) YOU ABSORB new knowledge from the seminars and talks to be conducted. 
4) YOU GET TO TASTE and experience different food and culture that the region has to offer.

5) It's FREE. For pre-registered visitors, it's free.  ORDER your VISITOR BADGE here.

SIAL ASEAN would be held on May 31 to June 2 at the World Trade Center.
From 10am to 6pm 300 exhibits would showcase the food industry from 16 countries.  Aside from that, a lot of talks and different programs would be discussed regarding the food industry in the region.

Disclaimer: Food in the Bag is an official media partner of SIAL-ASEAN. This is a press release. Photos were taken from SIAL ASEAN'S website and facebook page.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On a nice day after work hours the LONG BAR in RAFFLES HOTEL MAKATI is filled with hungry and workaholic fellas from the nearby business hub.
I guess they heard that the HAPPY HOUR in LONG BAR was perfect. From 5pm to 8pm, patrons would be treated to an alcoholic delight. Free flowing beer, concoctions and a platter of bar chow is served.
All the local beers and some imported ones are served. 
But if it was me, I would be going for their signature cocktails.
If you didn't know, the bar staff at the LONG BAR has a great grasp of how and what to concoct for the bar goers. 
Here, they create their own bitters and different ingredients for their amazing list of alcoholic drinks.
If you can't decide, you could also ask them to create something from nothing.
That is how creative and knowledgeable the guys are behind the bar.
 Partnered with different bar chow, you will definitely enjoy your stay here.
Ask for their version of the CHICHARON. Partnered with a tasty vinegar, this crackling pork grind is perfect. Chorizos and cheese balls are great as well.
I'm not ashamed of it but I love their version of the amaretto sour. The guy that made it gave it a little bit of twang with the addition of a citrus. Love it. 
Moving on, one could enjoy a cocktail of sorts with Oysters at the lobby lounge of the FAIRMONT HOTEL in MAKATI.
Dubbed as the OYSTRAS Y CAVA at the FAIRMONT LOUNGE, this exquisite and well curated cocktail is perfect for the foodie. From 6pm to 9pm, Sparkling Cava is served alongside different tapas and pintxos for dinners.
Pegged at Php 1,200 ++ per person, the selection isn't huge but the dishes are simple and straight forward.
I would suggest that you get a whole lot of that chorizo.
Of course, the oysters are fresh and is partnered with a lot of sauces.

You could ask the wait staff to have them grilled or cook to your liking.
A simple yet delightful take would be when you have it cooked with garlic. 
Another one would be the classic cheese.
 and BACON.

With the unlimited CAVA, you would definitely enjoy the "light" dinner.
Forgive me as I share to you the different plates I had.
Chorizo, mushrooms, shrimps, and salmon with cream cheese.
Over and over again.
And again.
For dessert, I suggest you order a few of their luxurious macarons. These are flavored to the delight of your imagination. Cheers.

Makati Ave, Makati City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out this event.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
BUDDHA BAR MANILA: New Peruvian-Japanese Cuisine

 For a few years now, BUDDHA BAR in MAKATI has been evolving itself into a place not just for drinks but also for dinner dates.
Once you step in, the dimly lit yet opulent restaurant bar would transport you into a different place.
Granted that the ambiance is amazing and the place grandeur compared to other must visit places, it is still important to note the different dishes BUDDHA BAR would serve. That is the main reason why one should visit a restaurant. The food.
 Last weekend, CHEF SHIGEKI LIMURA graced BUDDHA BAR with his presence and prepared NIKKEI cuisine for the patrons. Otherwise called Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, Nikkei was once upon a time rooted from the Latin American culture mixed with Japanese.
 While trying to communicate with his limited English, the Chef mentioned the importance of using fresh ingredients and properly sourcing them.
The chef started with showing off his skills in making three dishes for the patrons. The AJI TUNA CEVICHE CHIFA,  SESAME SEARED SALMON CEVICHE and AJI TUNA CEVICHE.

The Aji Tuna Ceviche consisted of mainly two ingredients. The Cubed sliced tuna and the sauce. The sauce is made from a mixture of vinegar and fish bone soup. Each made fresh to give the dish its flavor. Accompanied with other toppings such as sweet potatoes and even crisp banana, it seems a little bit overwhelming.
 The Seared Salmon Ceviche is somewhat similar to the Aji except that excellent knife master skills were used to cut the salmon a little bigger than the usual sushi slice.
 Lastly, the AJI TUNA CEVICHE CHIFA was served with a dash of truffle. Making it a little too rich. Generally, I wasn't all too keen for these three dishes. Just by looking at them, I had a feeling of being overwhelmed. Too many layers on a dish. Yes, they may look nice but having a lot of elements may work against the star of the dish. It seems to me the flavors were generally tame and wasn't enough to push the seafood out. It might be surprisingly spicy as well with the generous addition of pepper. I would suggest that you tapper down your expectations with these dishes. I was wowed and confused all at the same time. Personally, I would have gone for something simply yet mind blowing delicious.
 On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the main entrees. A sampler plate of sorts were given.
 The Chilean sea bass with wasabi sauce was soft in a sense that it was shy but delicious. The Miso Black Cod with mixed lentils was spot on texture wise and the 12 spices Grilled Pork ribs was grilled the right way. Making it tender and fall off the bones. My personal favorite though would be the TENDERLOIN STEAK. Cooked to a medium rare, each bite would deliver a delicious oomph. One that the ceviches lacked.
 While enjoying the dishes, the chef created a wonderful instillation with different rolls of sushi on them.
 Seared salmon is a no fail and the salmon with avocados work as well.
 For dessert, a Japanese Styled Tiramisu was served. Deconstructed and somewhat different, I miss the taste of a fine tiramisu with the lingering coffee extract. The use of black sesame gave it a light touch. It was creamy and must be tasted with all the elements together.

Granted that there are misses and hits but I believe you got to do your research as to what to try out in a place like BUDDHA BAR. The dishes are a little expensive mind you. An entree would start around 780Php while ceviche around 340Php. The Japanese Peruvian Menu would be offered all the way through June 17.

Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue
Makati, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience.
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