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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

When visiting somewhere, it's pretty important to check out something you haven't experienced yet. Going to Alabang for a music festival is another excuse for me to head on over to a new restaurant. At MOLITO, the THOMSON ROAD CHINESE BISTRO recently opened. Thankfully, my friends and I had some time to spare and checked out this new place.

Judging a book by its cover is never a good thing. At THOMSON ROAD, it's like you're transported to a different place once you go inside. Decor on the wall and a couple of other design instruments makes it a place to welcome guests raring to dig in. It reminds me of some of my travels abroad.
The dishes at THOMSON ROAD is somewhat Chinese with Singaporean Flare. There are hints of that special something you get at an Asian Restaurant. Starting off with some Laksa, there's some bite into it. The noodles do not sag and it absorb the flavors pretty well. A bit spicy but it is perfect.
Drinks are also specially made for those craving some tea mixtures. There are some coffee paired with tea and more milk tea involved as well.
BAO'S are an important  part of the menu as well. They have this specially made lumpia that's enveloped inside the cuapao. There's even one that has a mix of Chinese Sausage and some deep fried batter.
For something familiar, the SIOMAI is pretty good. Made with no extenders, the shrimps are huge and filling. It's actually as big as a golf ball.
The PLATTER though would be your bet when with a group. The pork belly are pretty deadly. Properly glazed, you get the best moist and tender piece of meat that you would want in your sandwich. It's even partnered with a garlic mayo dip.
The rice bowls were just amazing. These bowls are a complete meal into themselves.
You could go for the pork belly or even the duck. Personally, I would order another cup of rice just so as to balance the sauce and the flavors. A order is good for two persons and is better if shared.
Sharing, is a big thing when you're having a meal with friends. Their dessert is no exception. This Manga and hindi Sago was actually good for 2-3 persons. There's freshly cut mangoes and even sherbet in it. The Sago part is a surprise and it's up to you to find out what it is.
THOMSON ROAD is located in Molito Commercial Complex in Alabang in Muntinlupa. They are open from 11:30 am to 10pm.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

One of the things that I look forward to in a hotel stay would be the access to delicious dishes. At DISCOVERY PRIMEA MAKATI, I learned that it's okay to stay in because their FNB can handle all my wants and needs when it comes to food.
Let's just say that DISCOVERY PRIMEA is more of a weekender place. During weekdays, it's filled with businessmen and expats that has some dealings in the Makati Central Business Area. Weekends and holidays are reserved for weekenders. A place to relax and have peace.
The rooms are well thought of and are designed for the young adults and their loved ones. Each room carries a smart handy phone that gives access to free internet data, free international and local calls, and also information about the area. The desks are equipped with different office supplies that any business minded person might need. Internet connection is also fast and free. No need for passwords as guests of Discovery Primea are free to use it.
Huge flat screen televisions are present in rooms. Equipped with international channels, each patron is assured of being connected to the outside world.

The bed is magnificent. Huge and very welcoming, one might fall asleep in an instant. Sockets are provided on the side just so as to let you connect your laptop or charge your device.

A spacious walk in closet that leads to the washroom, offers a view of the mini bar. Personally, I it's no longer a "mini" bar for me. It's equipped with coffee and tea making facilities, alcoholic drinks that you could mix and match with different snacks.
Moving on, the washroom is packed with essentials that you might have forgotten. Toiletries are branded and are complete. For hygiene purposes, there's also a bidet installed.
The tub is also another room attraction as it has its very own cable tv. Don't worry it's covered so it's pretty much waterproof.
For guests that needs an outlet, they have a 24 hour gym ready for whatever you may need. At times, they also offer classes in the morning.
Aside from the spa, you could also go for their swimming pool to relax. This outdoor pool overlooks the Makati Area. It's also heated and has a jacuzzi on one end.
Food is not a problem in DISCOVERY PRIMEA MAKATI. It has a number of in-house establishments that could make you want to just stay and eat your heart out.
For lunch, you might want to visit TAPENADE. This restaurant offers the famous salad room. It offers Mediterranean Cuisine and a number of cheese and fresh salad to partner with the different mains.
One could go for these seafood and even have them cooked based on their preference.
The cheese selection is premium and goes well with the different meat and salad that you may choose to make.
When you visit, I suggest going for the Spaghetti "Alla Gricia". I can't explain it but it's a meaty but just perfect pasta to go for.
For something more hearty, going for the steak is never a miss when in TAPENADE. Go for the meat near the bones as it's pretty much juicy and tender.
A welcome surprise would be the ribs. One would think that it isn't as smoky and moist as you would want but one bite in and you realize just how wrong you are. Partner it with the corn mash and you're good to go.
Relaxing is the main thing to do when in DISCOVERY PRIMEA. Drinks are best during sunset. At EDGE, you overlook a part of Makati, Ortigas, and even BGC.
You would be surprised to see that they also offer a great number of dishes that would go with drinks. It's all different from the menu of their other restaurants.
But if you're more of a gin person, their lounge at the ground floor offers a GIN BUFFET. For only 450++ you could go for the basics at the GILARMI LOUNGE. For access to their more premium choices, 800++ still seems to be a steal.
Drinks and dinner could continue in FLAME. This restaurant on the 16th floor offers a majestic view of the metro. It's somewhat romantic and the perfect place to have dinner with your special someone. Of course one could have a power lunch here but dinner would be the best time to go.
Starters could be an elegantly plated foie gras. Buttery and juicy, it's something that makes you love each bite.
A revelation would be the beef carpaccio. My goodness, this dish was the go to for me that night. It brings out the best characteristics of the meat. I just can't understand it. There's a bit of spice, sweetness, and even salty in the flavor profile. Everything was just working.
For something comforting, the LOBSTER FRIED RICE with take out box would be the way to go. It's presented with egg and has some Chinese sausages to make it a go to dish for some guests.
Since FLAME is very proud of having the Josper grill, their steaks are a must. Cooked at the most optimum temperature, this right here is just an extraordinary deal.
Personally, the Australian Lamb Riblets was my fave. The meat was fall off the bones. The crumbled feta cheese did a number and worked well with the different juices from the meat.
In-Room Dining is another beast altogether. The food choices are very different from the ones in the restaurant. A little secret I learned was that to try and go for the BACON STEAK. Glazed and properly marinated, this one goes pretty well with garlic rice.
Breakfast is served in Tapenade from 6am to 10am. Aside from the usual bacon, egg, and sausages, they also offer a lot of healthy choices that's perfect for breakfast. Freshly squeezed juices and different types of coffee among other beverage choices are present in the buffet.
Discovery Primea is located along Ayala Avenue in Makati. For the upcoming Easter Break, they will be offering an EASTER EXCLUSIVE (click here for the promo) . Aside from the complimentary use of the smart handy phone, they would also be giving away credits, special discounts, and access to the Easter Egg Hunt in Central Square Bonifacio Global City.

6749 Ayala Ave, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
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Friday, March 16, 2018

I have been hearing about the POKE BOWLS from HOLIDAY INN MAKATI since it started last year. Every single time my friends and I would meet, they would mention this amazing meal as if it was something to look forward to. Just a few days back, I was finally able to try it out.
Rather than going for it all at once, different dishes were placed to start the long lunch. Appetizers like this dip and nachos were paraded on the table. Each with their munching characteristics, it's so easy to over indulge.
Greens like the Ceasar Salad are also there. But if you know me, I believe that it's best to let the others enjoy it.
Their SANDWICHES though are pretty packed. Just like this one. It's filled with layers of ham and even cheese. If you're a bit on the healthy side, you might want to go for their salmon wrap. Don't worry, it's also as bad ass as this sandwich.
For the main event, HOLIDAY INN presents it's POKE BOWLS. Pegged at Php 360 nett, these bowls can be compared to others in the city. They're huge and is actually best for sharing.
There are 3 different bowls to choose from. The first two are your plain salmon or tuna bowls. It basically boils down to your personal preference.
The favorite though would have to be the SPICY TUNA BOWL. It's like a mix of hot but fresh flavors. Take note though, you could go for brown or white rice and even you get to pick the sauces. For the spicy tuna, I would suggest going for the Spicy Chili sauce. For the Salmon, the sriracha mayo would work.
If in case you are looking for some more dishes, they got a couple more that might be worth your while.
Having the beef kebab would be for you if you're into something more meaty. It's best eaten with the baked potato but having rice on the side doesn't hurt. The Pan Fried Coated fish though is the bomb! Served with grilled vegetables and rice, it's definitely a secret waiting to be unleashed.
HOLIDAY INN MAKATI is a hotel that is located along Palm Drive in Makati. It is connected to the Glorietta mall, giving it access to a lot of restaurants, stores, and shops. The Poke Bowls are available for the whole month of March and is only priced at 360Php Nett. You can't get a better deal than that.

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