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Monday, October 23, 2017
MALINGAP CENTRAL FOOD HALL: Newest Food Place To Visit in Maginhawa

Variety. That's the name of the game. With more and more choices to pick from, diners tend to just toss a coin and go for whatever is convenient and nearby. Then the food parks came in. Usually a compound that would have a number of mini-establishments that serve different dishes and food that seems like the best go to place. These stand alone food factories are your best bet if you want to have a lot of options when it comes to food.
A couple of factors that hinders people from going to them would be the parking and the ambiance. At MALINGAP CENTRAL FOOD HALL, they fixed that. First of, parking is very much free and could definitely accommodate a lot. Around 16 cars could fit in front while the rest could park along the street and even at other establishments nearby. In terms of ambiance, the place is fun, colorful, and did I mention cold? Yes, this is one of the few food parks that let's you relax and have a breather from the heat. That is why, this place is open to the public from 11am to 10pm unlike other places.
Furthermore, the famous Chef Ed Bugia of Backyard Fame curated and hand picked each of the different stalls that is present in MALINGAP CENTRAL FOOD HALL.
Taken from Malingap Central Food Hall Facebook Page
One reason why I visited the place early on was because of TAZA PLATITO. This dessert heaven is known as one of the top picks of Lori Baltazar from Dessert Comes First. Rightfully so, as I could personally vouch for the cupcakes and the different sweet endings Taza Platito has been creating these past few years.
One should try out their EBTKS cookie. Each bite gives off a different texture because EBTKS translates to "everything but the kitchen sink". Different types of nuts, chocolate, and whatever you could think off is part of this cookie. This would go well with milk. If only, they had that on the menu.
For some Mexican flavor, you could try out EL SOMBRERO. Burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and a lot more. Check out their huge menu and try out their soft tacos. Pretty good.
Quixote, on the other hand, is somewhat similar but different. They offer Spanish cuisine like paella and even churros.
At the back of the place, you will find a gem. Alfred's Roast Beef has been known to a number of meat lovers for years. Huge cut of meat with a 50:50 ratio of fat and beef, you can't go wrong partnering it with rice and their secret sauce.
If you're up for some kebabs, SHISHK got you covered. Long skewered meat is grilled and served with a generous amount of spicy and mild sauce.
One surprise stall would be HAPITORI. According the the owner and chef, this is their first venture into the food industry. Surprisingly, Chef Eugene came from HR but always keeps on coming back to food. So this venture of his is all about easy to eat Japanese Style Yakitori. The chicken ass and the chicken skin are to die for. Partner them up with their special rice and you will be good to go.
Other than these stalls, there are still a lot more to open. SWEET X just opened a lite version of their restaurant that would offer delicious hamburgers. Another dessert place might also open but I guess that's that. Drinks are pretty much affordable with 50Php a bottle, you can't go wrong with that. Congratulations Chef Ed!

40 Malingap Street,
Teacher's Village East, Diliman, Quezon City

Disclaimer:visited on my own. Paid for my meal. Got to try the cookie from Taza Platito and some other sticks from Hapitori for free though.
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

 If you find yourself free later tonight October 21, I suggest that you head on over to the 2nd day of the WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2017. Here, you get to experience, taste, and learn about the different whisky available in the market and more. 
For the second straight year, WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2017 will be at SHANGRI-LA FORT. From October 20-21, 7pm to 12midnight, guests would be able to try out different alcoholic beverages. These are the different things I learned from going on the first day.
 There are MASTERCLASS sessions that you could attend. Aside from the main big event, you could check out some of the classes they have instore for you. Even if you're a newbie or a long time fan of different alcoholic drinks, you get to experience something unique and albeit rare and expensive drinks. For the DALMORE MASTERCLASS, it was Adam Knox who gave a very insightful lesson about DALMORE. He went through a quick how to appreciate and the different history, notes, and flavors. One thing I enjoyed was being able to try out DALMORE'S 30 year old Sherry. Although not available in the market, this was a sweet wake up call of things to come.
 After an hour in the masterclass, head on over to the huge function room that has all the booths and different events happening.
 As you enter you are given chips. One white and one blue and a number of red chips. You use the blue for the best whisky you've tasted while the white one is for the best booth. The red chips are your tokens to avail of the different drinks that they have to offer.
 Don't worry if you run out of red chips, head on over to the breathalyzer. If you get a good mark, they will give you more red chips. One tip though would be to blow hard and wait for the beep to end before stopping.
 There are a number of Whisky available. Actually there are around 131 ++ variants of liquor that's there for you to partake. You could try out the usual and famous ones but there are some that are quite unique. I'm no expert but I did enjoy a number of them.
 See the bottle on the left? That is the OCTAVE MORTLACH. It's something that has a great finish and not overly peaty.
 Kavalan was also present. A Taiwanese brand that has won multiple awards, I suggest that you go and try out the SOLIST. At around Php 16,000 per bottle, it's awesome to spend your chips here.
 Other than WHISKY, you could also find other alcohol variants in the hall.
 The ROKU GIN is a Japanese Brand that goes well in a gin and tonic. Same goes with the UNGAVA, a Canadian Premium Gin.
 Newcomers to the Philippine Market, KOVAL is a welcome treat. Something from Chicago, this has a great bourbon variant that you could taste the corn outright.
 For something of a mix, the HEDONIST is a must. This COGNAC and GINGER liqueur has that very friendly vibe and flavor. This is a great choice for newbies such as myself as it was on the sweet side.
 There were actually a lot of promotional giveaways as well. Some booths had discount coupons, whisky bottles, key chains, glasses and even this cute personalized leather holder.
Other booths had techy setups like this touchscreen table and even a dj booth setup.
Even if you're not a heavy whisky drinker, you'll still enjoy going to WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2017. Happening October 20-21, 2017 in Shangri-la Fort, this is one heck of an event. You could head on over to for tickets and more information.

Please have dinner or a quick snack before heading over. Although there are food for sale at the site, I think it's better to head on over to your favorite restaurant for a light snack.
Remember it's important to coat your stomach with something oily.
Don't forget to be responsible. Do not drink and drive.
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With the Holidays coming in, sometimes you get out of ideas when thinking about gifts that you want to give away to your love ones. At HEALTHY OPTIONS, they let you choose from a number of packages that could really help you out and be healthy at the same time.
At the newly renovated HEALTHY OPTIONS FLAGSHIP STORE in SHANGRI-LA MALL in Mandaluyong, you're senses are treated to a lot more than just snacks. It's basically a one stop shop for all your healthy needs when in Manila. Aside from supplements, cold items, grains, beauty products, what surprised me was that they have their own meat shop ready to serve you with your needs.
When you move around the store, a number of delicious and popular items would greet you. Here, you get to choose and pick whichever products you may want to include in your basket of goodies to give away.

Healthy eaters could snack on different delicious yet nutritious items that HEALTHY OPTIONS has. Some of them are even more affordable compared to what you could see at other stores. Some examples would be the store branded thick rolled oats, pancake mix, and chia seeds among others.
Kids would enjoy snacks such as chocolate chinks, white cheddar popcorn, and pretzel crisps as well.
For exclusive discounts and privileges, HEALTHY OPTIONS in SHANGRI-LA and GLORIETTA 2 would accept pre-orders for their annual Healthy Options Gift Show. Happening on October 20-22, one could troop on over and check out the different gift ideas.
For everything but the kitchen sink, the SPARKLE BOX would be your best bet. This is where you get to find a number of snacks and exclusive grocery items.
Aside from a number of other choices, the TWINKLE package stood out because it offered a gluten-free selection that would be perfect for those with food allergies. Furthermore, there are also all-natural and organic gifts for beauty such as the Be Dazzling, Pure Radiance, and Shine On selections.
With the gift of health, HEALTHY OPTIONS seems to be the best place to visit when choosing gift ideas for our family and friends. It's something that could really stand out from the usual ideas we have in terms of gifts. Go for it!

Check out

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's always a good time when you visit LONG BAR in Raffles Makati. More so when it's OKTOBERFEST. For the month of October, Raffles Hotel turned the Long Bar into the place to visit when it comes to enjoying a cold one.
Usually, LONG BAR is known for their amazing cocktails and their long list of alcohol bottles that are available for consumption.
This time around, from 5pm to 8pm guests could partake of one heck of a HAPPY HOUR. There is free flowing BEER from draft choices like their very own Octoberfest Brew to Munich Hell Original, Hefe Weisbier, and Paulaner Dunkel Original. Other local and imported beers are also available. Aside from these, you could go for gin, vodka, whisky, and rum
In addition, cocktails are also unlimited. From the classic Singapore Sling, Lychee Martini, and the famous Rain or Shine. For food, you could order the PORK KNUCKLE and SAUSAGE PLATTER. For Php 1,250, a number of sausages and the most amazing pork knuckle is available. Believe me when I say that the knuckles are so good. Crispy and moist at the same time, it actually goes well with the bread and the mashed potato.
The LONG BAR of RAFFLES MAKATI is offering the OKTOBERFEST from 5pm to 8pm for only Php 695Php. If you wish to extend happy hour up to 10pm, you could just add Php 300 per person. Not bad considering that this is unlimited and is served in one of the best hotel bars in the metro.

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Monday, October 16, 2017
CDP GLOBAL TABLE: Trying to be Healthyish

 How does one define healthy? When you google, it simply states being in good health. So, we could generalize that it's a matter of what we partake off and also what we do in our everyday lives. At CDP GLOBAL TABLE in ROCKWELL MALL, they try to give it a different meaning. HEALTHYISH in a sense that the dishes could be healthy depending on how you look at it. These aren't your bland and not so good looking food. They are different and works pretty well depending on how you perceive it. Healthy dishes maybe in a sense of how they are cooked, or how the ingredients were sourced, and even what your diet requires of you.
 Located outside of the mall and just beside MAMOU, CDP has been making a name for itself in the food business. It's like casual dining but with a flair. Here, you could let your guard down and enjoy yourself and your company.
 For some, it would take a lot to be healthy but it's always a must to indulge from time to time. Not really part of their HEALTHYISH menu, the Deep Fried Pork's Ear is a surefire way to start the ball rolling.
 Moving on, CDP prepared different dishes to entice guests to live healthy and choose something not of the ordinary.
 Starting off with the KIMCHI SOBA SALAD, this cold soba bowl is very refreshing. I enjoyed the flavors that came from it. Egg, nori, and crispy tofu were part of the toppings.  Another must order would be the POKE and ADLAI BOWL. Rather than using rice, adlai is substituted to give it a different texture. You see adlai is better on the glycemic index than plain old rice. Mixing it with the tuna and kani and avocado and lato made wonders in my mouth.
Other bowls like the halibut on quinoa and cauli rice, grilled beef and vermicelli salad, and the Ulang and tropical fruit were also available on the menu.
 For diners looking for something different, they could partake of the number of wraps prepared. Here, one could choose from: grilled vegetables, prawn and oyster tempura, grilled chicken tikka, and Lamb kofta wrap.
If you're a carnivore like me, the LECHON WRAP would be your best bet. With a bit of kick from the sriracha, this is just juicy and deadly.
CDP GLOBAL TABLE #HEALTHYISH Bowls and Wraps are an interesting play on being healthy. These could definitely hold their own against other items on the menu. Go for it! It's perfectly fine to try out something new and delicious.

CDP: Chef Du Partie in Makati

R1 Level Lopez Drive,
Power Plant Mall, Makati City,
Metro Manila

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