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Thursday, December 8, 2016

IT was a baker's dream turned reality. To Create, Deliver and Indulge. At LE PETIT SOUFFLE, there's more than just the ordinary Japanese French Inspired theme. There's heart.
LE PETIT SOUFFLE is Located on the 2nd floor Megafashion Mall.
Opening on December 9, Friday, LE PETIT SOUFFLE in SM MEGAMALL is a wonderland for everything delicious. Chef MIKO ASPIRAS created the first ever bespoke bakery known as the WORKSHOP. Here, different pastries, cakes, baked items and savory treats greet the guests.
Chef Miko is very hands on and passionate about his food.
To be different and to be the more. Something that we could be proud off. That is how The Workshop works. Inspired by the creative genius, choices upon choices are laid out. Each prepared fresh and curated for the Filipino palette.
The Workshop is a bakery within a restaurant. One could grab and go or stay and relax. Admittedly, one could go crazy with the choices in The Workshop, but one may suggest to mix and match with the different items available from LE PETIT SOUFFLE itself.

There seems to be a trend of having Matcha and Taro around. Here, they play with that idea. Besides, it's quite refreshing to see that at LE PETIT SOUFFLE, they also offer something else. The YAKULT GUAVA CRAFTED ICED TEA is both inspired and delicious.

While waiting for other dishes, you could go for the BAKED TOMATO DIP or the SPINACH-ARTICHOKE DIP. Both are addicting but do not over indulge.
For something that's a bit healthier, the Marinated Octopus Salad might be your bet. Partnered with a sweet vinaigrette, it's refreshing.

A surprise, the FOIE GRAS TARTINE was humongous. Do not fall for the trick that it's only good for one. It could be shared between two people.
The foie gras is buttery and smooth. Partnered with the caramelized peaches and the toast, it was a delightful course.
Not just for presentation, the cream on top of this BACON and EGG pasta works as an agent to make the dish lighter. More often than not, the texture of this dish would be heavy. With the creme, it was fluffy and easier to eat.

Rice eater won't be left out as LE PETIT offers the CHICKEN RATATOUILLE and the SQUID INK.

The ratatouille is light and is on the healthy side. The rice underneath the egg souffle is mixed with the right amount of acidity and sweetness from the tomatoes. On the other hand, the SQUID INK RIZ is filled with different seafood ingredients. The black ink rice is overflowing with flavor.
Aside from all the savory dishes, a lot of dessert choices are there for the taking.

One could go for a guyabano tart or a coconut and vanilla pastry. One thing is for sure, the VALRHONA GRAND CRUS makes any trip to Le PETIT SOUFFLE worthwhile.
The restaurant is very artsy and filled with the colors green and yellow. Something that would attract a very diverse and fun loving crowd.
With everything that was presented, one could notice the flavors and hard work in each dish. The food trend is present with the matcha and ube dishes. One aspect that I would love to see more off would be bolder flavors in the future. LE PETIT SOUFFLE in SM MEGAMALL would open to the public on FRIDAY, December 9.

LE PETIT SOUFFLE in Century City Mall

2nd Floor Sm Megafashion Hall
SM Megamall
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
CRAVE PARK'S TAMARI Serving something unique in Marikina

"What's there?" Two words that would always be on my mind. When it comes to going to places, this phrase will always be the number one question. No one wants to travel just for something readily available left and right. It's usually always something new or different. Better yet, something delicious. At CRAVE PARK'S TAMARI, I understood what they were trying to do.
Recently opened to the public, CRAVE PARK is located along Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue in Marikina City. One might say that the destination is an adventure in itself. Sometimes, that makes everything worth it.
Aside from different stalls on the first floor, TAMARI currently holds the distinction of being the only one open on the second floor as of the moment. They serve different South East Asian dishes that might seem foreign to the Filipino Palate. According to Chef Camz, they try to educate the diners on the different dishes that they offer. From there, people go back because the cuisine isn't your normal run of the mill. With a background in the hotel culinary field, the chef-owner knows no limit and bounds with her dishes. It's familiar yet different.
One could start off with the CHA GIO. Basically, it's Fried Vietnamese Yellow Spring Roll. Made with Taro, Sweet Potato, Pork, Herbs and spices, it is served with a sweet Nuok Cham Sauce. The roll is wrapped with a special egg wrapper that is uberly crispy and works well with the sauce. The experience is at par with other restaurants. No surprises there as some of the ingredients are imported and brought in from abroad.
One dish that I truly miss from my travels abroad would be the CHAR KWAY TEOW. Oily hofan noodles in a special sauce is mixed and gives you a taste of hawker food. Reminisce of Singaporean-Malaysian Cuisine, the ingredients are almost similar to those that I have tasted. Not bad for a quick and affordable snack.
Aside from Asian Noodles like laksa and spicy peanut soup, TAMARI also offers rice dishes. One popular dish that they serve is the BEEF RENDANG. Served with homemade sambal, egg, peanuts and crispy anchovies, the rendang is slow cooked beef goodness. The coconut flavor is present with the sauce and is perfect with the white rice. It's a complete meal.
If you see Chef Camz, say hello to her. Talk to her and ask her what she recommends. Tell her what you look for in a dish. I'm sure she will be able to make something up for you.

2nd Floor
Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City, Metro Manila 
Facebook of CravePark

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Huge and straightforward. Two words that are important when it comes to food. For FATBURGER that's how they roll.
Located along PALM DRIVE in GLORIETTA, FATBURGER recently opened its doors to the public with the intent to make you full and happy.
Serving everything that would spell out fastfood, FATBURGER is different in a sense that they only cook the dishes when it is ordered. As such, they make sure that everything is fresh and made from scratch. 
Before going for burgers, guests are lured in by other treats on the menu. FAT BURGER serves different kinds of hotdogs, wraps and even rice meals.
Furthermore, they have a lot of choices for their chicken wings. One could go for the traditional bone-in variant or the boneless type. Either way, you could have a good time with both.
Burgers are the best seller when it comes to FATBURGER. Being fully customizable, guests are welcome to remove and add toppings to the burgers. They can opt to change the bread and make it a double or a triple patty.
One could basically create your own. In this instance, doubling up with the patty and adding some bacon, cheese and onion rings does the trick. Take note, it would be a mouthful.
One bite and you understand the freshness and the juiciness the burger gives out. If you can't decide, they also offer combinations of toppings to make their signature burger lineup. Side dishes such as onion rings and fries are also available.
To end the meal, they offer a couple of desserts. One may suggest that you get a milkshake to go with the meal as it becomes your dessert.
Admittedly, FATBURGER is a concept from overseas. The burgers and other dishes are huge and could be shared. Top picks aside from burgers would be the onion rings. Thankfully, they also offer a full bar where you could get your cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

Palm Drive, Makati City
Right beside Holiday Inn.
Facebook of FatBurger


Disclaimer: was invited to this restaurant. wrote this based on my experience.
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Monday, December 5, 2016
ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: Fête du Bœuf, More Than Just Drinks

Bitters, herbs, spices, and liquor. Different ingredients to one amazing alcoholic night. Named as the 14th best bar in Asia, it makes sense when you enter ALCOHOL BY VOLUME. More than just drinks, it's an experience.
Having the same entrance as LAZY BASTARD, guests could order mouth watering hotdogs to go with their drinks.
Tucked away in a plain-looking basement in Makati, guests would need to pass through a secret elevator door just to get in this discreet bar. Reminisce of the prohibition era in the United States, ALCOHOL BY VOLUME or ABV as regulars call it, is one of the pioneer high end bars to visit in the metro.
It's like an old-school elevator.. taking you to the bar of your dreams.
Drinks are created based on your preference. A list of signature and classic favorites are also there in case you can't decide on what to get. The staff are knowledgeable about their menu and could easily recommend a drink or two based on your liking.
The Sazerac. Perfect with the steak.
To experience the best, one must be willing to learn why it is the best. Drinks are created from scratch. This is not like your normal bar where everything is pre-mixed and served in a cold glass. When one orders, that is the only time that different high end ingredients are mixed together to concoct liquid gold.
The Last Word coming right up.
Recently, ABV launched their Fête du Bœuf. It is a set dinner of their Signature Steak, House Salad, Unlimited Frites and Bread that is served from Monday-Wednesday at 5-9pm.
Salad for you and for me.
Starting with their salad, you get the right blend of acid and sweetness. Candied walnuts are added to give each bite a different texture.
Surprisingly, the steak is huge. At 10 OZ, this USDA CHOICE RIBEYE STEAK is a mouthful. Grilled at the perfect temperature, each bite makes you smile with delight. Partnered with your choice beverage, it points down to one happy camper. The Frites is unlimited. Since you are drinking, it's a good source of oil and fatty goodness to protect your stomach lining.
Dessert is another part of the meal that must not be skipped. Unexpectedly, ABV's spread is a thing of beauty. A general rule would be to stay away from desserts in bars. At ABV, patrons are advised to try as many as you can. From Beignets to Chocolate truffle cake and even profiteroles, they all stand out. If there was one pastry that is highly recommended, it would be the NUTELLA ECLAIRS. Topped with chocolate pralines, this is filled with a light nutella cream. The flavor just explodes in your mouth.
Exploding Nutella Eclairs
Known for their drinks, Alcohol by Volume definitely has a strong suit when it comes to their food choices. Usually, a normal bar experience would be good drinks and so-so food. In contrast, at ABV,  their drinks are phenomenal and their food are mouth-watering delicious. It's a win-win.

Basement Floor
22 Jupiter St., Makati City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to this dinner. Wrote this based on my experience.
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Sunday, December 4, 2016
F1 HOTEL STAYCATION: Perfect for the Holidays

 F1 Hotel in BGC has been the go to place for business travelers and leisure lovers. This hotel is straight to the point and offers amenities for the needs and wants of everybody. This holiday season, they whipped up a storm to welcome everyone to their humble abode.
 Located in BGC, F1 HOTEL is the home of happy memories. This is also where The KTG was born.
 For this coming Dec 24, 25, 31 and January 1st, F1 HOTEL is opening up its doors for a scrumptious buffet spread. The people in the kitchen were able to capture the taste buds and the eyes of the guests.
 There were a lot of new dishes that F1 HOTEL would offer. Starting off with the PIANGGANG PAELLA. Rather than using squid ink, burnt coconut shavings were turned into powder to create this dish. Fish lovers would enjoy the MISOYAKI SALMON. Marinated in a miso sweet sauce, the salmon is perfectly cooked and moist.
 Another seafood dish that would definitely make the cut would be the PRAWN THERMIDORE. Cheesy and gooey, the mixture of the sauce goes well with the prawns.
 IF there was one dish to try it would be the CHAR SIU PORK BELLY. Served with hoisin and plum sauce, this tender and juicy meat is delicious. This would go well with everything that you may want to order.
 Aside from the different dishes, guests are also invited to create their own ramen. Pick from a the toppings and get creative on those noodles. Japanese dishes were also well represented with tempura and some sushis. There were also some shrimps, crabs and oysters for you to have and enjoy.
The dessert was well curated. From fresh fruits and not overly sweet pastries, you won't go wrong with any of them.
Suffice to say, it was because of these awesome chefs that new dishes are being formulated and served in F1 Hotel. From Left to Right: On Pastries, Chef Dante Abalos , Executive Chef would be Chef Decker Gokioco, and Junior Sous Chef James Mercado.
 It seems that F1 Hotel's Facilities also had an upgrade. Guests would be pleasantly surprised with all of the new stuff they could see and enjoy in the hotel. One of them would be the well decorated function room.
Bright lights and well prepared tables, the rooms are easily converted to whatever setup the patrons would love to have.
LCD screens are also present and could even turn the place into a karaoke session.
Rooms are also having constant make overs. One of their best rooms, the FORT is where the magic happens.
 A big receiving area for guests and a different bedroom for some peace and quiet.
 If in case you and your love ones don't agree on a channel, you would be happy to note that there are two huge lcd tvs in the room.
Aside from the pools and the spa, the gym is perfect to work up a sweat. Open 24/7, this is where you could destress and relax.
 Breakfast will not be complete without eggs and bacon. Thankfully, F1 Hotel has more than just that!
Here are a few of their Holiday offerings:
If in case you are planning to have a little staycation, F1 Hotel has a couple of staycation packages.
 If in case you are wondering where to eat or have a party on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila

(632) 928 9888


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