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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
RESORTS WORLD GENTING: Malaysia's Cool Playground

 Who knew I would be back within a week? I found myself in Malaysia again but this time it was more for pleasure. I was there with my brother for an exciting and memorable vacation. Remember when I won the POKER TOURNAMENT in RESORTS WORLD MANILA? (check that out here) , one of the prizes was an all expense paid vacation to Malaysia. Not just anywhere in Malaysia but in RESORTS WORLD GETING.
Granted that most first time visitors to Malaysia would stay downtown to check out the Petronas Towers and even grab a bite in IKEA, RESORTS WORLD GENTING is a different place that sets you apart from everything else.
There are many ways to get to RESORTS WORLD GENTING, the most scenic and exciting way though would be through the use of their gondolas. If you have the guts, go for a glass floor version so that you could see what's below.
 RESORTS WORLD GENTING is an integrated resort that has everything one would want.
 The complex is huge. With different hotels, shopping areas, events places, and even a stunning casino.
 Since the place is on a mountain, you get the chance to dine on the clouds. The restaurants are vast and aplenty. You could go for something romantic or even as casual as you can get.
 One restaurant specializes in those special experiences that you may want to have with your loved one.
 Or you may want to try out some local delicacies in their "food court-like" area that serves different well known Malaysian and Asian dishes.
 Even if RESORTS WORLD GENTING is on top of a mountain, they have the freshest seafood to offer. Some oysters are amazing as appetizers.
 And yes, you could also go for some lobsters. They have a BURGER AND LOBSTER (check the place out here.) that always has a queue. Honestly, I'd gladly wait for a table in this restaurant.
And meat is also a big deal. You could never go wrong with it.
 As mentioned, ENTERTAINMENT is a big chunk of what RESORTS WORLD GENTING is all about. Aside from the gigantic casino, they have regular theatre shows.
 I was thankful that I was able to watch one with my brother and even get a picture taken with the cast.
RESORTS WORLD GENTING is the place to be at when in MALAYSIA. The weather is perfect. It's cool and the food divine.
Miss you guys! Thank you for showing us around! We enjoy your company!
Thank you very much RESORTS WORLD MANILA and RESORTS WORLD GENTING for having us.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience and views. Transportation, accommodation, and dining was taken cared of by our friend from Resorts World Manila and Resorts World Genting.
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

 A glimpse into paradise. That's how I saw Coron in Palawan. It was amazing. Everything was just wonderful.
 Flying to Coron, Palawan is easy. Just an hour away from Manila or Clark, you could land in BUSUANGA. Just 30 to 45 minute away from the airport, the town proper would greet you.
 Just on the outskirts, an amazing boutique hotel is present. Granted that it only has around 30 rooms and internet and cell signal isn't as great as it is in town, this place is worth the visit. It's just the perfect place to stay at. The FUNNY LION HOTEL in Busuanga is just relaxing.
 After checking in, you could head on over to town. At the dock, you get to see the CORON sign. It's actually a free place to go to. There's stairs that head up there for you to see the grand view.
 And that's the bay. There's a couple of hotels there that you might want to check out as well.
 If you need to relax and get your weary body a rest, I suggest visiting MAQUINIT HOT SPRING.  It's a bit off the usual path but it does let you enjoy the hot spring water coming from the mountains.
Most if not all of the tours out to CORON and nearby islands dust off from the main port area. If you get a tour, usually a van would pick you up from your hotel and bring you here.
If there was one tour that you would pick, go with the KAYANGAN LAKE. Don't be surprised as this poster card picture isn't the actual lake. This is from the viewing deck a few hundred steps up. The lake itself is on the other side. There, you get to frolic in the water and do a bit of floating. Remember to bring a vest as they won't allow you to swim without one.
A few minutes out, you could also visit CALACHUCHI beach. Here, the front part is covered with calachuchi trees. Hence, the name.
 This is where we were able to try out the freshly cooked food the boatman prepared for us. They actually cook it while in transit.
Just in front of the beach, there's a small coral area that has tons of fishes. There, you could see schools of fishes surround you.
 Another place not to miss would be SIETE PECADOS MARINE PARK. These are small islet that are surrounded by corals. As such, there are a number of sea creatures that lurk and swim in the area.
 After everything, you will definitely be full. Here are some of the dishes we tried at in THE FUNNY LION HOTEL.
In terms of the food, Busuanga's town proper isn't really the place to be at when you're craving for a specific dish. The restaurants we tried were just okay. In case you didn't know, BUSUANGA hasn't let big corporations and franchises show up. There's no McDonald's nor Jolibee there. We did enjoy and chose to just eat in the Funny Lion instead.
 You could have a few snacks by the pool. The Calamares are pretty good and and cheese fries not bad.
 Their rooftop turns into a bar starting after lunch and even has an acoustic band play during specific days in the week.
I think it's the chill vibe, excellent marine sanctuaries, and the view that makes CORON a must visit place when in the PHILIPPINES.
A beer, book, and some peanuts. Staying in a jacuzzi and watching the sunset is one of the best things you could do. Relax and enjoy the ride. Welcome to the Philippines!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

 Drinking Sake seems like a good thing to do right about now. I remember the last time I had a shot. My friends and I were up north in Pampanga to check out different restaurants that would be perfect for a visit. To be precise, we found ourselves in the Clark, Angeles area. We were led to this newly opened Japanese Bistro: NAMARI just in time for dinner.
A relaxed and very welcoming place, NAMARI JAPANESE BISTRO is the new go to restaurant for any Japanese Food Cravings when in Angeles.
 Things started off a bit on the healthy side. There were grilled eggplants with a sweet sauce. It's best partnered with some salad.
 Of course, one would definitely go here because of the sushi and the sashimi creations.
 There are these amazing rice balls topped with different toppings such as octapus, salmon eggs, squid, salmon, tuna, and other seafood that would whet your appetite. Yes, they also have those rolls that you could imagine. Spicy tuna or spicy salmon is also part of the menu.
 For one that can't decide, the sushi boat would be an ideal choice. Everything but the kitchen sink, you get to get the best Namari has to offer. From rolls, to ngiri and fresh slices of seafood.
 Aside from raw seafood, they also offer some cooked dishes. You might want to try out their STEAK!!!! Underneath all the slaw, they have meat that is cooked to perfection. Tender and delicious, I can't ask for anything else.
 Perfect for bed weather, they also offer different types of ramen.
 If that's not enough, they have a teppanyaki counter that could serve and cooked for you while you watch.
Namari Japanese Bistro is located in Saver's Mall, Mc Arthur Highway, Balibago, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines. They have a dedicated parking lot at the back. They're also open from 11am to 10pm.


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Friday, June 8, 2018
SUNLIFE 2.3 HOTEL and other free things to do in Fukuoka, Japan

Because I was in Fukuoka for almost 2 weeks, I stayed in three different places. The last one was near the main JR STATION. Just outside the Hakata Station, I checked into SUNLIFE HOTEL 2.3.
SUNLIFE HOTEL 2.3 is a no frills place to stay at. The selling point of this would be its location. Just across the main station of Fukuoka, you won't go wrong with this one. The lobby is simple. It offers free wifi and as such, you won't have a hard time connecting with the outside world.
 SUNLIFE 2.3 HOTEL has in-house restaurants to serve your needs. I didn't go for their breakfast but my understanding is that it's also available.
 My room is simple and perfect for the solo traveler. Although it would be a tight fit for two persons, the room is just what I needed. It has what everyone needs. Cable tv, phone, and a clean washroom.
Each floor has a vending machine and also a card dispenser for the pay-per-view services. Each is around 1,000 yen for a day.
I couldn't really complain about anything but it did have some perks. Since the hotel is near the main station, there are a number of easily accessible restaurants. Plus, it's near a bus stop that goes to the airport.
It's pretty lit as well during night time.
For anime lovers, you will be happy to know that it has a 500 TYPE EVA SHOP. Everything and anything about Evangelion would be present.
TO see the city more, hop on a 100 yen bus. You only need to pay just one fare and feel free to head on out.
Just a station or two away from HAKATA, you could experience the FREE ASAHI TOUR. Remember, you need to call in advance if you want to reserve a spot or go to their website.
I suggest going for the English version of the tour. Although, they would also lend you an electronic translator if you will go on a different language tour.
If you see this building, then you're there! The meeting area is actually across it. Just follow the pedestrian overpass and you're there.
Since this is Japan, they are pretty particular. If you went there on a bike, or a car, they will not give you any free beer. Yep! At the end of the tour, they will give you three different types of beer to try out. Plus, there's even a few chips to partner them with.
Although 20 minutes might be a long time, when it comes to beer downing 3 in that span of time would make anyone tipsy. I suggest you take things slow and enjoy.
At the end of the tour, they will also show you to their gift shop. I suggest getting a magnet or two to remember this free tour.
Comparing the three main cities I've been to, FUKUOKA is a great place to just get a feel of something laid back. Although it doesn't have a big amusement park like Osaka or Tokyo, you could get a lot by experiencing their food and sights.

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