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Sunday, April 5, 2020
Ways to Earn Money Chasing Your Foodie Dreams While Traveling the World

We've all heard the word "foodie" before... But Have you ever wondered what exactly gives someone the right to call themselves a "foodie"? The term is used so loosely that it's hard to tell if someone is really a true foodie or not. 

By definition, a foodie is someone with a deep interest in food, in both cooking and eating. But there has to be more to it than that, right? Or else why would certain people get upset at other people calling themselves foodies? That basic definition of the term practically describes everyone who enjoys food for sustenance and taste. 
Our taste buds are designed to automatically ignite an interest in food, especially when it tastes goo, so that definition alone, isn't enough to explain what a true foodie is. In fact, true foodies will argue you down over what a foodie truly is! So before you go and label yourself as a foodie around other foodies, HONESTCOOKING.COM recommends you, 

BE able to recommend a restaurant while providing several menu options
BE knowledgeable on various cooking styles
BE able to pick out flavors and ingredients in various dishes

Those are just a few recommendations that will save you a scolding and embarrassment from real foodies. To settle the score on what a foodie really is, it's safe to say that a foodie is someone who is extremely passionate about food and all its facets. It's also safe to say that a foodie will travel the world just to pursue their food passion. 


It's no secret that travel and tourism were designed with the foodie in mind. Although the term is still fairly new, the love of food isn't. There are food festivals, cooking TV shows, and food tours all over the world that people enjoy but only a true foodie lives, eats, and breathes food. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that foodies travel the world just to satisfy their foodie desires. 
But traveling the world just to satisy your foodie desires isn't a realistic way of life... You still have a lofe outside of food, right? You at least have to work! Well, of course, but the thing about some foodies is that they love food so much that they've made being a foodie a complete lifestyle! And you can too if you're as passionate about food as you think you are!
The great news is that you can take your passion for food, travel all over the world, and make money while fulfilling your passion!

If you consider yourself a foodie and want to explore the lifestyle of a traveling foodie, here are some of the best ways to earn income with jobs involving food, all while fulfilling your passion for food. 


Food Photographer
Image address:
In many cultures, it's a sacred and religious tradition to pray before you eat your food... Well, in the world of foodie-ism, it's a sacred tradition to take pictures of your food before you eat! There's just something about when your food is brought out to you, the smell, the presentation of the food, and the overall vibe of the dining location just makes you want to share your experience with the entire world! And there's nothing wrong with that... In fact, there's a whole business that focuses on it. 

There are lots of entrepreneurs who have started their own online business with the sole focus of selling food photography. The amazing thing about selling food photography is that it doesn't just have to be pictures of meals. Food Photography can come in the form of:
  • Pictures of spices and ingredients
  • Pictures of food vendors from all over the world
  • Pictures of the restaurant staff (cooks, chefs, servers, managers, etc)
  • Pictures of customers enjoying their meals

If you can follow the simple steps to BUILD YOUR ONLINE STOREFRONT, you'll be able to post your pictures on your site and vloggers, bloggers, and fellow foodies will be able to purchase the photos you had the peasure of taking and utilize them for their own personal use. 

You can even sell various ingredients and spices you've taken pictures of through your site if you wanted. With an online store, you can sell practically anything!

Food Truck Owner
Image address:
Being a food truck owner, you literally embody the definition of "meals on wheels"... but being a food truck owner also gives you the ability to travel the world and make money doing it ! Maybe you are a connoisseur of all things involving a hot dog... You could take your hot dog skills and share your delicious dogs with the whole world!
It's amazing the places you will find yourself on four wheels.

Food Stylist
Stylists have always been though of as people working in the makeup, hair, and fashion industries... little do most people know that stylists run deep in the food industry as well! Just think about it... those bacon, avocado-ranch burgers don't just come off the grill looking that tasty... It takes a food stylist to make them look that good for restaurant menus. 
If you consider yourself as someone who has a knack for putting things together and who personally, always makes your own homecooked meals look delicious, a career in food styling might be an avenue for you to travel down. 

Food Critic
As a foodie, you've probably experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of food, and in those food experiences, isn't it your duty to inform the world of your dining experiences? If you're a foodie who feels that type of social responsibility, then you're going to love working as a food critic. 

Maybe you had a great experience at Friends and Family in BGC   and wanted to share your experience with your online audience... That's a great way to not only inform the public but to also enhance your critiquing skills. As a food critic, you're not only providing helpful information on the food but also on the overall experience. 
Everything from the food and service to the cleanliness of the environment and overall vibe of the dining establishment, all paints a picture for those reading. Details are everything!

Disclaimer:this is a sponsored post.
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Saturday, March 28, 2020

A few weeks back, I was with my friends up in La Union. It's known as the surf place to visit when in the north. It's also one of my go to places for good food and surfing. One of the places that I really enjoyed visiting was BAREFOOT. Located along the beach near Monaliza Resort, they offer very good breakfast dishes.  Breakfast is one of the few things I really look forward to every single day. It is so important that sometimes, I have to have 2 of those. Since we were staying in Vessel Hostel, Tagpuan was a stone throw away. So that was breakfast number 1. I went for a Beef Pares bowl and a Combo number 3. This consisted of tofu, a few cuts of crispy pork and half an egg.
After getting my first meal at TAGPUAN, we went on over to BAREFOOT afterwards with the gang. Known as a place to have your morning breakfast or lunch, BAREFOOT makes their own bread and does filling dishes that's all tailored for a hungry tummy.  The place isn't that big but has a few tables that could accommodate roughly 20 people.
 They offer both vegan and non-vegan dishes. Most of them are partnered with bread which, as I mentioned, they make in house. You might want to check out MASA BY BAREFOOT as well. The Hamshouka, is a perfect for dip lovers. Break a piece of the bread and dip it all in there. It's basically an upgraded hummus.
 The Shakshouka is a cheesy dip that's great to partner with bread. The baguette works well with this. It might be a little spicy but it does the job well. This is basically a mixture of tomatoes, onions, spices, egg, and cheese.
 For someone that is super hungry, their FULL TAGLISH is the way to go. It's the Filipino version of the classic British meal. It got your bacon, egg, sausage, and bread.
 A breakfast will not be complete without FRENCH TOAST. Their version is covered with crispy bacon. It's a must try as well.  This all might seem a bit too much for breakfast so maybe, it's better to call it lunch.
BAREFOOT is located in Monaliza Surf Resort in San Juan, La Union. It's more accessible if you're walking along the beach as it is beach side. It's usually open from 8 am to 3pm, Thursdays to Mondays.



Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our meals.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

 When I visited LA UNION or ELYU or LU a few days ago, I can't help but be amazed. There were a lot of new developments both good and bad. It depends on how you look at it. There were new restaurants and places to visit in addition to old ones. Some upgraded, some stayed the same. I'm not saying I'm all for it but everything comes at a cost. In any case, together with friends, we visited MASA. 
 Roughly 5-10 minutes away from the main surf spot in LA UNION, MASA is from the same owners of BAREFOOT. MASA is the bakery to visit when you're in the area. The place is open air and blends in with the neighborhood. I believe, they converted an old house into a cafe shop. 
They got a number of old school breads to choose from. The quality on each is quite phenomenal. You could compare them with high end bakeries in the metro but with affordable prices. In contrast to Barefoot, Masa is a more drink chill place. You could pick from a number of coffee or not so coffee drinks.
I went for the CALA-OG. Quite refreshing, this drink is calamansi juice mixed with tonic water.
 For my snack, I had the NOTORIOUS PIG. Almost similar to sisig, there are tons of pork underneath all the vegetables. The veggies are similar to the ones you might see in a banh mi. Everything is packed into one of the freshly baked baguette. Splash a bit of lemon on it to cut the oiliness but it was so good.
This place is a must visit on your way home. Why? You have to take some of the breads that they have to offer back to Manila. I would also suggest bringing a container to place them all in. The paper bag that they give might not be good enough for the long trip back. Protip: get an order of their brioche. PLUS, stock up on the donut. REALLY EFFING GOOD. Don't forget to eat at Barefoot. They use the same bread but has more dining choices and is right by the beach.


San Roberto Street. 2514
San Juan, La Union.

Opens at Thursday-Mondays

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Paid for my meal.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A few Sundays ago, a friend of mine hatched a plan to propose to his now fiance. It was semi-elaborate and difficult since the then girlfriend can smell anything a mile away. From flowers, to ring, to video showing, and even restaurant menu reservation, everything had to be on the down-low.
When the day came, everyone invited was early to OORI. The new Korean Restaurant of Sheraton Manila was prepped for us. There was even a special couch placed in the private room just so that we could use it as a prop. The flowers were covered and placed in a corner.
While waiting for the main couple to arrive, I went around and checked out some of the offerings. Since the OORI had a bar, they were pushing for their signature cocktails. Interestingly enough, it's like a restaurant within a restaurant. To enter the main restaurant, OORI, you passby a BIBIMBAP place that is actually open all through out the day. Unlike OORI, this place didn't offer any grills nor any of the fancy service you may get from OORI.
Since, it took awhile for the main guests to arrive, they started serving some banchan. These were unlimited. I personally enjoyed the fishcake and even the flavored boiled egg.
A visit to a Korean Restaurant will not be complete without JAPCHAE. Theirs wasn't super sweet as one would expect. The flavor was a mix of savory seasoning.
A definite must order though would be the DAKGANGJUNG. This Korean Styled Fried Chicken was a legend. Crispy outside but moist insides. There was a mix of sweet and spicy in terms of flavor profile.
As for the grill, we went for the WAGYU A5 Ribeye and the DUROC COLLAR. The wagyu was exquisite. With its marbling, the meat to fat ratio made it a joy to eat. The Duroc Collar was something different. This pig cut is made from a breed of Spanish hogs that were fed a special diet. They were perfect to partner with rice.
With the main course out of the way, we went for our usual class picture. This is were the proposal was supposed to happen. After all was said and done, the two sat on the couch. One of our main mastermind friends went to them and gave a fake box. The soon to be groom played like he didn't like it. He then got the flowers, bent on one knee and showed the ring. He proposed right there and then. Of course, the girl said yes!
Then, a video of their original proposal in Palawan was shown on the television while everyone snacked on shaved ice.
Everything went as planned. We were able to get the flowers and the ring into the venue without the girl knowing. The video was able to play on the television. The food was great. It was one for the books. I'm super duper happy that they went for it.

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. I'm not saying who it is as a sign of respect for their privacy.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

CANADIAN BEEF has been a staple in restaurants here in the metro. If you're not familiar, Canadian Beef is a flexible and great source of flavors. Recently, Makati Shangri-la and the CANADIAN BEEF partnered together to create and serve delicious dishes at SAGE in Makati.
A small gathering of sorts was held in Sage Bespoke Grill in Makati Shangri-la a few days ago. Guests were treated to a multi-course selection of fine dishes made with Canadian Beef. The meal was themed after the different seasons in Canada. First stop was SPRING. Here, Le Bouilli de Grand Maman was served. This is Canadian Beef Consomme. There was subtle truffle flavor mixed with the consomme. It was light and perfect to start the dinner. Wine pairing was even done to elevate the flavors. Not a surprise, Canadian wines were used.
For Summer, Reef and Range on Three Summer Sisters was the name of the dish. It composed of a cofit of Canadian Spot Prawn and Beef Cheeks Tortellini. The prawns were sweet and magnificent. The tortellini brought out the beef flavor in a different way. It actually worked with the squash, cheese, and corn that came with it.
The next dish was for FALL. BEEF CHUCKS 2 WAYS. A very simple and straight forward approach to trying out what CANADIAN BEEF HAS TO OFFER.
First bite into the Braised beef gave me a great feeling. The flavoring was spot on. According to Chef Sebastian of Sage, the process was a long but worth it. Stock was used to reinforce everything. The grilled Canadian Beef Chuck had the perfect texture. It wasn't rubbery nor was it painful to eat. It was divine. Partnered with some mustard, this dish was by far the favorite of the night.
To further showcase the qualities of CANADIAN BEEF, they served WOOD GRILLED PRIME RIBEYE. Partnered with charred cabbage, honey glazed turnips and mustard jus, this piece of meat was simple and direct.
Winter was their dessert. This is their pumpkin spice with sticky toffee pudding. On the side, there was dark beer sorbet with dried fruits and nuts. Once they presented this to the table, you could smell how freshly baked it was. It reminds you of pine trees and the holiday season.
CANADIAN BEEF has again showed its character as a go to ingredient when it comes to the kitchen and grill. You could catch CANADA'S FOUR SEASON in SAGE BESPOKE GRILL up until March 28.



Disclaimer:wrote this article based on my experience. was invited as a media guest to this event.
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Monday, January 27, 2020

 If I was asked what food I would enjoy when I'm feeling homesick, I would usually answer something to the tune of anything from my childhood. It has got to be familiar and tasty. The food needs to remind me how it was and bring joy to what I am doing. One place that I recently visited brought smiles to my tummy and great pleasure to my taste buds. I just had one heck of a time enjoying FRIENDS AND FAMILY in BGC.
Located in Bonifacio Global City's High Street Central, FRIENDS AND FAMILY is right in the middle of everything. It's a restaurant from the Raintree Hospitality Group. This is the same people behind a number of restaurants and hotels in the Philippines that is known for quality service. (RELATED: CHECK OUT MY EXPERIENCE AT BLUE MARINA BORACAY) They know what they are doing and I'm glad I visited them that day. No other than chef extraordinaire Kalel Chan was there to welcome us. 
 "It has got to be something comforting. Dapat masaya pagkinain mo." These were the words of the chef that is known to make things simple but delicious. You could see how passionate he was when he was talking about the different dishes and how they got to be. He knew that the dishes had to be best shared with friends and family. Hence, everything on the new menu jived in. 
 It was no surprise for chef to make something that is familiar from his childhood. New additions were all related to FILIPINO-CHINESE dishes that would make you remember how Binondo or even Greenhills used to be. There were a lot of similarities and flavors that were definitely spot on with the dishes in FRIENDS AND FAMILY.
 Honestly, I would have been happy with just the CHINATOWN FRIED RICE. It was not your normal yang chow. This had cuts of spring roll or lumpiang shanghai and even some sweet Chinese sausage.
 Speaking off, you could get an order of their LUMPIA SHANGHAI as well. It's not your ordinary spring roll. There's a spark that is clear with the quality of ground meat they used to make the rolls. The wraps were crunchy but the meat kept its form. Really good on its own but better with a bottle of beer.
Other main dishes that should not be forgotten would have to be the HONEY LEMON CHICKEN,  CHINESE ADOBO, SWEET AND SOUR PORK,  and the CAMARON REBUSADO. The Lemon Chicken had a bit of a sweet streak in it. The Chinese Adobo was pure heaven with each spoonful. The Sweet and Sour pork was just crunchy and perfect. Heck, I had such a great time that I almost forgot about the Camaron Rebusado. Somewhat similar to tempura, this shrimp puff was a great treat.
 Another part of the new menu from FRIENDS AND FAMILY that got me hooked was their Noodle section. Comprised of mostly Makis, it can't get better than this.
A Filipino-Chinese Heritage dish, this thick and silky sweet soy soup is filled with egg whites and fried pork. You can choose between MAKI, MAKI MI, and MAKI and KIAMPUNG COMBO. The Maki is basically just the soup itself. The MAKI MI has noodles in it. The must order though would be the MAKI and KIAMPUNG COMBO. This is soup served together with rice topped with chinese sausage, peanuts, thinly sliced pork humba, and pickled mustard greens. Don't forget to mix in some black vinegar and hot sauce. They complete everything.
Just to get that crunchy texture, the MIXED SEAFOOD CRISPY CANTON TOSTADO ON A SIZZLING PLATE might entice you. The noodles is first served separately from the toppings and sauce. It is then added. Here, you get to hear the sizzle coming out from the hot plate. A great dish for noodle lovers.
 If these aren't your type, you might want to try the CHILI GARLIC MIXED SEAFOOD JAPCHAE. Granted that it sounded like a Korean dish, this is mixed with xiao xing wine along with seafood ingredients.
 At this point, I was already full but I was determined not to stop. With a Filipino Styled Spaghetti, I dug in. Each bite let me have a sweet salty flavor that you would have experienced as a kid. It was joyful and reminisce of my past. I devoured it with gusto. Yes, I finished the dish.
 Dessert would make anyone swoon with delight. You have to make room for them. The Buchi were filled with peach mango, flat tops, and even salted egg cheese dulce. Flat top would be the easy choice but I was surprised with the salted egg cheese dulce. It was actually weirdly good. If you like something refreshing, they also offer mango and sago and even almond jelly.
 If you're a smoker, you'll be happy to know that COCONUT CLUB, just beside Friends and Family, is a designated smoking area. It has ac just like chotto matte, another sister restaurant that offers the same refuge for smokers.
FRIENDS AND FAMILY is like your home or your friend's house. It's where you get a little dose of your past just so that you enjoy the present. Good Stuff from this restaurant.

G/F Bonifacio High Street Central
Near Central Square Mall
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my opinion. Was invited to try out the restaurant.
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