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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sometimes it's quite hard to prepare your food when you're stuck at work or you don't have enough time. Thankfully, there's a store that prepare frozen ready to cook dishes and all preservative free. Say hello to TITALLENNIALS.
Titallennials is a store in Manila that caters to families. They have a number of dishes that's quick, easy to cook, and delicious to eat. Most are homemade but they also have different Chinese dishes to choose from that is perfect for shabu-shabu and even dimsum.
This time around, I was able to try out the smoked bacon and the Korean Pork Bbq. The bacon was pretty good as there's a deep flavor. Partnered with fried egg, you can't go wrong with this bacon for breakfast.
The KOREAN PORK BBQ was prepared very well. It was something that would make me have an extra order of rice. There's a bit of sesame flavor and the meat was tender. I really enjoyed it.
Aside from these preservative free, homemade products, TITALLENNIALS offers organic vegetables fresh from Baguio every Wednesday. They could also have the items delivered through Lalamove. No minimum amount required just payment for the shipping fee.

Facebook Page

The store is located at 345C YCaza St., San Miguel Manila.
St. Jude Catholic School Walkway
You may contact them via
Viber: 09209274177 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's not just a restaurant, it's a show in its own right. That's how I felt with how the new foodie place, CAMP CURRY is. Once you enter, you see the grill greeting you. The chefs are right infront of you and you're getting a glimpse of how they will cook your food. Different outdoor items are placed all around to give you that camping feel as well.
Located in Ayala Triangle in Makati, CAMP CURRY is a franchise from Japan. A popular place to enjoy grilled meat and curry, one could definitely make a bee line to this new restaurant. Started in 2007, founder Takashi Sato started with the first CAMP Curry in an alley of Yoyogi.
Since this is a Curry restaurant, Lassi would be an ideal partner to the food that's about to greet you. It gives off a refreshing taste each time you have a bite. The menu in itself is pretty simple. Choose a type of curry, and also a main dish to partner with it.
There are three types of curries to choose from. They have the original Brown Keema Curry. The best seller, this thick base is mixed with minced chicken. There are also different spices to greet you. The Green Vegeful Curry is a healthier choice. Somewhat different, this 100% vegetables could cater to the healthy crowd. Take note there's a hint of wasabi. Since this is the first restaurant in Manila, they created the Red Bisque Curry. With shrimp as a base, there's a bit of tomatoes blended with the curry base. I would have wished for the bisque to be a little bit thicker. Also, you could ask the server to have the curry a bit spicier.
So far there are 6 different plates to choose from. You could start your journey with the BBQ PORK BELLY. A meat lovers heaven, this is partnered with a generous serving of Chunky Vegetables and rice.
Seafood lovers would enjoy the grilled shrimp as well. Plump and moist, you won't go wrong with it.
Personally though, I had a great time with the BBQ BEEF. The meat was tender and flavorful. I couldn't stop myself from getting more and more.
Now, there's also a vegetarian option and even chicken. If that's not enough, they could also let you have a go at their sausages. It's basically up to you which type of dish you'll go for. If you're with companions, I would suggest ordering different types of curry.
Dessert is there for those that has more space in their stomach. Their french toast was pretty good. A definite must when in Camp Curry. Having crunchy sides makes the cinnamon mix and vanilla ice cream work well with the bread. For the camping experience, the S'MORES is a must. Marshmallows are burnt with graham biscuits and chocolate syrup. There's also matcha ice cream on top as a bonus.
Camp Curry is located along the restaurant row in Ayala Triangle. They are open from 11am to 10pm. Lunch and dinner crowd might be a problem if you can't wait. I suggest having a go at it during non-peak hours. Better yet, you could have the food to go.

Ayala Triangle
Ayala Avenue, Makati City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the restaurant.
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Monday, April 23, 2018

Going back for the same old thing is not a bad idea. BUT, having more dishes and new items to choose from is definitely a welcome treat for anyone. At Discovery Primea's Tapenade, Chef Luis makes sure that everyone gets what they deserve. Damn Good Food.
Aside from the lovely and underrated SALAD ROOM, Tapenade is more than just that. Don't let the name fool you. It does have a number salads to choose from but there's also a lot of cheese, seafood, meat, and small bites.
The best way to go would be to have access to the Salad Room and from there, order mains or other dishes that might tickle you fancy. Thankfully, Tapenade has a number of new dishes to choose from.
For starters, you could go for something light. The Mushrooms, Ham and Egg is for truffle lovers. It might sound a bit weird but you'll get it when you have a go.
Angry mussels with Chorizo and Toast is something that seafood lovers would enjoy. The tomato broth used works perfectly well with the mussels and the ciabatta bread it is served with.
 For more starchy goodness, the Tortilla Menorquina would work. It's loaded potatoes that would definitely fill you up.
The Cebu Bay Scallops Al Ajillo and Toast is best for easy munching. Galicky and partnered with bread, you get to scoop scallops with oil to make each bite wonderful.
As Filipinos, we could never live without rice. As such, the Seafood Paella might be a good idea. Shrimps, squid, mussels, clams, and Mahi Mahi is tossed and turned inside a pan. Don't forget to go for the soccarat or the crunchy burnt rice at the bottom of the pile.
For something a bit different, the Risotto Al Nero or squid ink risotto would pretty much do the trick. It might be a problem if you're on a date but if that person really likes you she won't care about the stains on your lips and mouth.
Another thing that TAPENADE is known for would be their pizzas. Created fresh from their signature brick oven, there are a number of different new flavors to choose from.
One could go for the classic Pepperoni Calabrese or Mozzarella cheese with pepperoni. One might be on the edge and go for a Davao Goat Cheese version with double smoked bacon. It's really up to the diners.
Mains are an important factor of any meal. The Callos A la Madrilena is so good. I can't describe how homey it felt. Spanish Chorizo with bell peppers and garbanzos really does the job done. You have to get this with plain rice.
Don't let the ribs play a trick on you. The BABY BACK RIBS DIAVOLA is for heavy eaters. You might say that you could devour it in a flash but in real life, it is tender and goes extremely well with the grilled corn and scallions.
If you want to have a foodgasm, the PORCINI RIB EYE is a must. This baby was served all covered up with arugula, balsamic, parmigiano-reggiano and it didn't stop us from indulging. Just pure unadulterated mouth watering goodness.
Dessert is in a different level in Discovery Primea's Tapenade. Basically, classics are done right with a bit of twist that makes you crave for more.



G/F Discovery Primea Hotel
Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the new dishes of tapenade.
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Saturday, April 21, 2018

IF you go to SIARGAO, you have to try KERMIT. This has been the advice of every person I've talked to that has been to SIARGAO. That place seems to be a fantastic place to visit. Surfers, swimmers, beach junkies, and every adventurers dream is to visit Siargao. It seems magical.
Manila based foodies can now have a taste of Siargao with KERMIT MANILA opening in Makati. For the first time ever, this institution is now open in the streets of Poblacion. Located on Molino street and just a stone throw away from A Venue and Century City Mall, this house turned restaurant is quite the charmer. The ground floor is an open air bar while the second floor houses the kitchen and the dining area.
Drinks such as craft beer and even the cocktails are all reminisce of what's in Siargao. This General Luna Monkey Eagle beer has a deep IPA characteristic that would definitely work with the dishes in their menu.
For starters, one could go for their pizza. These are made in their brick fired over and are made to order. Take note though, they're still on their soft opening phase so the menu isn't as extensive as one would like. According to Gianni, the owner, they plan to add more dishes as they get used to the operations here in Manila.
Their pizzas have a thin crust that's semi-fluffy. There is a chewy bite. The cheese is wonderful and their ingredients fresh.
Pasta is the bread and butter of KERMIT. The pasta are made daily and are quite spot on.
The staff would recommend to try the Penne Al Salmone and Cream. It's salmon with cream sauce. Even if there's a slight chance that the outcome might be too salty, I will still give it a try next time around. The combination is just stellar and delicious.
For truffle lovers, the Tagliatelle alla Tartufata would be the bomb.
Topped with Parma Ham, this spinach tagliatelle is quite generous. The ham is thick and the pasta just amazing. I won't mind it being made with spinach.
There was some hesitation to order the Pan Seared Tuna. Thankfully, we did. The tuna was cooked just the way it should be. It was between medium and rare with a dash of olive oil. The capers and mangoes gave it contrasting flavors.
Kermit Manila opens its doors to the public on April 20 at 7pm. For the mean time, they'll be open only in the afternoon till night. After a few weeks or months, they will go full time daily. Welcome to Manila KERMIT.

Molina St., Poblacion, Makati,
Metro Manila

*** Parking will be an issue as this is a residential area.
*** Suggest to park at A. Venue or Century City Mall.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Visited on their dry run. The meal was courtesy of Gianni.
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Friday, April 20, 2018

When I was a kid, my parents had a hard time making me drink milk. There were tons of running and hiding and I just wasn't really into it. As I grew up, I realized how important MILK is to a developing body. It's a great source of protein and amino acids. The fact that there's a lot of calcium in milk, makes it an added bonus and a must when it comes to your daily intake.
Aside from the different vitamins that it carries, it has niacin that supports proper brain function and improves cholesterol levels as well. So you see how important it is that you get and source your milk from the best. Let's check out REAL CALIFORNIA MILK AND CHEESE.
For me, there was only one sure fire way to get milk in my system. It was to make a MAC AND CHEESE SNACK. This would be my breakfast or early morning snack just before lunch. With the help of my mom, we recreated her take on the traditional mac and cheese with the help of REAL CALIFORNIA MILK AND CHEESE dairy products.
Here are the different ingredients that you will need:
Different types of REAL CALIFORNIA CHEESE. (Mozzarella, Orange Cheddar Cheese) - All grated just before using. 
2 CUPS of cooked pasta. Fusilli would be my personal preference.
3 Strips of Crispy Bacon.

The first step is to melt the butter in the pan. Afterwards, you could add the flour. Gradually stir in the milk over medium heat until it thickens. Slowly add the different cheeses. Stir them until they melt. I would suggest that you leave a bit of cheddar for the top layer later.
Once everything is settled, you now have your sauce. From here, you could introduce the pasta. Don't forget to mix it all properly so that each on is covered by this special and delicious sauce.
From here, you'll get to have cheesy and milky mac and cheese. Granted that you could already enjoy it as it is, my mom does a little bit more. She adds some cheddar on top and bakes it until it melts. If time is of the essence, you may use the microwave to melt the cheese.
You're then rewarded with something comforting and healthy. I know adding bacon may sound a bit too much for some but a little bit more flavor and texture won't hurt.
Remember to look for the Real California Milk or Cheese Seal when visiting the supermarket. By having 100% Real California Milk, you are assured that these are high quality dairy products. All are made from milk from more than 1,300 California Dairy families that prioritizes the well being of their animals and as such makes sure that they produce high quality milk.

These amazing dairy products are available in the different shopping outlets in the Philippines. From S&R, to Landers, Robinsons Supermarket, Sm Hypermarket, Merkado Supermarket, and even Unimart. Be sure to look for the REAL CALIFORNIA MILK SEAL. 
Also don;t forget to try out COOLHAUS this summer. They have a wide range of interesting ice cream flavors to choose from. 

If you want to learn more, check out the website 

#LookForTheSeal #RealCaliforniaMilkPhilippines
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