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Sunday, November 16, 2014

 YES I AM THAT IDIOT. Too Trusting, too kind, too friendly, and too ambivalent. I honestly didn't want to write this post but my parents asked me to do it. To get others informed as a warning and to get my story out.

It was an event. FRIDAY PAY DAY 11-14-14, lunch time in the ever famous BGC's FORT STRIP. The restaurant I visited with friends and fellow bloggers was packing. Took shots of the place and the food. Definitely enjoyed everything. Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.

Then, placed my Crumpler Camera Bag on my chair with the strap at the back. Just like the way I usually do when I go to restaurants. It had my CANON 60D, battery grip, charger, extra battery, extra memory card, wallet, credit cards, atm, cash and my PRC and LTO license. Felt a nudge but didn't bother thinking my bag fell on the ground or somebody just squeezed by. After getting one or two spoonful and a gulp of water, I looked back to get my bag and it was gone. 
I quickly asked my table mates if they saw something.  They said nope. Our hosts went to the back office to check if they have CCTV, one of them went to the opposite restaurant to check if they had one too.

I stood up and scanned the restaurant and went outside to see if there were security guards or if there were people running with my bag. NO one was there. There was no security guards around. No one insight. No witnesses in BROAD DAYLIGHT.
I called my bank to cancel my credit card and my Atm. It was around 1:00pm, I was informed by the bank no transactions were made.

The hosts came on over and informed me that their  restaurant didn't have CCTV nor did the restaurants in front of it. I honestly was zoned out. I remembered that this isn't Quezon City were all businesses were required by law to have one. OUCHIE!

I had to say goodbye and excused myself from the group. J, the one that invited us to the event, accompanied me as a representative of the restaurant. 

We first went to the police station nearby to report the crime. B, the officer assigned there advised us to write everything down on a piece of paper with my information and also with the things that were stolen. 
He later informed us that to check the buildings and the surrounding area if there were any cctvs around and get a copy. 

We went back to the building and found out that the buildings inside FORT STRIP have different administrators from one another. We searched for the admin of the building of the restaurant but it seemed that it isn't found physically there. The guard stationed there didn't even know where it was. When we went to another building, they had 4 CCTVs installed but only in their common areas looking within their building. Unfortunately, we scanned the videos and it yielded nothing. 

After going around in circles, J had to go since it has been more than an hour of useless back and forths. She bid farewell and asked to be updated and will do the same. While I continued to go around. LOST.

Fortunately, I went on over to my car and saw a guard. I asked him if the parking lot had any CCTVs. He said none and I asked who should I talk to. He escorted me to the security office of THE FORT STRIP.

Apparently, there is a security office in THE FORT STRIP.

The staff there advised that there are no CCTVS in BGC FORT STRIP COMMON AREAS where the perpetrator may have passed by. The area infront of URBN/ Early Bird? NONE. The area going to the PARKING LOT? NONE. The Side Entrances None! Parking lot... NONE!

I was in utter disbelief. This being BGC FORT STRIP.
 One of security guards was kind enough to accompany me to the admin of the building where the restaurant was located. 

Wouldn't you know, it was off site, around 3 blocks away on the 3rd floor of a building with a bank and a breakfast restaurant place. 

Once there, I was able to talk to the staff and was advised that there was with finality NO CCTV camera in the AREA. They asked me to write down on a piece of paper what happened and what were lost. From there, they called BGC admin to verify if they could look into it. Unfortunately, they said that same thing. NO CCTV.
Then it sinked in, nothing was going to happen and I couldn't get it back.  I called my parents and cried. I couldn't speak a word. I went to my office which was 10 minutes away to get a few papers and get my emergency money and took leave. Went back to the Police Station and advised that because of what happened there were on alert status and the police report would be ready on Monday.

I updated J and was informed that BGC was looking into it and would update me if anything would come out.


This is BGC and yet they don't have any CCTV camera in common popular areas like THE FORT STRIP. Honestly, the place gave me the false sense of security. CRAP.

More than the bag, the camera, cash and the case. It was my ids, personal information and the memories in the memory cards that I was really devastated about. They were gone and the pictures and information in them are now with strangers with bad intentions.

I was and am really depressed. I didn't even realize that I was already driving in circles and without a license. 

The shame of having to tell my story over and over again and having my relatives scold me.
 Got screwed I did.

TIPS: use online camera search website like:
or even

A day after, I was able to go to HIDALGO and search for a new kit. Shopping therapy, my mom said. Talked to the Mang Ramon of Mayer's Photos, I was informed that the cameras usually end up being sold in Greenhills. He also informed me to go to CANON and report it as well. 

Fortunately, I had a lens in the shop. So I was eventually going there. I asked the staff from Canon on what to do. They said that I should submit a copy of the POLICE REPORT and bring the box of the equipment with the serial number so that they could red flag it. Which, I intend to do. 

 Just a word of advise, never trust anyone and also be careful especially with your belongings. It is Christmas Season and everyone is looking for a quick buck!

I just pray that the persons that took my hard earned possessions get what they deserve. Hopefully, they needed the money for something really important.

wrote this based on my thoughts, views and experience.
Thank you very much J for accompanying me during the first part of my ordeal.
Thank you very much SO for supporting me. 
Thank you Mom and Dad and E for helping me get through this.
Pictures here aren't mine. They are from  and different websites.
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  1. God has always a plan for us Chubbs. This thing happened 5x pa ang balik sa iyo.. keep strong and live the faith. I am always here. Wabu....

    1. Thanks SO, love you too, sorry I'm a bit down pa kaya not in the mood talaga.. can't help but cry some more.. =(

  2. So sad to read about this, Jeng. It was truly alarming that an upscale area lacks the security equipment we thought they would have. Be strong, dude.

    1. I know Michy, to think diba? FORT STRIP yun eh. Hay, thanks girl. See you soon.

  3. Awww... I could really feel the intensity and gravity of the unfortunate event. =( Have faith. I'm sure the return for your loss will have better and greater.

    1. Thanks Stacy.. yeah it was really a downer.. I was enjoying the food, the company and this had to happen. Hay! See you soon dear...

  4. What's important is that YOU are safe. Material things are replaceable. We only have one life. Think of it nalang as tulong maybe the person who stole it is in dire need. Wala na tayong magagawa except to be more careful next time. But them again, BGc. Who knew right??? Feel for yoh bbbear! :'(

    1. Mama BEAR!! NAIIYAK TALAGA AKO!!! Kainis!!! Pero, yes po that was what My parents told me... At least I wasn't assaulted ... and at least I was alive....

  5. Just read this. I feel so sorry for you. So sad that this happened in BGC. I heard a lot of horror stories about the area. Always be extra careful next time.


    1. Hi po Maam M, uhm thank you po... definitely next time out I will be super duper careful and prepared...

  6. I'm sorry that this happened to you. How irresponsible of BGC not to have security cameras!

    I hope you recoup soon. Will share this everywhere as a reminder that these things happen.

    1. Hey Barbie..., I know.. it gave m a sort of false sense of security,,, Don't worry I am getting there ... I believe,,,, Please do share this so that other people will be aware.

  7. Jeng... So sorry to hear about this... :( I know this must've been really devastating. But at the same time, thank you for having the courage to share this with us and with the world. Sa totoo lang, the area really gives a false sense of security. Parang maraming mas vigilant saten 'pag nasa QC (like in Tomas Morato area?) compared when in BGC. I hope this changes things in The Fort. I-live up naman sana nila ang expected standard.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better sooner... Don't worry 'cause you'll definitely be rewarded 10 folds pa! Keep being the ball of light and joy!

    1. Hey Sumi, ..... I honestly didn't want to write about the ordeal just because but my parents said that it would let other visitors know that in fact.... BGC is the same as any other place and isn't as safe as they would want it to be. I would have to agree... that when in QC, i tend to be more alert but did you know, all the establishments in QC are rquired to have CCTV by law... and yet in BGC is totally the other way around,,, Hopefully the management in BGC would do something about it,,, i mean standards are there so why don't they live up to it... I'm getting better I think but I am super duper traumatized by the experience,,, It is as if, I'm in a black hole.... Thanks a lot SUMI ... see you soon!! ^_^

  8. Since I travel abroad a lot, there's a marked difference on how I guard my stuff here and elsewhere. Sure, for example, I'm still watchful of my bag when I'm in say, Bangkok, but the moment I land here, I'm super paranoid, that I hug my bag at times. It's saddening that I feel least safe in my own country. We're a country of bribes, corruption, burglars, taxi scams, and petty thieves. Sorry to be negative, but sometimes, it's really tiring to be a Filipino.

    1. HI, Lloyd, uhm ... I would have to agree. There is definitely a difference with how we percieve a place is in terms of safety. As you mentioned, that is BKK, or let's say a place you go to rarely, so definitely you would be paranoid.... BUT this is BGC. A familiar place and in broad daylight. I guess it is how you get that false sense of security and it bites you in the end,

  9. OMG this is so devastating! I also thought that it's safe in BGC. What's more, you were in The Fort Strip! The least they could have had is a video footage of the incident. Whoa. Sorry to hear your loss. You can gain everything back naman with regard to the material things but the previous memories stored in the mem card of the camera ang super sayang. Don't you have copies in your local drive or in cloud? :( This is a post to keep everyone reminded to be more careful even when in the most glamorous of places in the city. The holidays season is just around the corner so people with bad intentions will begin to find ways to harm others. Hay nakakainis na ang pangyayari but what's even more annoying is that the police officers in the area and BGC admin ay mga walang kwenta. I know this incident is traumatizing. Pero buti nga at safe ka. Be strong, Jeng.

    1. Hey Jeng... read this yesterday but I wasn't able to comment via mobile... so sad for your loss and I hope that person who got your items put it to good use (else may karma strike them down!).

      that false sense of security.. I'm sure we are guilty of that especially in events where we think since this is a planned event; we would be "safer". Lesson learned (sadly it had to happen to you).

      CCTVs should already be a requirement especially in our digital lifestyle but sadly, it doesn't get the priority it deserves.

      Best of luck Jeng! and I truly hope that you will recover/bounce back from this. Stay strong! :)


    2. Hey Roch, unfortunately, the FORT STRIP common areas doesn't have any CCTV, nor does the parking lot. Another bummer was that, I wasn't able to download some of my latest adventure / date on from my memory card to my laptop.. and not to mention my IDS. Anyway, thats that.. Thanks Roch. See you soon dear.

  10. Hey Allen,

    Definitely, Lesson learned.. From now here on, I'll be putting my camera wrapped around my body while doing anything else.

    Spot on.. we really need to have CCTVs in establishments to deter such crimes.

    Thanks mate and see you soon.

  11. awww..hugs PB!!!so sad to learn about this.. in broad daylight and in an upscale area pa nangyari..the mere fact that there is no cctv around the area just shows the admin does not prioritize the security of their customers..
    D bale mabilis nman bumalik ang karma and more people will be aware because of strong!!

    1. Hi Ate Girlie... :( thank you so much.. see you soon ate!

  12. Hellu!! :) You know what, at least you're safe and nothing bad happened to you. In our country, do not expect that establishments have a good working CCTV system in place, unless its a hotel or a casino. Imagine us, a well guarded house with 24/7 CCTC system, guard dogs and YET we still had a break in, the robber got the *gun* of our security guard. A gun! Its much much worse that your gadgets and cash because this robber can use it to *kill* and *hurt* someone else to get what he wants and that's the guilt that we have bearing on us. Our security guard fell asleep and we had to let him go. He was a good security guard for the past 3-4 years he served us well, but we had no choice to let him go because of his carelessness. I hate to say it but we really need to the *protective* of our things, we cannot be complacent after all we live in the Philippines were crime is rampant and punishment is non-existent. My Panget (what I call my husband) witnessed a snatching in Banawe while he was having his car fixed. There was this man who was innocently walking on the street when a man in a motorcycle sped by and got a hold of his bag which contained *gadgets* my panget assumed such because the man yelled *Yung mga gadgets ko!* Indeed it's the Christmas season and crime rates will start going off the charts. So be careful, do not be complacent.

    CCTVs to be honest are just to let the bad people know that someone is watching PERO sa totoo lang, wala ding masyadong bisa because the cameras are not in HD - hindi mo rin makikita yung mukha. That's what happened to us - we couldn't see the face - it was really hazy. I was telling my Panget nga eh, why spend so much if you can just see blurry faces. But oh well, ganun daw eh..

    If you ask me, being in an upscale place doesn't necessarily mean that you're *safe*. Walang safe place dito sa totoo lang. At least in the not so upscale places - alam mo yung pwedeng mangyari thus - you are more careful and watchful of your things.

    In all of that happened, I wish you can retrieve the memory cards of your camera.

    Good luck!!

    Love, Didi


    1. Hi Didi, thank you so much for passing by and giving your thoughts on this incident. Don't worry lesson learned. From here on out, I will be super duper careful with my stuff and would even bring my bag and lock it to my chair. Yes, i have gotten one of those. Unfortunately, I haven't retrieve any of the shots I took when i went to a couple of restaurants. Sayang ung memories...

      Anyway, thank you so much on sharing your experiences. Have a good one