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Friday, January 10, 2014

One Saturday night while sleeping a dear old friend called me up.
She: "Kain tayo"
Me: "Give me 30 minutes and I'm there."
and with that an adventure ensued... 
and we ended up here..
 Because of traffic ... it took me an hour to get to her in Shang.. and another 30 minutes to get to our destination.
Since we couldn't decide... we ended up in a sea of red chairs and different words painted on the wall..
Time for our pre-game dinner. LOL!

Don't know what to eat? This could be a nice way to start a long night. It was a quick fix and is definitely a welcome in my tummy without breaking the bank.. 
This kind of food really hits the spot every time..\
but first... time to up it up.... A notch.
I asked for garlic ox brain (99php).

 It doesn't really look like a brain.. so it must not have tasted like one right? LOL!
It was mushy and for me.. a little bit too garlicky to the point that it surpassed salpicao flavor...
and you know what... I was surprised that night..

>>>>>>My friend F doesn't eat animal organs.. like isaw, and the this  is definitely a first for her.<<<<<<<

Take note of her before and after look...

Anyway.. on to the meal itself..
She had the lamb shawarma (139php)
It was a little gamey for her.. but she did finish it.
While I had the Sisig Shawarma (109Php)
It was definitely a delight to eat this oily, crunchy and yummy wrap!

Sarap... extra rice please! I mean one more!
I also had a side of fries (80php)
Skip this... not worth it.
I was happy to see that they didn't skimp on the sauces. I mean the yogurt based sauce is definitely thick and not watered down.
On the other hand, the hot sauce was definitely not your ordinary stuff. It was damn hot. One drop and it did
a dance number in my mouth!!!

One thing that I didn't like was the order of Melon Mojito (250Php)
It came to us as some sort of dessert. We were almost past 3/4 of our meal and it was served.... also the taste was definitely not for parties but rather for cleaning stuff.. It was that bad that one sip and I didn't take another one.

Anyway since the night was young (like 9pm), F and I went to 2 other bars before ending the night...
and yes we finished our round-about with having Sisig Shawarma as our papa tanggal amats food.
Yes it was that good that we went back to get another a set.
 At 3 in the morning, it was definitely yum yum yum!
to know what happened next and how wild the night was in between our shawarma run...
well wait for my next post! LOL!

Shawarma Guys
The Fort Strip

They have this cool concept of a curbside delivery. Just call and pick it up infront of NBC tent. No more need to go in the parking area and waste time, gas, effort and parking fee.

Disclaimer: We paid for our meal. I wrote this based on my experience.
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Written by Lovely

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    1. damn right michy!!!.. tuloy tom? ... lunch? :D :D :D

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  3. SHAWARMA SHAWARMA SHAWARMA. Maybe if I sat the word 3 times, it might magically transport me to this wonderful place. :( God how I miss the NCR!

  4. SHAWARMA SHAWARMA SHAWARMA.. maybe if I say the word 3 times it might magically transport me to this wonderful place. :) God! How I miss the NCR so much..

  5. SHAWARMA SHAWARMA SHAWARMA.. maybe if I say the word 3 times it might magically transport me to this wonderful place. :) God! How I miss the NCR so much.

    1. Hi lamonpalooza!!!!! hahahahahahaha !!!! hmmmmmm "there is no place like home!!!" hahahahaha you should definitely try this place .. sisig shawarma is love

  6. Mr. Jeng! I am so sorry for the multiple comments! Feel free to delete the first 3 comments. and yes, I'll be in Manila next month so YES.. The sisig shawarma shall be mine. HAHA!

  7. Hahahahahaha! please do enjoy and have lots of fun!!!! ^_^