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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

For some time now, I have been hearing about an amazing banh mi restaurant up north. Somewhere in Pampanga, an ex-nobu chef started a small eatery that sells Vietnamese Cuisine. From a simple stall to a landmark, BANH MI opens its doors to the foodies in PAMPANGA.
Chef Rex Soriano chose to open a small eatery in his home town. After a few years, this has ballooned into a fixture that must be visited when in Angeles City. Just a couple of street away from Chef Sau's Cafe Fleur, BANH MI is an excellent hangout place that exudes a industrial minimalist yet artsy feel.
Since this was the third stop of the Pampanga Food Trip, I felt a little bit full already. Still, I was pretty amazed with the simple dishes and menu belt out by Chef Rex. Starting with the GOI GA (175Php), this Vietnamese Salad is light and the miso dressing simple.

Honestly, I don't like fresh spring rolls but I did enjoy this version. The house made meat cuts were perfect alongside the fresh ingredients. The addition of crispy pork rinds works well that it gave the dish a different dimension. The peanut sauce made it a joy to eat. Not too sweet and it complimented it well. I think I must have finish a whole plate all to myself.
The star of the night would be the BANH MI. All of the cold cuts were made in house. The ingredients were fresh and the bread perfectly baked. Each bite would remind me of a perfect ratio between meat, vegetables and bread.
Simple yet delicious. No need to use the additional sauces on the side. This one is a winner.
Just beside it is a newer concept that Chef Rex is making. The KOOBIDEH is your basic chicken kabab. This persian dish is an amazing way to enjoy something different.
Although not officially opened yet, this hole in the wall concept is definitely a welcome treat. Partnered with a couple of grilled vegetables and a simple sauce, this chicken kabab is simple yet delicious. I can't wait for it to fully open to the public.
BANH MI in PAMPANGA is a nice place to relax and enjoy some Vietnamese Cooking. Alongside with the about to open KOOBIDEH, this would be the perfect out of town restaurant to visit when in Angeles.

House of Chops in Pampanga

1-1 pacimar estate jesus st.,
Pulungbulu, 2009 Angeles City, Pampanga
0999 817 7896
Opens from Monday-Saturday

Disclaimer: was invited to this restaurant. wrote this based on my experience.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. Banh mi FTW! i never thought that there are asian cuisine themed restaurants from central luzon. I always have this conotations that manila's only the place for world's cuisine themed resto.

    This is really informative. I wish Digong's federalism will push so that these kinds can be showcased in our provinces.

  2. actually, angeles is a nice stopover for a lot of international and asian cuisine. You'll be surprised with the different hidden restaurants in Pampanga. Cheers