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Sunday, November 6, 2016

A few days back while I was out of town, a package came and it was glorious.
 What first greeted me was this JOLLY COW FRESH MILK . Patrons of this milk brand would agree that this is one creamy drink. Being sourced from Germany, you are assured of its quality.
 The milk goes through a process in which any harmful bacteria are killed. This would also go perfect with your breakfast cereals. Yummy.
 Another surprise was the OLD ORCHARD APPLE CRANBERRY. Aside from drinking it on its own, this one right here is perfect for cocktails.
 One quick and easy mix would have to be a few parts vodka and a lot of apple cranberry to give it a fruity taste. It will definitely depend on you but, having this on the rocks makes it a joy to drink.
Surprisingly, not only are these beverages healthy but they are also delicious and perfect to start and end any day. These drinks are available at all leading supermarket in the metro.

Disclaimer:  wrote this based on my experience. These drinks were sent on over.
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Written by Lovely

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