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Sunday, June 20, 2021

One of my favorite places to visit would be Taiwan. I've been to the place probably more than 5 times already and it never gets old. One of the most popular restaurant from Taipei would be Din Tai Fung. What started in the Da'an District, this restaurant has been a global force with a number of franchises all over the world.
Since this is Las Vegas, they try to showcase everything here. More so they brought this restaurant over to the ARIA Hotel. They opened to the public in 2020 and never looked back. Once you enter, you are greeted by the dumpling making kitchen. You could see and take photos of chefs making the soupy dumplings or xiao long bao.
Since this is Las Vegas, the place is hyped up. With decors and high ceiling, they make sure that everything is worth your visit. As with any famous restaurant, a reservation is a must. Because of covid, it would be best to make one a week or so before especially for weekends.

Just like any other DIN TAI FUNG restaurants, they give you a piece of paper where you check and write down your orders. Granted that it seems quite incredible to charge for extra ginger, I just went with the flow.

Since this wasn't my first time eating in a DIN TAI FUNG, I figured I let my friends do the ordering. They went with the go to choices of course. From the original xiao long bao, to the crab roe flavored version, and even some other dishes.

In all honesty, visiting DIN TAI FUNG would be perfect for an early snack before dinner but never for a full meal. The prices seems to be a little on the high side compared to other DIN TAI FUNG places I've been too. The dishes were just okay. To be honest, I still preferred other xiao long bao places because of the quality and quantity.
All in all, it was an okay visit. Nice to remember and experience Taiwanese dishes. Although, I don't think I'll go back anytime soon. Honestly, it was just okay. The service was great but the food was so-so. I don't know but it seems Chinatown would have been a better choice.

ARIA Resort & Casino, 
3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, 
Las Vegas, NV 89158

Disclaimer: paid for the meal. wrote this based on my experience.
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