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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A week or so after January 1st, one can still feel the holiday season in the air. Parties are still happening and people are just starting to come back from their vacation. Sometimes, we could forget that our Chinese brothers and sisters haven't actually celebrated theirs. This coming January 28, the CHINESE NEW YEAR would be upon us. MARCO POLO ORTIGAS' LUNG HIN has something in store just for this occasion.
As you enter, you are assisted to your booth. One would suggest to reserve seats by the window for a fantastic view. If privacy is important, they have function rooms that would cater to a small gathering and would be perfect for the CHINESE NEW YEAR this 2017. Different set meals are suggested but ala carte would work too. Since this is for the CHINESE NEW YEAR, certain dishes were prepared for everyone to enjoy and celebrate the prosperous new year.
The first dish would be the SALMON FISH "YU SHENG" for the PROSPERITY TOSS. Different ingredients were mixed and match to represent good health, wealth and prosperity. It starts off with tossing the ingredients up high with chopsticks and saying LO HEI for luck.
A little citrusy, different textures greet your mouth as you take a bite. The fresh salmon alongside the different vegetables makes it the perfect starter.
 Something to warm the stomach, the Braised Pork Tongue with dried oysters and black moss was a welcome treat. A very light broth was created to wake up the appetite.
Another seafood dish, the BRAISED CRAB MEAT with DRIED SCALLOP and ASPARAGUS was served next. Crunchy asparagus were topped with a mixture of scallops and crab meat. One might think of it as a little soupy but the contrasting texture is welcomed.
As scary as this might be, the BRAISED PORK KNUCKLE with BLACK MOSS and VEGETABLES was pretty good. The hair like component on top is actually black moss. It has a neutral flavor but it is usually added for "to hope for wealth". 
The meat is moist and cooked perfectly. Delicious and a bit on the sweet side.
The LUNG HIN BRAISED SEA CUCUMBER CASSEROLE was a great addition to the menu. This dish has variety in itself. Having different seafood from squid, fish, shrimp and sea cucumber makes it a must try.
A crowd favorite would be the stir-fried PRAWN with ASPARAGUS and RED WINE PEAR. Huge and plump, they partner well with the red wine pear. It gives a great deal of flavor.
Dessert could be a combination of sticky rice cake and sweetened cashew nut with sesame dumpling. This menu was specially created for the CHINESE NEW YEAR at MARCO POLO. It would be an awesome way to celebrate the New Year here because of the fine selection of dishes and the wonderful service.



44th Floor
(02) 720 7777
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City,
Metro Manila
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