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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Believe it or not it was my first time. I would usually see CUSTAROONS kiosks in different malls in the metro. Some friends would tell me that they offer amazing not your ordinary dessert. I never did get to try it until one day, they sent a few over.
One should start with the original. The CUSTAROONS. A mix between the classic macaroon and other fillings, one bite would not be enough. There's a caramelicious after taste yet the sweetness is just right.
They also have the bigger version that could be made up of various flavors. Some would be green tea, coffee, and even chocolate. Speaking off, The custaroon poppers would be the ideal gift to a person you like. Best served chilled, these delightful creations are deadly.
Just be sure to eat them quick as it might go soft when left in room temperature. It's like custaroons but has a more chocolatey bite.
CUSTAROONS are found in major malls in the metro.You could check out their product listing at

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Written by Lovely

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