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Monday, September 24, 2018

 The day after I bought my new car, we were all too tired to cook breakfast. Good thing there were a lot of cafes and coffee places to visit and get a quick grab from. One of them is SINGLE SPEED COFFEE.
 Just a couple of miles away from my place, this early morning cafe offers coffee and delicious dishes that goes with them. A cyclist's heaven, it has that rustic and relaxing feel that welcomes everyone. Coffee is brewed and roasted in house. This guarantees freshness which is a big deal when it comes to coffee lovers.
 Some of the dishes that we tried that left a mark on our tummies would be the breakfast burritos and the breakfast bowls. The burritos made itself delicious because of its wrapper. It was toasted perfectly. Inside, we had a mix of meats that was just perfect. As for the bowl, the toss of tomatoes and other vegetables made it a joy to eat.
Just wanted to give a special shout out. These cheese breads and potato balls from Porto's are just amazing. When in California, you got to visit Porto's and grab some for yourself.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience and opinions. we paid for our meals.
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