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My name is Jeng and I love to write about everything and anything I eat. I won't tell a lie so when I like something or have a not so good experience I do tell it as I see it. I don't sugarcoat my reactions but I see them as creative criticisms or compliments. I am in no way a food critic though, but I just love to document what happens to me (from my travels to tours and the different misadventures I get myself into).

Like anyone, I am but a normal guy in love with food.
I imagine myself to be a person that wants and cares deeply for everything food! All types (whether these are made by my mom or bought from a hole in the wall or from the streets) of food. Believe me, I do!

 I long for an adventure leading me away from the usual and the stereotype. Food is definitely my passion. It gives me that thrill when it comes to getting a feel of the culture and the environment from where it came from. The flavors combined with the different aroma coming from entrees just gives me the jolt my senses long for.
I love going out and enjoying the company of my friends and family. I usually end up staying at a hotel for a staycation with anyone who would want to go with.

Asking me to go out of town is as easy as one-two-three. Although, there are times when I seek peace and quiet and go for that trip alone.  As I said, I live for the moment and go for that extra kick in life.

I started this blog because of the push of Ms. Jane of Sugar Spice and Everything Nice. (moved to new site) She was forcing me to make one since I guest blogged on hers for Outbreak BGC 2013. (moved to this site)Personally, I try to keep this blog up to date with the different experiences that have been a part of my life. I hope that you enjoy reading my posts as I have enjoyed writing them.

It's now 2019 and I have been doing this for more than 6 years. I'm grateful to everyone that I got to know because of this trade. From leaders of the industry, politicians, hoteliers, restaurateurs, stakeholders, influencers, other members of the media and of course, you my dear readers and friends, I realized how we help one another and it's like one big family. I experienced a lot of things that I could say made this journey wonderful. I've been on food related shows a couple of times and even wrote articles for a news agency. I was able to travel to different places and participate in unique activities that some would say would be once in a lifetime. All I'm saying is that I'm just grateful and thankful to each and everyone of you.

I hope I get to know you more and please keep on commenting. I enjoy having new friends...
If you see something or saw this awesome food place, please do not hesitate to tell me about it. I love a good food adventure.

Thanks so much for viewing my blog. Please feel free to comment on. Rest assured that the posts here are of my own opinion and is based on my experience. I love to read your comments too. If you have any concerns or would wish to contact me please do e-mail me at . Good day and have a fun time reading on. See you when I do!


  1. I love your new logo! Huwag ako kalimutan pag isang damukmok na ang sponsors! ;)) Thank you for the special mention baby bear, but you would have eventually gotten to making a blog on your own. Foodie ka eh, and you have so many wonderful adventures. Sayang not to share! :-*

    1. Hahahaha thanks a lot mama bear..... If there wasn't a push, I would have just stayed posting stuff in instagram and facebook... hahahaha... :D :D :D