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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A few weeks ago, I invited my office mates to join a run like no other.
The Outbreak Missions. 

I was so hyped up that upon learning about this run I "lured" my coworkers and went on over to the nearest registration store and to sign them all up on the second day of registration. I was that excited because I knew that we would be in for a treat.
Being a veteran of 2 Outbreak Runs (EK and BGC2) and tons of online and offline rpg games, I was thrilled to learn that this isn't a run but rather a story. The Outbreak series has spread into a "story mode". 

The 1st 2 are: Adarna Initiative and The Narrows 
From oubreak's FB

 Unlike the OUTBREAK RUN, the MISSIONS is something like choose your own adventure. Furthermore, only a few waves per story are present unlike in runs where waves go as high as 33.

Of course zombies were still present.
Like this guy jumping off a truck
from outbreak's FB
and a clown too!
from outbreak's fb
I think I should have read this sign properly!

from outbreak's FB/

 I think I am too far ahead. Let's start at the beginning.
 When I registered (1000Php), I was given this.
 I was supposed to bring the card and read the mission packet.

 Basically, it has a map like this:
from outbreak's fb
and some "newspaper clippings" about what happened.
 I also got to choose what wave and mission to pick.
I chose the C-1 wave because it was the most convenient one for us.
Days leading in, my office mates and I were getting psyched up. They were researching about what to do and what not to do. P even showed us pictures of injuries (fractures.. YES FRACTURES!) because of the run. EXTREME!!!!

Last night (10/19/2013), we were all giddy and rawring to go.
I was even contemplating if I should wear my flight suit outfit with matching headlamp.
Emooo ang peg.. anyare? Dimakadecide? #OOTDkunyare
When we got there at around 830-9pm, the registration was still closed...

So, we started off roaming the sponsors' booth. I did see familiar brands but I can't help but wonder why there are only a few of them namely: Booster C, Boardwalk, Hyundai, Coleman, and Berocca. There wasn't any free stuff like magazines, food, lanyards or free lives being given away. Quite a bummer.  Anyare?
We were able to take a picture of the back drop and some zombie models around.  

 When I saw an elaborate backdrop of missing love ones poster and love letters.
Of course, I had to take a picture of me.
take note of my flag placement and level...
I saw some zombies.
So, I asked them if I could have a word and a picture.
 and since a few of our other team mates weren't there, we got another picture with them.
I saw a caged beauty... and asked her if it was okay...
 to get a picture with her... 
I just couldn't help myself but I needed to ask her to run with me...
okay fine... I didn't .. too shy !!

Since our call time was getting near, we fixed our stuff and went on over the briefing area.
When the 1st wave was called to gather at 10:30pm, our team (SNAGGIT!) went on over and lined up for a briefing. We were asked to group ourselves to 10 (8 was okay..12-13 was fine.. 10 being the ideal). Luckily, our group reached the min and got in comfortably. We were informed of the rules and asked to put the flags on top of our shirts and t-shirts (which I gladly did..INTEGRITY LOL!). 
We were informed that scouts have reported that there seems to be a safe haven called the narrows. We should try to make it there and follow orders of people in orange... or not. Since, NPC's or non-player characters were scattered all around the trail and it was up to us to choose who to believe. 
 They gave us different and contradicting information. They misguided and tricked us!

 Afterwards, we lined up like sardines and entered the deployment area where we were given maps and coordinates. 
It had a barricade to funnel teams in. 3 groups at a time were allowed to run.
 The first 100-200 meters was the hardest. Once we entered, zombies were lurking around and scattered. Most of them hiding behind parked cars. There was a lot of them (unlike in runs where only a handful are present at the start). Here, it was sort of every man for himself. Grabe... Thank you stretching and jogging! I was able to stretch and get into the rhythm fast.

Unluckily for a friend of ours, he suddenly slowed down and a horde of runners pushed him over. Resulting him rolling on the floor and getting to this.
After the 1st leg, there was an aide station were a lot were already injured. One thing to note was that water was not in sight! Most of my team mates were dying of thirst. LOL!

At this point, I am happy to report that I got out with all 3 lives intact while some of my friends only had 1 or 2. Experience played a key role because I knew that I need to stop when I am alone and wait for other survivors.

A few hundred meters more, we arrived at a darkened road. Thankfully, I got my headlamp on and was able to light up the way (thank you energizer night run). Still got my 3 lives on. LOL!

Halfway to the mall, a soldier NPC stopped us and we listened up.
He gave us a choice to either go on a side quest of being a messenger but would deal with more zombies for an additional 3-4 lives per team or just go on straight to an easier path going to the mall. 

Our team chose to go on to the mall thinking that we might loose more lives than gain them.
(thinking back I think we should have went for it even if we were tired)

A few hundred meters more, we arrived at Festival Mall. A soldier tied up greeted us.
I thought that he was going to turn to a zombie like what some NPC did in the Adarna Initiative.
 He kept on saying: "don't listen to the people in orange... they would trick you.. there is no narrows!!!!" Yeah we should have listened to him.I guess being tired from sprinting around made our brain shut down.
 This guy then greeted us with a all smile face and kind demeanor telling us welcome and enter and enjoy.
Note to self: "If they are too nice, don't listen to them".
from outbreak's fb
When we entered, the mall, we went up to the food court. We were swarmed with deaf "zombies". If you make a sound they would go for you. See the picture of the lady on top of the table? Well our guy friend did the same thing but unlucky for him another fellow stepped on some bottles and made a sound. He had to retreat.

After going around and around the mall doing similar tasks, we reached a checkpoint. We were allowed to exchange lives here and were told by cute and smiling fellows in orange not to stop for anyone until we reach the 4th floor. (RED FLAG!!!! Again don't listen to them!! ARGH!)
After running and running around I was left with just one flag (even after copying and doing the instructions my flags were taken away from me... dinagbabasa ang mga zombies.. tsktsktsk!!!). Other NPC's that were wearing soldier outfits kept on telling us that the narrows is a trap and we should go another path while guys in orange said to just continue to the basement. 

The last part where the story line made a major turn was when we were in the emergency stairs going down. At the 2nd floor, a guy in a soldier outfit told us to go to another exit and not the basement. The basement according to him is a trap.!!!! Grabe!!!! Hirap mag decide!

 When we got to the basement, this cheerful looking fellas marked us with some pink powder.
WOW great convincing job!! ARGH!
 They were even smiles when they thought it was near...

After getting marked, we were swarmed by zombies. But first.....a group of runners, in front of me..making a right turn to the path, were almost insta roadkill because a van was doing a "fast getaway" in the basement path. I believe they should have anticipated this! Muntik na! I think the van was doing more than a 100km/hr.

 The zombies in this last part were
 TOO MUCH aggressive to the point that it killed my and other participants night.BUMMER. 
I'm not saying that all zombies are like this....some where actually helpful and kind...and allowed injured and tired members to rest...

R was having the time of her life running the first leg but couldn't do it anymore. She was assisted by some zombies and were even allowed to sit on a chair to rest up...

Worst part of the night:
While in the basement going towards the exit...
A zombie girl pulled my black belt hurting my tummy (almost rope burn degree...I just walked it off.. sore!GRABE!) but I got away with my flag intact. How did that happen? She was pulling it for a good 10 seconds of intense sprinting that she only let it go when I was near the finish.

 I would also later learn that one of my team mates were *bitch fit* by zombies. The zombies were telling her to stop and asking why she was covering her side.
 When in fact she was doing it to protect her dslr because they were touching and going for everything.
 They used that to gang up on her and get her remaining flag (which wasn't being covered.. mind you). She was unjustly accused of hiding flags. 
 Worst...after getting the flag this zombie said "YEHEY WE WON WE WON!!" while waving the flag in a demeaning manner. 
GRABE!... Mangasar pa..

Furthermore, my other friend got his crotch area hurt because of zombie doing the unthinkable. I also heard that a runner in our same area went on over to a marshal/bouncer to complain about the zombies being too aggressive. Grabe ah.. anong meron? Mainit ulo ng zombies tapos sinisigawan pati players?

As we got closer to the exit of the basement, we were greeted by DR. ADARNA
With the words "thank you thank you!! You have reached the narrows.. Thank you for being participants to my laboratory tests!!!!!!"
Nadale kami doon!!! BAM!

I guess luck favors the bold.... Dapat doon sa masmahirap dumaan.

This particular story line gave out 2 alternate endings. Sadly, we finished on the "wrong" or "dead" one.

But wait there's more....
Upon getting to this "medical tent"
A lady came up to me and pulled my remaining flag off. Telling me that I had it hidden and folded up.  She showed it to me while crumpling it upwards...(malamang mafofold diba?)

I was so shocked that I didn't say anything or do anything about it. Medyo nainis lang ako plus the fact hinihingal pa ako sa takbo. (Gets??? Tumatakbo ako... kung tinatago ko un malamang chill ako)..
Pero wala naman ako magagawa... 

I believe that even my team mates could attest that my lives were in full view at all times and I was even usually at the front of the pack.. and not hiding anything.and was even running around. Grabe..

Remember why I asked you to take note of the pic where I had my flags on? 
This one:
 same level... with belt at side and back exposed and front part of the shirt hanging...
That's because it has the level as my remaining life. DINAMAN naka fold or naka tago... bakit ba ate.. mainit ang ulo???
 SABAY sisigaw ka pa ng.
 "wala dead yan..." .. 

I guess playing fair... makes it harder and rightfully so.. pero.. grabe.. alam mo naman nasa ayos.. bakit kailangan ganun at pahiyaain pa? 1st time mangyari sa akin!

With my belt being forcible pulled by the zombie, it was loosened up. Malamang magagalaw.. Lumuwag nga eh... Plus the fact that I had to wipe sweat off my face with the bottom of my shirt. Of course, the front part of the belt got covered but still the flag was exposed. I have experienced 2 previous Outbreaks with the same flag levels and still I got out as "alive" and as a finisher.. Nakakinis lang talaga...

Siguro lesson na lang... pagmalapit sa finish line.. siguraduhin na nakalatag ang belt na may flag na nakastaple at maayos at plantyado pa... wag na lang kaya gamitin noh? 

Anyway.. enough about it being disappointed and being "disqualified".
Di-maka get over... 

Here is what an alive player from our "ending" got.

The dog tag....(which mind you is made of thin "metal")
1st = blind zombies (food court), 2nd= "fit" copy zombies..even if copied they will still get your lives, 3rd= screening..2 ladies with scanner telling us to go to 4th floor without stopping, 4th=tagging..damn powder on forehead, 5th=deads
 and a note... 
You could visit for the video log 
or just watch it here...
 This video is not mine...

 After getting the stuff, we were escorted to a waiting bus and they transported us back to base camp. 
Here, we saw this...
 Generally, the event was almost well prepared off. Except for the snaffu in the basement (van almost hitting runners, zombie, witch lady being judgmental and freaky about my flag), the organizers did a great job in trying to recreat the feel of an apocalypse. They got free parking and had a lot of actors around. Still, I hope they get to address these issues because they are quite absurd and a hassle.

Sorry for being bitter but heck, 1thousand is 1thousand and I guess I was on the loosing side of it.

After the run, some members of team snaggit were a little bummed out and couldn't get over about what happened. Anyway, I guess we could just charge it to experience. 

If I were asked a few months ago if I would join Outbreak Runs and Missions, I would definitely say yes without any hesitation. In contrast, ask me now and I will tell you a "sarcastic" maybe.

When we finished the run at around 12:30am, we had a light snack at MCDO across Acacia Hotel (click). 
Afterwards, we ended up going to Mall of Asia to meet our other office mates for their Rexona Fun Run. 

TOTALLY off topic... :

We couldn't help but compare how lucky and fun packed that  fun run was compared to this one. 
I guess we just had a BV kind of day especially when other people started it. 


as requested: here are some pictures from rexona fun run...
Rico Blanco in the background...
 The star of the day...
 The free ice cream!!!
 I mean the cute kid!!!
Disclaimer: Some pictures posted above are generally mine except for some taken from outbreak's FB page. Furthermore, the video posted is OUTBREAK's property. If you wish for your picture or video taken down please feel free to message me and I would gladly do so...

This post was made based on my opinions and observations. I was not paid nor was I asked to write about this.
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  1. Awwww! Bummed that you didn't have fun this time around! Sayang pa naman coz the mission concept was really nice! I'll add a link to this post next week! :)

    1. I had fun naman mama bear for the most part of it.. kaso.. panira lang ung bandang dulo...nagpakaeffort ka naman.. sumunod ka naman sa rules...kaso... it seemed that they are being too strict and parang ang dating eh not enough pa.....

      Upon asking some of my friends if they would do it again... eh... no more na daw... okay na sana lahat kaso lang... grabee ung ngyari sa basement...(van speeding and almost hitting runners, agre zombies being too physical, power tripping girl at the finish line)...

      really would make me think twice if I would join the zombie run again...

  2. A CHOOSE-YER-DESTINY zombie run! Too bad we don't have this in our neck of the woods. Must've been fun, except for the last part with the "witch lady" of course. :)

    1. HELLO Lamon !!!! The concept was great .. execution was good ... I think they just need to iron some stuff up because it could have been one heck of an adventure ^_^