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Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013

Friends of mine would usually ask where should they stay in Tagaytay City. I would often reply with the same old question of "What is your budget?".

When one do not think of the price and has money to spend splurge, I would suggest staying at The Inn at the Cliff House. This place projects luxury and hospitality at its finest. I believe that this is the most private and intimate not to mention expensive place to stay at in Tagaytay.


The location in itself is exclusive. One can easily miss it. Coming from Manila, the small entrance to the compound would be seen on the left side, along the ridge if going to Batangas City. It is just after Yellow Cab and in the area of a gas station. 

Once you enter, you are transported to a romantic part of Tagaytay. With trees and lanterns around, one could feel the cool breeze. It is as if you are in another country.

Checking in was a breeze. Sign here and there and welcome ice cream for everyone. The staff are well trained and is quite fluent with English and proper etiquette.

We were led to an unassuming little glass door entrance.

taken underground to our corner suite
outside our room... boats!!! I just wish I can grab one and take it home
and just had the time to ourselves... pure relaxation
OH did I mention that this Inn only has 4 rooms? ... Yes you heard it right only 4 rooms. 2 corner suites with personal outdoor jacuzzis and 2 inner suites with whirpool bathtubs inside their washrooms. Each of these suites have their own balcony overlooking Taal Lake. With just these 4 rooms, this place has given another level to the word EXCLUSIVE and pure RELAXATION.

I brought the drinks and well.. you imagine what is next.
The sleep factor was awesome. I was sleeping like a baby. Everything was set just right.
You wake up to an unobstructed view with your own balcony and have a wonderful personalized breakfast.

view from the private balcony
my personalized breakfast.

For the price and the time spent, I could honestly say that my experience here was indeed worth it. The place, the service, the staff, the food and the location was spot on. I love it! Yes, I will be back.

rates and notes according to their website as of May 2013

The Inn at the Cliff House
Km 58, General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway
Maharlika East, Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines
(63-46)4832093 / +639151349425
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  1. Galing! Complete details. I feel like a very proud mommah bear! \m/ You'll soon be on your way to the top! Kaladkarin mo ako to future event invites ha! ;)

    1. hahahaha.. patay... as if that is going to happen.. Ako naman po isama ninyo hahaha !!! hehe :D :D :D