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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yes we guys enjoy some me time from time to time a lot of times(yeah talk about time lol). I would also be the first to admit that I go for the pampering sessions here and there. Especially when I am stressed, my body yearns for a little attention.  
Look at that smile...
I have been a loyal customer to The Spa, Bluewater Day Spa and Beijing Foot Spa. I would usually go to The Spa Trinoma when I am super stressed and needed a good back rubbing and some of their ginger tea. When I need a change of pace and some popcorn munching relaxation, I go to Bluewater Day Spa Capitol Hills. For awesome tingling foot reflexology, I schedule a little R and R in Beijing Foot Spa Ill Terrazzo. Ever since, these 3 spas are holy trinity for me.
Since I got a premium pass from BDJ Box, I opted to try Bioessence since it was for free.
When I called for an appointment in their Visayas Avenue Branch, I learned that this free pass could be used as a discount card if I wanted to upgrade the services.

I talked to Ms Brenda over the phone. She was very professional and was willing to explain how it works and even described the different options I have and what to expect from their services. She took the time to explain everything.

Because of her professionalism, I expected a lot. When I arrived, I was blown by their services and the price in which they were offered. Everything was affordable (well compared to other spas I have been to). Ms. Camille of the front desk catered to my every needs. She offered me drinks and made small talk, while they were setting up the room. She was very friendly and courteous. She answered all my questions as to what to go for and the benefits of each treatment. She even gave me tips on what to choose.
 Clients are given a room each. Privacy is assured. There was no locker inside the room so I just left my stuff on a small table. Towels, robes, slippers, and undergarments are provided for. Since I chose to have a whole body massage, I was able to use their sauna. I thought that it would be a room type. Instead it was a solo chair. Meaning, you would be holed up in a large wooden chair and covered. Steam would be coming from down south and behind and would really make you sweat! After 15 minutes, DAMN I was super wet! I think I lost 2 pounds in that thing. After taking a shower, I went back to the room and was asked to face down on the bed. For the next 1 hour or so, I experienced the relaxation my body was craving for. Ms. Lorna handled me quite well. She was always checking up on me with regards to how the pressure is and what not.
 After the massage, I chose to have a facial treatment done. My face was handled by Ms. Ana. She knew what she was doing and made my face a little more fresh looking. Her pricking skills was awesome. I wasn't in tears that much! LOL! I even asked her to take a picture of the mask since I do not really use one that needed a gauze.
After look
Anyway, just in case you were up for a little R and R., Bioessence is offering this huge deal. Since June is their anniversary month, they are offering promos with regards to their treatments which could be used in all branches. It is awesome that these bundled buys are transferable, do not expire and have savings of more or less 50% +++. For those that just wanted a little me time, the Visayas Ave. Branch offers 50 % off on their anniversary day of June 22, 2013.
I think this was a sulit me time. Overall I liked, their service and how they interact with their customers. They would always greet you and offer you whatever you need. One tiny booboo for me is that maybe they could have a bigger shower area. Since I am a big guy, I had a little problem maneuvering inside. Although I guess normal sized persons would see the space as big. Also, parking could be a hustle. The front part only caters to around 5-6 cars.

Thank you to Ms. Brenda, Camille, Lorna and Ana for taking care of me.

9am-9pm. Last call is 7pm.
Visayas Avenue near McDonalds

Disclaimer: I paid for the services. I got a premium pass from a BDJ box as to which my mother is subscribed to.(fine.. I'm the one subscribed to it .... FOR HER)

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