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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few hours ago, when my mom came home. She brought us a little midnight surprise.
Since she loves to surprise and feed us kids. (Yes!!! I am still a kid). She got this.
I am really thankful for mom because she loves us to bits. She keeps on asking us if we want anything else or if she should get more food. **yeah.. that's why I am this big...**
 She is also up to date when it comes to new offerings of different fast food restaurants and got one (actually 2) of this. My brother, who was still up, just continued with his computer games.
I, on the other hand, knew that this would be a treat. There are those times that I crave for something spicy. I was also happy that a full chicken burger cost only less than 100 bucks. DIRT CHEAP I TELL YOU!!! 
 Yeah... CALORIES CALORIES! But who is counting? The chicken was well spiced up. It had the right amount of heat anyone would need. Compared to Kfc's Zinger, this one is a good competitor. Both are spicy and crunchy. I think this is infront because it is more affordable. Hope you guys get to try one too.... Thanks mom you are the best!!!!
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