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Saturday, September 14, 2013

After a long and tiresome training day, my workmates and I figured that we needed to celebrate a little and eat out. Of course it was a pay day and that we just received our bonuses so we thought of splurging a little. After traveling a few kms from McKinley Hill, we wound up in BGC High Street. 

The place was packing. There was a lot of party goers and people dining out. Parking was a hustle. We initially wanted to go to a place were we could eat and drink already. One of our choices was Agave. 
The place was packed. Since, we were all tired and hungry we went on over to a nearby restaurant nalang (As in katabi!).
Hello 2nd's.

The last time I went to 2nd's was during the BGC Eats Food Trip (click). I was able to taste their wonderful offerings. I figured maybe we could do the same and try things out. 
2nd's is a place to relax and unwind. Most of the people here are usually yuppies going out after a day of tiresome work.

For a party of around 17, it was a bit of a hustle getting seats. We had to wait things out because there were a lot of dinners (and it was already 9:30pm). After a few minutes of waiting and transferring tables and moving about, we got to seat in one long table. Thanks to our servers' the moves, we were comfortable and settled in.

Anyway on to the food. Please do pardon me as I failed to get the exact names of each dish. You see, we were in a long table and of course I was already too tired to move around. (Hypogly kung hypogly!) I wasn't able to take better pics of other dishes we got so I didn't put it here anymore.LOL. 

I initially wanted to order their bacon chicharon. I remembered how crispy and yummy it is. I missed it. Sadly, the server informed us that it was out of stock since 6pm that day. 

WOW! SERIOUSLY!? That is bacon...
 WHY!!! WHY!!! WHY!!?!?!?
 Someone ordered the lasagna. It was sort of separate pasta and sauce. Not really the usual layered dish. The red sauce was perfect for something else like spag. It lacked the creamy side. LOL!
Don't really know the name LOL! 
(Blogger ka pala ah! Tapos kinakalimutan ang name ng dish! Ano ba Jeng!!Take note naman!! Next time ah.. pakiayos lang! LOL) The meat was soft and tender.
 The onion shreds on top were crunchy and the sauce was lovely and complimented it well.
 They're take on kawali. Who could ever get this wrong? It was crunchy and yummy! A bit oily but what the heck! Go GO GO clog my arteries!
 Fish and Chips. The potato were nice although only a few pieces (ninakaw kagad eh!). 
The fish was deep fried and has a crunchy outside.

 I love the version of Fish and Co when it comes to deep fried fish but this comes a close 2nd.
These croquettas were gone in a giffy. As in 1, 2, 3 gooooo. Ayun nawala kagad! LOL! 
It was really good and delicious.

 The dip was an excellent choice for the sauce. (pati ung dip naubos din kagad!) One would think that judging from the color inside, it would taste predominantly meaty and maybe frozen. Believe me when I say, it was perfectly cooked and it didn't taste like meat. 
It tasted cheese! Mild but distinct and mushy! 
Ang sawaaaaaaap!!!!!!!!
 I also got their mac and cheese. Dubbed as the best (TOP 1) from 2013 list (click page 2), This dish is really malinamnam.
 The cheese sauce was really abundant! CHECK! There was a crunchy texture contradicting the soft and gooey inside. CHECK! Truffle. CHECK! 
I got mine with chorizo. So the taste is di nakakaumay. From experience if its too cheesy, I can't really finish the dish. But the chorizo gave it a different taste and became more complex.
 Thus, the mac and cheese was devoured.
Gooey gooey gooeey!!!!!

Aside from these, we also got their adobo lamb, other meat dishes, and risotto. The sauce from the lamb was a bit salty for me. It was too matapang for me. The risotto was one huge dish and it tasted great. Especially since there are a lot of mushrooms! Shrrrrrooooms!!! YUMMY!

 For drinks, I had their mojitos. I got to say, it was quality stuff. I loved it. No after taste and really great.
It was swabe and had that punch one looks for. 
Not too strong and just right.

The place is a little packed up. It gives off a relaxing and steady vibes. Great for after work or maybe a date night out with friends or love ones. The servers were really helpful and mababait! Cool right? The food could have a bigger serving size for the price. The taste is just awesome. I would definitely be back maybe for some drinks and a little snack. If anyone sees that bacon chicharon, please do send some over! ARGH!

Budget around 500-700Php per person.

2nd Floor Wumaco Bldg, BGC High Street,
Tel: (02)846 5293
Besides Agave and almost infront of IHOP, CPK, Mad for Garlic.

Tip: Use the stairs.. 2nd Floor lang dear... lakad lakad din pag mayb time.
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