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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I smell something fishy. LOL Not really. 
From the yesteryears of High School and College, I would always remember this one place in Eastwood where my friends and I would go to for a simple breakfast buffet at wee hours of the morning. This place started off with offering such at around 89Php to now at 169/179 Php. Quite reasonable if you ask me. Better yet, the timing is just great for people wanting and loving to eat at a unholy time like 3 in the morning.

Something Fishy is a restaurant that has ties with the Triple V Company (according to my source LOL). During the late 90's, we could remember that if one says buffet, it would either be Saisaki, Kamayan or Dad's, Thankfully, gone are those days. Now, we have more choices to pick on.

Anyway one early morning (5am), I found myself driving all the way to Eastwood from BGC with a few of my office mates for some early morning grub. We actually had a dilemma on where we could go. We needed the place to be affordable and offers a lot. It must accommodate 20+ people. Thankfully Something Fishy got all of those covered. Plus, SF's buffet is from 12MN to 10am. Not bad. More time for our stories and gossips. LOL!
You can't miss the place. It has a lot of tables outside for those wanting to smoke. It also has 2 floors indoors. 

The buffet has a lot to offer. Even though some are not for breakfast, we welcome that they offered.
Pardon my pics as I was doing it ninja style.
The main attraction for the buffet would be the ham.
 Just be careful. Asked for the carvings in the middle as the outer parts could be dry.
 Of course they offer different eggs. From omelet styled to sunny side up and scrambled wet ones.
 They also offered baked mac and pancit and spring rolls.
The baked mac isn't worth the calories. The pancit was a bit over seasoned and the spring rolls is just okay. 
I really think that it is just a fried version of their siomai. Yes do also offer that.
 Sausages and 2 kinds of sardines. One is drenched in olive oil while the other has a bit of tomato paste on top. I liked their sardines :D Yes they also offer adobo on the far end.
 Don't worry as they religiously refill their offerings and at times even have a one or two different ones.
Would you believe that they also offered some BBQ? Well yes they did. Sadly, we weren't able to get because well it was gone quickly. (May nag aabang at kumuha ng madami!LOL)
 I don't know this red sausage but ever since I tried this in SF, I really loved it. I drench in vinegar and happiness ensues after. Stay away from the sweet and sour breaded chicken. It is dry and no longer crunchy. Rather it is chewy.

On the other side, would be their sukiyaki cut beef tapa.
 Sorry for the blurryness but it was soft and okay!
 They also offered a different kind of pancit and some tokwa't without the baboy. LOL!

For dessert, I could only recommend 2. One is their champorado.
Theirs is not that sweet. The only missing part is the tuyo.
I liked mine drowning with milk.
And their french toast.
You could decorate your toasts, pancakes and waffles with different syrups, marshmallows, and other fruit toppings. 

My sad excuse for a breakfast plate :LOL!
Anyway, I could say that the resto is more on the quantity rather than the quality. They could really improve on the quality part as there are just some offerings that are really dry or bland. One thing missing for sure would be the bacon. Where is the bacon? For the price of less than 200PHP, it is definitely worth it. If you are looking for more of a higher end place that serves better food, I would recommend going to another restaurant (maybe a hotel). So, budget around 250-300 per person if you are going for the breakfast buffet and unlimited ice tea (additional 60Php). But if just for the food, 200Php is good already.

Something Fishy
Eastwood, Quezon City
Metro Manila
Breakfast Buffet 
12MN to 10am

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Written by Lovely

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  1. If it doesn't have bacon, it doesn't count in my book.

    1. Hahahaha! I think I heard one of my mates saying that... a long long long time ago, they did serve some bacon.. but only on a special occasion.. LOL :D :D :D