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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yesterday, my brother and I were really excited because mom was taking us to a place where I wanted to try out since last week. I believe it is now the talk of the town in terms of organic food and a home grown menu featuring ingredients sourced from local farms. 
 Hello Green Pastures.
How excited? Well, we were the first customers there. The mall was actually still close but we got in a few minutes before it was actually open (even before the National Anthem was played) LOL. We went on over to look for the restaurant and I guess, we caught the staff off guard because they were still preparing.

Thankfully, the kind staff led us to a nice couch by the window. This is one of two booths by the window. Suggest you get this for more privacy and a better view.
The restaurant interiors were like a backyard. Once you enter, you see greens and more greens around.
Case in point. Even the wall is green LOL!
The right side was more or less their open salad bar. You could make your own from their different organic veggies. Thankfully, I am not that healthy so I didn't try it out. Hahaha!

For drinks, we had these:
 Originally, mom wanted to try their organic melon green tea. Sadly, we were informed that it was still undergoing production. She just went for the Hibiscus Iced Tea (90Php) upon the suggestion of our server. At first, she was disappointed. Her frown turned into a smile when she tasted the hibiscus. She really enjoyed it! Our server explained how they made it. All are in house, organic and freshly made daily. They also didn't use sugar to sweeten the drink. Rather, honey was used.
My brother got the salted caramel smasher (245Php). It was made with mangoes, pineapple, banana and salted caramel. We were informed that the smoothies are made from fruits chilled in the ref. They don't add water! They get the cold fruits and blend them all up. It explained the flavor the smoothies give out. It didn't taste artificial. When I got a sip of this, I told myself that I really wanted his drink.
 So after the first sip, I managed to steal a few more from him. LOL. Payback!!!
    Since my first choice of drink was taken by my brother, I got the berry sunrise (295Php). Made from blueberry, grapes, banana, yogurt and honey. If you like berries, this drink is for you. Mom liked it so she got a few more sips that I wanted her to but okay fine! LOL! 

For starters, we had their cheeses. The combination of the two cheese (455Php) they offer was a great start. The bread slices weren't enough. There were also a little chewy but a great base for the cheese.

We had a lot of leftover cheese that was put into great use in the other dishes. LOL!
 On the left would be the ricotta. To eat, get a clove of garlic and spread it on the bread then add up the cheese. On the right would be the stracciatella. It is buffalo mild pulled fresh with evoo and arugula.
I enjoyed the buffalo more because of the string like cheese. It reminds me of pasta but made of cheese. YUMMY! SLURP!

After the cheeses, we had the pinoy egg (125Php). 
It is a 5 minuted duck egg wrapped in longanisa over fiddlehead fern salad.
 I got to say, this reminds me of a breakfast delight. The longanisa breading truly complimented the egg. The fern salad was great touch. I was just a little disappointed because the egg yolk wasn't as runny as I wanted it to be. Still, the flavor was awesome.
 We also tried out the fried mushrooms (145Php). The batter was made from katipunan ale. It had ranch dressing and cherry vinegar on the side. It was crunchy and yummy. This is the ultimate snack food.
I can picture myself having a bag of this and eating it while watching a movie.
The next appetizer I got is a heart breaker, in a sense. It would make your tummy happy but would definitely clog your arteries. The Duck You! is a great way to exploit a duck. It is basically duck fat fries with duck skin chicharon, and duck confit. Add the cherry vinegar, and everything is boom! Your stomach full, but your head would be definitely hurting. Cholesterol overload! Skip this if you want to live a few more years.
 The only thing I wanted more from this dish was to feel the crunchy texture of the chicharon.
 Kulang sa lutong.
To start our mains, we opted to try out their sliders (395Php). It is a collection of 3 of their burgers. It had a side of fries and some cumin mayo for dip. If you wanted to try everything this is great for you.
The first I tried was the vegetarian. Woops!
I am not one so it isn't for me. The texture was a bit different. It was borderline nutty and grainy. It looked like a patty but it definitely tasted bland. 
(For health buffs and not for meat loving people!!! You have been warned.)
 The 80/20 burger was a little different. Almost a burger but not there yet.
My brother and I agreed that the blue ribbon burger was the best among the 3. Here you could definitely taste wagyu burger. It was juicy and soft. I didn't like the bread used for the burgers as it was crumbled easily when I cut it up. Parang kulang sa pagkakadikit. LOL!

 We also got their tequila joe's organic beef sloppy cow (495Php). It is basically their version of a salpicao. The flavor was all right but the beef was tough. I didn't enjoy chewing on it. Suggest you skip this. For the price, it isn't worth it.
We tried their crab meat and sea urchin pasta (385/525Php). This is a winner. Once the dish was placed on our table, you could smell the citrus flavor coming from the lemon. What's great about this was that, it didn't overpower the flavor of the sea urchin and the crab meat. It complimented the dish well that everything worked!
 How it worked? Like this!
 Empty plate!

Even if we were borderline full, we still went for an ending.

For dessert, we wanted to try out their salted caramel  ice cream. Sadly, it wasn't available. We just chose their ricotta cheesecake (195Php). 
It was accompanied with lemon curd.
The cheesecake wasn't heavy and just right. It was smooth and a great way to end a meal.

As with all restaurants, there were hits and misses. 
Most of the flavors from the dishes were spot on. The servers were diligent and courteous. They explained and even offered their knowledge on the dishes which I really welcomed. Now for the not so good part.
 Even if we were the first customers of the day, the food and the drinks delivery system wasn't coordinated well. My mom got her iced tea after 3 appetizers (cheese, egg, mushrooms) were served. After 2 mains, my brother got his smoothy. The berry sunrise was delivered, 3rd to the last on the list (Just before the pasta and the dessert). It was a good thing we were served water. The price of the food isn't that competitive. I believe that it is a bit expensive but with great reason. I guess the flavors justify it. Healthy living is also a good driving force to it. I hope they work on their kinks and misses to deliver a better experience to their clients. Would I go back? Definitely! Just not on peak hours. I heard, there was a waiting line. LOL!

Green Pastures
4th Floor East Wing 
Shangrila Mall

Menu: (I believe they change this every few months )

Disclaimer: We paid for our meals. The opinion stated here were all mine.
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