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Monday, September 23, 2013

Recently, I have been eating more and more sandwiches because my work schedule and the traffic doesn't permit me to eat a decent home cooked meal in the morning. My usual breakfast for the past 2 weeks usually consists of a ham sandwich and a tea latte from Starbucks' drive-thru.

Thankfully a few days ago, I stumbled on a bagel place near my work (thank you instagram) that would allow me to have a bigger variety of on the go breakfast staples to choose from. 
 Hello bagels, bagels and more bagels.
This deli-bakery came from the same guys behind Nolita and Borough. I believe it only opened a few weeks ago. 

The place isn't really that big. It consists of a few tables outside for alfresco dining and a 2nd floor for in resto.
 They offered different kind of bagels and spreads. The bagels are freshly made daily and is different from the kind you get in the local market.
 From experience, the ones I got to try locally are hard as a rock and tastes like normal bread. So, I have been staying away from them. Thankfully, these are different.
I wanted to get their LES addiction (400Php) but they didn't have a complete set of ingredients available. Anyway, I ordered their open face bagel tuna sandwich (240Php) instead.
 They heat them up in a "toaster" and I got mine on the go.
 I had it on a garlic bagel. It made my breath smelled like that for hours. LOL! But the tuna spread wasn't overpowered and the cheese made everything right. The toppings were generous and fresh. I guess they should be because the price is a little high compared to other sandwiches on the market. 
 See all the garlic? Rawr!
Believe it or not, I ate half while walking back to the office. LOL! Talk about hungry! It didn't taste old and I could say that the bread has a crunch outside and is chewy inside. I was actually a bit full from it.

I also got to try their bialy (120Php). A bialy is like the sister of the bagel. Unlike the bagel, it is only baked and has a depression in the middle rather than a hole. 
It was chewy and the texture is just right.
We tried out the sundried tomato and basil spread. It gave me goosebumps. LOL! My friend S liked it so much that she kept on saying "I got to stop eating this. Sayang ang plana forma ko!". LOL!

For dessert, I got to try their homemade oreo (40Php).
  It was really creamy and light. I liked licking the cream off!

 This deli-bakery is a great place to get an on-the-go kind of sandwich or bagel for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Although pricey, it makes up for it in quality and taste. Thankfully, it is near my work place because I can easily grab one. Definitely going back this week to try out the addiction.

L.E.S. Bagels (Lower East Side)
Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road
From C5 southbound, turn right at the Korean Embassy - just after Petron.
After 200 meters or so, the store is on the right side just after Banapple
Parking is limited.
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