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Friday, October 18, 2013

One lazy night, my friends and I looked for a cozy place to relax and eat up. Since we were in the McKinley Area, we didn't have much options because it was already past midnight.
I wasn't really craving for anything but K wanted to have some pasta. So we ended up here.
The place is brightly lit up and is just like any friend's place. We had the whole resto to ourselves.

With a name like this, one would think that pasta would be the bread and butter of this restaurant but I guess its different here. It was more of a place to get a drink and relax. My kind of place :D
Fo starters, we tried their cheese dynamite. It was huge and hot. I thought that it wouldn't be spicy that I got a huge bite. GRABE! WRONG WRONG WRONG! It was really hot!! Really deadly hot!!!
We also got their calamares. It was actually great. No kidding! Promise! I don't know if it was me or the hunger but it tasted awesome. The frying was not over done. Not too oily.  I could really taste the flavor. Yummy!
A got their lasagna. Nothing special. Just ok. It felt like it came from a box but good enough.
I tried the chicken pasta. The first thing that I noticed was the serving size. It was huge. The chicken wasn't greasy so I enjoyed it.
The pasta itself was just okay. Red sauce with some herbs.
Even if K wanted pasta, she went with sisig. Yes she did. For the price, we were actually surprised because it was a lot! This made our night.
The sisig wasn't that crunchy but it had everything a guy would want. K and A aren't guys but guess what they did. "EXTRA RICE PLEASE!". Hahahahaha! That is how yummy their sisig was.

Anyway, the place is open till late up so a lot of guys that loves to just relax and chill can be seen hanging around. Budget around 300 per person if you are planning to drink. LOL!

JD House of Lasagna
McKinley Hill
Near JT and 7/11
10am to 2AM.

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  1. Bakit parang isa lang ang lasagna nila?

    1. Hi michy!!!! How are you?Oo nga eh .... Hahahaha! I think they closed ... Or is under renovation .... Hahahaha baka papalitan .... Hmmmm

    2. I'm good. :) Kelan na food trip natin? hahaha!

    3. OO nga po eh... super hectic lang ng sched ko waaaaaa.... uhm uhm uhm ..... hahahaha I will message you po in fb kapag medyo free ang sched po... pinapagod na ako ng bongang bonga sa work po eh hehehehehe

  2. Replies
    1. Ganoon lang talaga dear.... :D :D :D Kaya natin yan :D :D :D