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Monday, April 7, 2014

Food oh glorious food where have you been all my life...  wait.. don't answer that. This is just me day dreaming about that faithful Wednesday where my tummy was happy and my body could no longer move. Damn food coma.

 Lunch time, I found myself swarmed by all the food a person could possibly eat in a life time. Well maybe for a couple of months. Okay I'm lying.... I will admit it, I can finish all of em in a week or two day or two. LOL!
Ham Right! Start everything with these!
Recently, Viking's opened up their newest luxury buffet restaurant in SM Megamall's Megafashion Hall. This latest addition to their food empire has become more of an upgrade to the way Viking's serve their faithful followers. I believe they listened to the suggestions of their customers and did what anyone would do to stay in the game. Aim High and Raise the Bar!

 Their newest branch has a capacity of 500 pax and has cordoned off areas for private functions. Unlike their Sm Marikina Branch (click), this buffet area has basically spread out the arrangement in a way that they properly serve dishes and keep everyone happy! And yes they maximized the area too. I love the whole chic feel to the restaurant interior. The layout is basically a " ]=[ ". Think of it as the way the dishes were presented and served.
Breads galore!
 Enough with all the senseless words.. lets just make the pictures do all the talking.

An assorment of cheese!
 Their area for salad and appetizers could already well be a small buffet for other restaurants.
 You get to create your own salad. Yup they have pre-made ones too.

 For those who like pica-pica...

 and now they have tapas?!!!

 Now, if you are like me, you are definitely a Japanese food lover.. Right? Right! Say yes!!!!! Because, you won't be disappointed with what they offer.
 They got a number of rolls, sashimis and temakis.
 and they have all the tempuras you could ever want!
Yeah.. they got some tonkatsu too and other deep fried tempuras.
 When you see fresh fish and you can't smell a thing, you know you are getting the good stuff.
One thing I like about Vikings is that you could ask them to cook fresh meat for you!
 They have this whole ice table for you to pick your poison. From Salmon to marinated Beef.
and yes they got some oysters too!
Cheesy goodness!!!
 I love it how, they just keep on refilling and refilling the dishes. 
TIP: If you see something you like and its already gone, you could ask the server to get some and bring it to your table.. so remember: take note of your table number!

 Speaking of table numbers, you would also need them if you would like to:
Make your own mongolian bbq!
 and get some shabu shabu too!

 Now for the kiddos and kids at heart (and tummy = that's me!!!) , they got the make your own pasta and pizza station! That's Amore!!
 You could ask the chef to make you a pizza or pasta and you get to pick the ingredients!
 In case you are like me and is soooo lazy, they also got made ones for you to get!!!
Soooo fluffy, I could die!
Of course, you can't go to a buffet without getting from their big guns. 
and that my friend, is their Carving Station. 
  It just gets better and bigger every time. To think this is just their weekday lunch buffet! Damn!
Or something with feathers?
Yeah, I know.. I am more of a lamb and beef eater myself.
Beef Brisket and lamb
What would meat be without their sauces?
These are their companions for life.
 \Yes, they also have a Chinese area, where they have dimsums, and other hot dishes for you to partake.

 Now, one can't live on meat alone... Definitely you would need to drink. When I went on over to get a drink, I saw this.
Double vision.. waaaaaaaaaaa
 Yes boys and girls, I got WOOOOZY!!!!!
 The selections for the drinks was just wowed me!!! SERIOUSLY! I didn't remember their other branches having this many!!!
 Okay, it actually looked like this.
 You get to pick from different juices or ask them for a shake or some sodas or some coffee or some tea or some draft beer or some milo slushy.... Yes a slushy... 

 Moving on, they also have an impressive line up for dessert. The sheer number of choices just overwhelms me!
 These plus cakes!
and yeah... lets make a crepe!
 Of course the mandatory chocolate fountain.. and some ice cream and yogurt on the side is always there!
 and for those health buffs.. this is for you!
Fresh fruits.
  Now, I must show you my plates. It is just mandatory. LOL! So that my mom could be proud you can see how tame I went. LOL! 
(syempre nahiya ako sa mga kasama ko... baka isipin nilang ... dot dot dot ako.. LOL!)
I must say, the salmon was fresh. =)
 The lamb was a bit dry. I would suggest they do what other Viking's Branches do. Cook it mid way and have the final touches done once the patron ask for it with his preference. The beef brisket on the other hand was soft and perfectly cooked in my opinion.
 For appetizers (yeah... this is my 3rd dish and its the appetizer), I liked the bellini and its toppings of "caviar", capers, egg whites and chopped onions. I always get this every time I eat in Vikings.
 For dessert, I went traditional with cakes and puffs. The mango sago is just love.

 And you know what? Ending the meal with coffee is just EPIC!
 I was really happy to see that they now have a machine that could give give you more choices for your coffee.
 I am so sorry epic fail in making coffee art. LOL!

The service was just phenomenal. The staff were always engaging and courteous. They would always give a smile and greet and even ask you what's your preference for certain dishes and they'll try to make it happen. And they give you their suggestions on which dishes to get! I love how pleasant they are with the diners.

Ever since the 1st branch of Vikings opened its door along the bay area of Sm Mall of Asia, My family and I had been fans of this luxury buffet restaurant. The quantity and the quality of its offering could dwarf some of the buffet  other restaurants and hotels would offer and yes the price tag also doesn't hurt.
Heck Vikings is one hella of a competitive player. I am thankful that they are able to maintain and give it their all to become better with making tummies happy and people sleepy.LOL! 

I am grateful for Sir Richie's (Pickiest Eater ) invite and also for Raquel of Vikings for having us. 

  On a personal note, I am so happy to share a meal with fellow bloggers. LOL! It has been awhile since I saw them at work.

From Rina (Rina's Rainbow) to Abet (The Food Alphabet) to Richard and his wife (Tales From The Tummy) to Eugene (Hefty Foodie) and Grace of (A View From The Leftie).

and yes I can't say it enough but BABY RAIN IS SOOOOO CUTE! and kulit! 
ANG CUTE NI BABY RAIN!!!!!!!Like sir richie and ma'am rina! .. sige na sabihin mo na .. cute naman din ako diba? Please!! LOL!

4th Floor Megafashion Hall
Building D.Sm Megamall
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

P.S. Their weekday lunch buffet rate is simply the bomb! I can not emphasize it enough for you to eat and dine with them during this time! SULIT!!!!! and please take note of their promos! Like the Birthday Freebie.. So go on over their facebook to check em out!

P.S. #2 I hope you get to make reservations like 1-2 weeks in advance so that you get in early and have 1st blood with their buffet! LOL!

Disclaimer: Was invited to this event; Opinions stated in this post are based on my experience.
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  1. Hi Jeng! Haha you're certainly better in creating coffee art than me so plus points for you. :P The choices in Vikings are overwhelming indeed! Do you have any strategy in conquering food in buffet restaurants that you can share? (Like start from the salads, then this and that...etc.) I'm always lugi when it comes to eat-all-you-can sit-down restos because I get full very easily. :)) Thanks for commenting at my site, btw.

    1. Hi Roch!!!!!! I really like your site. It has a fresh vibe to it and I plan to visiting it from time to time :D awwwww.. and I suck at art! Hahahahaha!!! so negative points for me.

      But you asked the right guy in terms of buffet conquering strategies!!! I believe I have been a buffet veteran ever since... (hence my body!!! Waaaa! )

      With your frame and active lifestyle, I bet you are one lucky girl that gets to eat whatever you want!!! ENVY!!!.

      So, I would suggest, on a buffet, always start with surveying the options at hand. Get the part on with the best part 1st! So go for the mains and when I mean mains they are the ones that you don't usually eat and are expensive that could make the buffet price worth it. Like Foie Gras~if they have it and steak and lamb and the carving station. and you work your way back. Avoid the carbs as they easily fill up the tummy. So if you're into Japanese go for the sashimi rather than the rolls and eat up all the expensive stuff you could get like shrimps. As you finish them, go for a break and try to have the light stuff like the appetizers and cheeseeee (oh glorious cheese!!!).. if your stomach can still handle it go and try the rest of the interesting stuff that you could get from the spread and get the stuff that you liked. Of course to end the meal, always have room for dessert just so you get that extra energy to walk away from the buffet because of the food coma. Don't forget to have coffee or tea after just so you won't feel that bloated. LOL!

      I guess that's my strategy when it comes to eating at a buffet like VIKINGS especially when they have a looooot of choices.

      Thanks also for passing by!! Can't wait for your OM: stronghold post... :D :D :D

    2. These tips are really helpful! I'll remember them for sure and try to apply them in my next buffet experience. :) Haha thanks!