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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A few Sundays back, I was able to experience something that would stay in my mind for a long time. I visited Teppanya in SM NORTH TOWERS with a few friends and enjoyed their teppanyaki performance. Since they are celebrating their 5th year anniversary, you could have ala carte buffet style food. They would cook most of it infront of you but you also have access to other cooked dishes and of course sashimi, sushi, and rolls.
Teppanya is a Japanese food lovers' paradise. Here food are made to order. Meaning, it's not on a buffet line that sits out for everyone. You order and they make it for you. They actually offer a lot. You could go full sushi or even rice meals like katsudon. Yes, they also have tempura in the mix. There are some premium items though that will require you to add a little bit in terms of the bill but I believe it is so worth it. The scallops and the oysters are to die for.
When you visit, I suggest trying out the teppanyaki right off the bat. Order the meat, seafood, and if you're into veggies, they also offer them. It takes awhile for them to prepare the materials. 
These would be cooked infront of you. They would let them rest for a few minutes before serving the meat. Some could be a bit tough but flavorful. If you like it soft, ask to have it cooked medium. 
This one though is a must. It's like mushroom wrapped in bacon. This is really delicious.
Don't forget to order some fried rice. You could choose between seafood and meat. Both are really good. But don't over do the rice. The goal is to try as much as you can so take it easy on the carbs. Yet, they also offer rolls that you must try. They have a number of signature rolls like this one.
Grilling is also available. They have salmon head and even some of these gindara.
Kids and kids at heart would enjoy these skewers.
With this unlimited menu, you won't go wrong with anything. They offer the promo during lunch and dinner hours up until November. Believe it or not, I went back after a week. I really enjoyed Teppanya and will definitely return.

TEPPANYA has multiple branches around the metro.
Their newest one would be in SM NORTH EDSA.
G/F North Towers.

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. Was invited and also went on my own.
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