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Friday, May 23, 2014

"What in the world is that?" I could remember uttering these words when my mom brought some kimchi home because some of her Korean friends made some for them. That was a few (a lot) years back and isn't it cool that I will be able to get my hand in it and try making one.

As part of the Korean Tour, our group was supposed to visit the sets of some of the Koreanobela but unfortunately they were under renovations. Instead, our tour guide Kris, changed it up with MAKING KIMCHI!!! .. Of course, I was game and so was everyone else and we totally grab the opportunity.

Kris, our tour guide, was exceptionally funny and warm. She made our trip awesome. This is the part where she introduces herself as one of the Kimchi masters. LOL! Sooo Kwela!!! To think she has been doing this job for more than 20 years!!! WOAH!

She explained the different ingredients and the stuff used to make the red paste. Which in turn, would be placed on the leafy vegetables.
Each one of us where given "the raw" ingredients and were asked to mixed it up.
 You have to put the paste on each part of the leaves and also you got to wrap it all together.
 Of course, they would sell the stuff we made.. JOKE!!! They make different kinds of kimchi. From radish to something else and they sell it. The ones we made were donated to the less fortunate.
 Another awesome plus is that we were able to wear costumes. I mean, if we had Barongs here in the Philippines, they had Hanbok.
 It was a chance for us to dress up and look uhm cool...
 and yes look like a royal family too!!!
 and that's how you pose!!! LOL!!!

Please don't ask me where.. hehehe its somewhere in Korea :D :D :D  

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  1. I admit that I'm not a huge fan of kimchi, pero ang kyut kyut nyong mag-iina, swear! hahaha! :)

    1. of courseeeee kyut ako eh bwhahahahaha kidding asideeeee the kimchi in korea is reallyyyy differenet in terms of taste from the usual ones we get here.. maybe its because of the spices they used or what not.. LOL!!!!!

  2. I love kimchi! <3 Thank you so much for my pasalubongS (yezzz plural). I've been having my daily dose of kimchi with just about anything & I'm soooo happy!! Thank you baby bear! And congratulations on your blog revamp it's so very clean & professional looking na now. You have nowhere to go but up, especially with your 2 "R" backers pa who are also my favorites! ;) Go go go!!!

    1. Nyay... hahahahaha mama bear naman !!!!Hahaahahahahahahaha !!!! no problemo po :D :D :D Just keep on enjoying them po! hehehe... The new layout is awesome talaga... Thanks to Pat's doing!!.. galing nga eh bwhahahaha :D :D :D ... Nako mama bear... I am just happy being able to enjoy food with you guys... syempre.. iba na level niyo po!! bwhahaha and those guys are like super food idols hahahaha :D awesome!!!