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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I didn't know if I was lucky or not, heck, but to get together with these two really made my Sunday. 
Richie of The Pickiest Eater and Cebu's Babe for Food, Justinne. 

One Saturday, I received a text. It was from one of my awesome food blogger idol. It was an invite to try out Silk Road. Of course, I wouldn't say no!!!! Located in the BGC near St Luke's Hospital, Silk Road is inviting and it even has a 2nd level private area where one could hold power meetings or have a birthday party.

Once I entered the place, I could remember how I was transported back to
my trip to Bangkok (Click Here)
Anyway, enough of the memories... I wanted to make new ones. So my mouth was drooling as everything looks oh so delicious as I wanted to dig in STAT!! Mr. Pickiest Eater himself did the ordering for us so I know everything he picked passed his high standards!!Hehehe Peace!

The Crispy Catfish with mango salad (340Php) was crunchy and amazing.
The texture was close to Chicharon crunch. It wouldn't hurt to note that there were no extenders like flour placed in. Hence, the crunch. Chef Cecile, who just came from Boracay the day before, loved to explain each dish as she joined us during lunch. Her bubbly and fun attitude definitely shows in the way she let her dinners experience her cuisine.
Her Thai Ravioli (330Php) is freshly made steamed rice paper, sesame beef, shitake mushroom.
Once you take a bite, the flavor and the texture definitely explodes in your mouth. The beef is so soft and everything works awesome!!
Amazingly, her Pad Thai (340Php) is engulf in an egg-net like contraption! You don't see this everyday in Bangkok!!!
The flavor is strong and you get to play with them because there are added condiments specially for this noodle dish. It wasn't bland unlike other restaurants.
If you are up for fish, the Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Puree (75Php/ 100gms) is your choice!!!
As rice lovers, we had the Silk Road Signature Rice (330php). It worked perfectly well with all the dishes. Duh! It's rice!!!
Speaking of rice, one must have them when trying out their curries.
We chose the Madame Green Chicken Curry (325Php). The staff informed us that this might be a little bit hot. Even asking it to be mild, the curry just might be a little too much.
Challenge accepted!!~ ala Barney...  LOL!
1st off, let me just say that the chicken were exceptionally cooked well. Soft and tender. The curry was spot on and yes it was epicly hot!!! So hot that it had me omgggggggggggging! hahahahaha.
For the main main main awesome course, we had the Siamese Pork Ribs (310Php).
The meat was fall off the bones. When I tried to pick up a piece, I saw how easily the meat fell off. Case and point! Damn!!!! It was a little sweet but definitely awesomeeeeeer!!! Dad would love this.

One dish that I always had during my BKK trip was the Sticky Rice with Mangoes (220Php)!!!
WOW!! Superr duper ... just one bite and I knew she had hit the spot. It tasted almost if not the same with the one I would get every meal. ANG SARAP!!!! I could eat one all for myself. Kaso nandian si Richie at si Justinne at si Chef  baka ma ban ako sa resto... LOL! (Translation: I had Richie, Justinne and Chef with me so behave mode...LOL!)

Honestly speaking and I kid you not, if you are into Thai food please please please I beg you to visit Silk Road. The food, the service and the personality behind it definitely shows. Chef Cecile is one awesome gal! Cheers for her accomplishments and all her future endeavors. 

The price is really competitive and the quality and taste will make you happy!!! Budget around 400-500Php.
Definitely worth it!!!
Justinne and Chef Cecile.... 
Don't worry, this isn't the last time I would see Justinne... 
Just wait for my Cebu Adventures!!! LOL!!!

P.S. How did you like my new layout? Comments suggestions reactions...???

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Silk Road
4th Ave. corner 31st street.
Fort Bonifacio, Global City., Taguig
Disclaimer: Was invited to try out the restaurant by Richie. I wrote this post based on my experience and opinions. Seriously though, I would kick you if you don't try this resto!!!
Map is not mine. got it at mama bear's website (click)

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  1. Great post and love the new layout, Jeng! Thanks for featuring me here, too! Your photos are awesome! Looking forward to your Little Saigon Big BANGKOK post and more! ;)

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Hey !!! Justinneeeeee!!!! Girlll!!!!! I miss youuuu!!!! Thank you so much.... I couldn't have done it without the awesomeness of Pat :D ... OMG I am so back logged.. I haven't touched my South Korea trip and now I have my Cebu Trip Back logged ... LOL!! Anyway... Thank you so much for the awesomeness we had in cebu!! :D :D :D Just you wait.. I think I got a few candid photos of you! LOL! hahahaha PEACE!!!

  2. Nice everything! I suddenly missed eating there at Silk Road. :( :( Yup, very nice layout! I see great improvement on the design of your blog. :D

    1. Hey Roch!!!!! How are youuuuu??? Long timeee!!!!
      Thanks thanks!!! Couldn't have done it without the mad skills of Pat of Fancy Girl Design...... Yeah.. I soooo love Silk Road..You better pass by one of these days. I just couldn't forget eating the Sticky rice.. I so love it :D :D :D