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Monday, June 9, 2014

 Woot Woot!!! During my South Korean Trip a month or so ago, my family and I had free time walking around Myeondong. In case you don't know, this street turns into a bazaar during weekends and also there are a lot of mid to high end stores around. Of know why I went there? Its because there are a lot of street food! Yes street food in Korea!!!
 Stores left and right lined up the street.
 Here come are some pics of the food stalls around!
 Dried squid snack.
and bbqs
more seafood snacks
 deep fried rolls
 I was scared of the red sauce as it might too spicy so I skipped trying it out.
 When we went, we were somewhat lucky as they still had strawberries.
 They were huge and you could have some with syrup
 The sweet flavor was a hit or miss as it was going out of season. Anyway, we were still happy about the size!
 I tried some with chocolate
 and the syrup quickly hardened.
 it was amazing!!!YUMMY!!!

 Another stall that I really liked was the one that had egg tarts.
 For me, this one is a steal!
 Juicy and epicly yummy!!!
 It was perfectly cooked!
 I was in heaven!
 ow yeah, just a note though, some stalls don't want tourist taking pictures...
 like this one.
 Auntie shouted at some tourist including me.
 On the other hand, others are really homey and would allow you to take pictures. 
Like this one manning the tornado potato
 Even if its cold, we still love having some vanilla ice cream in these J cones.
 The cone was crunchy and the cream wasn't that sweet
 To finish things up, we had some freshly squeezed juice with some carbonated drinks.
 On that same day, we also had some time watching an awesome musical.
It was Bibap!
 If you are going to Seoul, I would suggest you make time for this. 
 It was pretty simple and doesn't have that much of a script. Only noises, movements and a few words were blurted out.
 Needless to say, we understood everything. 
The show was interactive to the point it involved the audience and had fun of everyone.
 Bibap is incredible! and this is an understatement!!!
I won't be telling you any of the things so that you would really enjoy it let me just tell you one thing... there were a lot of screaming girls!!!! Yup that awesome!
 I wouldn't mind them bringing the show here in Manila. I would definitely watch it!!!
 It was tiring but I had fun every single second. Sulit I tell you!!!

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Disclaimer: Paid for the tour and wrote this based on my experience.

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