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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey Piggie piggie piggie!!!!! When I arrived home one lazy weekend, I saw 1/2 lechon.
When I removed the cover the first thing that entered my senses was the smell. It smelled of truffle!! Darn good truffle!!!! Epicly awesome smell. 
It was my tita that brought the pig home. 
The skin was seriously crunchy! The meat was soft and tender and juicy!
Grabe ang sarap talaga!!
 One thing I noticed was that the pig was stuffed with rice. It wasn't ordinary!!! It had some mushrooms in it and the truffle taste was really there. Incredible!!!!
 Well you know what, since we really couldn't get everything in our tummy that night, we had left overs. The next day, I would happily report, that after toasting the skin and the meat and rice placed in the microwave, it was still masarap!!! I loved every bite of it. 

Now if only they sell the rice in the pig. Hay!!!!

Of course remember, always eat stuff like this in moderation.

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 Pepita's Lechon

According to my tita, its best to have an order 1 week before. When it comes to the festive season like Christmas, try to get orders in like more than a month or so.

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked to write a post on this. The pig is courtesy of my tita who bought it for her birthday! SARAP po Tita! Salamat!
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  1. Oh my god. I still have to try Pepita's Lechon. It looks soooo delicious! ;)

  2. Nakaka guilty kainin!!! pero ang sarraaappp talagasya sa tingin pa lang... how much more in real life!!!

    1. HI Doonnaaaaa it is super duper deadly sa sarap.... imagine crunchy skin... and tender moist meat plus.... the trufflleee OMG