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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Glorious food!!! Buffet Buffet Buffet!!!
A few weeks ago, my friend and I were staying at Radisson Blu Cebu Hotel. It was the hotel we picked out for our Cebu Escapade. (Click Here for my experience). Of course, my friend and I just had to visit this place for both breakfast and lunch! DUH!!!! It also helped that the breakfast buffet was inclusive of the room rates plus the lunch rate was priced at 50% off. Sulit!!!
Located just beside the front desk, Feria offers breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.
They have a long line and a lot of dishes to offer. 
Salad and cheese.
 Bread also.
 They have a lot of hot dishes around.
 From Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Food to a grill station and a lot more.
 They have a lot of birds around too. From pecking ducks to chicken and other meats.
 You can ask them to make a pasta, pizza and even soup noodles.
They also have a Chinese Chef making fresh ones for you!
 So of course, I had to just post my dishes for you. Just to make you drool!!!!
 I love that they cut fresh sashimi up just for you.
Grabe sa sarap!
 As I said, they also had pasta and pizza which they freshly made.
 They also have a lot of dessert to choose from ... and even crepes and ice cream.
  They offered hot dishes and I was impressed that the kitchen staff were interactive. They really know how to please the diners. The food they serve has awesome quality. Although might be quite normal for some, they indeed covered their basis!! The price is a steal as you also get coffee or tea from it. Sadly though for those tempura lovers, they don't serve those but seriously!!! Super duper affordable!!!

 Now on to the breakfast!!!
 When we entered, we saw the usual bread, cereals, yogurt and assortments of juices around.
 They also got a lot of breakfast delight like bacon, hash brown, corned beef, and many more!!!
I especially liked their fried squid and fish... Crunchy stuff!!
 and yes, I got a lot of plates to show off:
As I mentioned, they got a lot to offer. From an assortment of sausages to bacon, tocino and a lot more.
 I also had the egg station make me a cheesy omelet!
 My friend though, went all ahead for the baked beans and everything!!!
 I tried to be a little healthy so I made my own salad.
 For dessert, I had a few dried mangoes, nuts and sweet pastries because you know I just had to chill from all the food I kept on stuffing in me.
Of course, I had coffee to end the meal. 

The staff was pretty attentive. They kept on going around refilling water, coffee and tea. They also cleared our tables promptly. It was pretty awesome to have breakfast in Radisson Blu every single day of our stay in Cebu.

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Ground Floor
Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu
Serging OsmeƱa cor Juan Luna Ave, Cebu City
Disclaimer: Paid for everything. Wrote this post based on my experience.

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  1. I love Cebu because they have really affordable buffets! :)

    1. I LOVE Cebu because compared to Manila... everything is darn affordable!!!!!!