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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I had enough! I knew TimHoWan Manila was opening and I was supposed to go on opening day but I stopped myself to wait for a week or two to try it out.

So on a boring weekday lunch, mom, Earl and I went on over to Megamall and lined up at 10:05am. When we arrived, we were already 3rd in line. The first one was an old guy. The second one was a staff that seemingly lined up for his bosses and then us.
Read this and weep! So better get there and follow the rules. 
In case you don't know, the place opens at 12noon. So hello long lines and long wait!
At 11am, the line was really long already.
A few minutes before 12, a man came out and gave us order sheets. He also announced that the buns were limited to one order per person. Meaning it was 1x3pieces only.
When we were seated, we gave our sheet to the staff. She repeated the order and went to work.
What you see is what you get.
The sauces were straight forward. Yup no calamnsi for you!
She printed a long sheet and placed this on the table. I believe its where they counter check the orders.
Not even 4 minutes out, we were served the famous Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (145Php for 3 pieces)
As I said, they limit the orders of these buns to only 1 per person.
I was a bit disappointed with these. Yes, they were flaky and the breading collapses when touched.

Why was I disappointed? They were already cold. Yes, room temperature cold. Also, the pork filling was also a tad too sweet than normal. I wished they would limit the sugar in it. It was a little too sweet!

Next up was the Rice with Beef & Fried Egg (180Php)
The beef was actually normal and was cooked all right. Not anything special.
The next rice dish actually impressed me. The glutinous rice with lotus leaf (190Php)
When I opened the wrapper, the smoke and the smell just rushed out. It was amazing.
The sticky rice went well with the meat inside it. Plus the aroma just made everything great!

Served next were the dumplings. 
Prawn Dumplings (160Php) were cooked perfectly. Thin wrappers and the stuffing were really shirmpylicious!

We also had the Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork and Shrimp (120Php) It was all right.
One of my favorites that lunch was the Spring Roll with Egg White (120Php)
The filling was fluffy and I really can't stop getting a bite!
The Steam Egg Cake (85Php) was pretty normal
I wasn't also impressed with the Pan Fried Carrot Cake (145Php).
I think I liked the ones in Singapore Hawker Places more.
Although, you got to give them props as it was made with quality ingredients.
The wasabi salad prawn dumpling (140Php) was pretty normal too.
I did like the Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (150Php)
Pretty good. 
I also ordered 3 Vermicelli Roll. 
The texture were pretty much the same with all 3. The wrapper were soft to the point it be easily cut.
For liver lovers, they could get the Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver (150Php)
I wasn't really into the liver thingy so I tried their Vermicelli Roll with BBQ Pork (160Php)
Mom wanted to get the Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (190Php)
My mom had a taste of this dish when she was in San Francisco.
She couldn't help but compare and said that the dish leaves her wanting.
It was pretty bland for her. 

For dessert, we had tried all that they offered.
The Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake (90Php) was something to drool at.
The gelo cake was amazing and not to sweat. It was really something different and you don't see this too often with Chinese Restaurants in the metro. 
Unlike the cake, the Mango Pomelo Soup (90Php) was normal.
I wasn't even able to taste the pomelo. I scoop and I stopped.

When we left at around 1 pm, the long lines were still there at Tim Ho Wan.
Of course, I had to have some Food In The Bag!!! LoL!
Here are my takes and thoughts.

The service was quick and fast. Although, it seemed to me like they were rushing everything. They drop the dish on the table and run away.

For take out, you needed to dine in first. They don't have a take out counter as you can't directly order from. Also, one thing I didn't like was that, when we ordered take out, the servers gave us the food and plastic containers for them. We were the ones that had to do the packing ourselves. I guess they try to pass everything and import even that kind of "disservice" from HK. Yep.. You read that right, I packed the whole take out stuff even if we paid for the service charge. Talk about paying for service which you do yourself. Incredible. To think we ordered a lot..and I mean a lot.

The price tag which from the outside looks affordable with no dish more than 200Php seems a great marketing strategy and a deal to those who wanted to try this out. With the quantity and price ratio, a person should budget around 400-500 Php for a decent meal. Quality wise, it may be a hit or miss with some of the dishes as some of the Chinese Chef on loan were no longer there and only a 2-3 were left.  
Honestly, if you ask me, will I go back? Sure I will. The buns (hot ones of course) and the lotus rice is worth it. BUT! I won't be getting take out and I will definitely not wait for 2 hours again. 

Tip: Be there during dead hours like 4pm on a weekday. Go there with only a companion as they easily prioritize small groups dinners. Also, ask that the buns you get be freshly made and not those waiting on the counter. Yeah... they tend to stock up. It would be acceptable but they need to serve them hot and not room temp cold! Sayang eh.

They are also planning to open a branch in Makati and one in Mall of Asia.

Food In The Bag is now on Facebook. Like it HERE for updates.

Tim Ho Wan
Sm Megamall, Mandaluyong

Disclaimer: Paid for our meal. I wasn't asked to write about my experience.
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  1. Good news yan if they're branching out. at least no long queues na. I mean not too long a wait because mahahati na ang madlang pips who're curious to try this resto...

    1. Hi Donna .... yeps ... thats the plan.... kina like what yabu did when they started out ^_^

  2. I dont have the patience to line up for food. When the line is long i know i wont be getting quality service or food, i prefer to dine stress-free..