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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On our way to a conference in Sofitel, my coworkers and I stopped by this little restaurant to get our Chicken Fix. With office worker salary, this particular joint would make definitely make anyone smile. Even students on their budgets would love how the quality and the quantity goes hand in hand. Its a steal to eat here that it gets pretty full when it comes to peak hours.

They have some tables outside but with the heat, a/c and indoor is the way to go. 
Thank God, we were ahead with the lunch rush, as soon as we ordered the place was packed.
After ordering, you get to watch time pass you by for your order to be called out.
Pick it up here. It may take awhile for them to get to yours but you could be sure that they fry it fresh.
 While waiting, you can make a bee line to the gravy dispenser. For all those in love with gravies, yes this is unlimited. Although it is not as flavorful or vivid as what some restaurants serve, it does its job.
 Mild and thick. Excellent to soak your rice with.
 Anyway, you get to order from value meals. Which you could upgrade your drinks and have them with rice.
 One thing to note though, better to order/bring a lot of rice as one cup ain't enough. If only they have an unlimited rice service.

I had the original.  The ORIGINAL (SALT&PEPPER) Large Fried Chicken Meal (145Php). It had rice and drinks already. The chicken fillet was really huge. As big as my face! The flavor was excellent. Properly cooked. Not rubbery and it is definitely moist. One thing I didn't like about the chicken fillet is that one part of it are bones. Would love to get those out of the way for me to stuff my face with it.
  One thing I didn't like about the chicken fillet is that one part of it are bones. Would love to get those out of the way for me to stuff my face with it. You could actually have them spice up your meal and add a little heat.
 Two of my friends got the BBQ Large Chicken Meal (160Php). They had theirs spiced up. Definitely a plus and an awesome choice. The Flavor was spot on. BBQ and the heat level added the urge for you to get another cup or two of extra rice.
 My other friend had a CRISPY LARGE CHICKEN MEAL (145Php).
 This one has a different feel as its breading is different from the other two orders which had a more crumb like feel.
 Yes boys and girls, I believe Hot Star is here to stay. Budget friendly and super duper easy to eat.
Budget around 200Php per person! How I wish, they open up shop up north.!
 They got an express lane outside but it seems they rarely used it
and keeps it closed.

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Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 
Blue Bay Walk, 
Macapagal cor. EDSA
Pasay City, Metro Manila 
Disclaimer: Paid for our meals, wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. Wow, for a change, medyo mura ang food mo kuya. hehehe. :D