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Monday, July 14, 2014

When I love a place, I don't care how many times I visit it. Such is the case of YUMI
Along with blogger friends, I was invited to checkout this new place just above Munchtown in the new part of Promenade in Greenhills.
That was a Thursday, and in the same week, I went back with my family just so that I could treat them to a hearty Japanese Lunch. Anyway....
 The place looks inviting and stylish.
 I think Yumi might have been an awesome girl as her picture is all around the place. Kidding aside, I know I was in for a treat, as I usually see this place full with patrons. And the ambiance is just chill.
 To start things off, we were served some Amuse-Bouche.
This particular appetizer was  also served during my family's visit. Its basically, kani crabstick with a touch of lemon. Something to start off. 
 I was actually dumbfounded when the Chirashi was served. It was my first time to actually try it out. Chirashi or Chirashizushi means scattered. In this case, it was scattered sushi on top of sushi rice. 
 There were 4 new Chirashi on Yumi's Menu.
The first one was the CHIRASHI TEKKA(390Php).
Maguro, quail egg, oborro, kampyo, rice. 
 Next up is the CHIRASHI IKURA TOKUJI (470 Php)
Salmon roe, uni, ebiko, kani, tamago, ika, rice.
 The most colorful and "complete" is the CHIRASHI MORIAWASE(490Php)
 The last one but my favorite would be the CHIRASHI IKURA SAKE(450Php)
Salmon Roe, sake, Ebiko, kani, tamago, rice. 
When I returned with my family, I also got this for myself as I loved it the first time I tried it.
 One thing that I must insist you try doing is to mix up all the stuff in the bowl. The salmon roe and the tamago goes hand in hand that creates that awesome contrasting but harmonious flavor. How? Well, its like this. The salmon roe gives off that sea flavor. Salty at its finest. The Tamago or the egg is a little sweet. So they fight it all inside your mouth and the experience is wonderful!
 Another play of flavors would be the UNAGI FOIE GRAS SUSHI (350Php)
 If you are into foie gras and unagi, you must not miss this. Different texture lights up your mouth!
The SYMPHONY (380Php) was a little too hot for me. 

 This is a mix of fried sushi rice with layers of spicy tuna, salmon and crabsticks.
 Two new menu items they have would be the MAGURO and SAKE SASHIMI in CHILLED LIGHT SHOYU SAUCE (320Php each)
 Yellow fin tuna or Superior grade Norwegian Salmnon in chilled light soy sauce.
 The SAKE SUSHI BALL (205Php) is for all those salmon lovers out there.
 Another crowd favorite was the HIYASHI CHUKA SALAD RAMEN (275Php)
 Cold noodles, cucumber, crab sticks with sesame dressing.

Another crowd favorite which was deliberately na-MAFIA!!! (joke) was the TEPPAN GRILLED  US TENDERLOIN with FOIE GRAS (775Php).
 This my friend is amazing stuff!!!! If you love the buttery feel of the foie gras and the tenderness of the meat well you my friend will be in heaven!
 I didn't know how this got in the fray but someone ordered the HAMACHI CARPACCIO (490Php)
 Thinly sliced yellow tail with extra virgin olive oil and lemon zest. Something to wake you up.

When my family and I returned the Saturday after, we were able to try other dishes.
 Along side with the Amuse-Bouche, we were served miso soup that came with our chosen meals.
 Who could say no to hot soup!
 We also got the EBI TEMPURA (395Php)!
 We actually got this during the Thursday meal but I could stop myself as I get addicted to ebi tempura quite easily!
 To differentiate itself from other Japanese restaurant, they serve an alternative sauce to the usual we all know. They have lemon and 2 kinds of salt. Green tea salt and volcanic salt.
 You dip it on the squeezed lemon juice and batter it with the volcanic salt and matcha salt. 
 Actually, I couldn't decide as to which to pick so I did what any guy would. Dip it in all the sauce to get all the flavors in!

 My mom and bro had the bento box each. 
Each bento box is served with Cabbage salad, sake and maguro, 2pcs of gyoza and of course miso soup.
 The gyoza were light. The salad was basically sesame based.
 Since my bro was a meat lover, he had the US TENDERLOIN TEPPAN BENTO (450Php)
 The meat was tender and properly cooked!!! Just as what you would expect from an awesome Japanese resto!
Mom, on the other hand, had the CHICKEN TERIYAKI BENTO (375Php).
My bro and mom loved the texture. The skin was crunchy while the meat was soft and wet. YUMMY!
 She also wanted something hot so she got the BUTA MISO RAMEN (320Php)
It was a bit normal for her so we weren't able to finish it. 

 I let my bro and mom try out the cold noodles. (HIYASHI CHUKA SALAD RAMEN (275Php)) They mentioned that it somewhat tasted like peanut butter.
 I guess its really with what you are familiar with as it was made with sesame dressing.

Here are a few things that I gathered, there is free wifi so no worries about staying connected. If you have an instagram or facebook, you could get a free ice cream just by sharing their new dishes.
Also, they have an awesome drink list and that is by far affordable in this part of town. Around 70Php average on happy hour 2-8pm daily. and last but not the least their buy 1 take one days!, every Mondays, they got buy 1 take one on Ramens and every Tuesday, they have buy 1 take one on their sushi!! What a steal right?!!!

Budget around 400-500 Php per person. You can go there and be as casual as you can be! As for me, I would definitely go back!
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YUMI Japanese Restaurant
Mezzanine Level, Promenade, (near the new cinemas)
Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave.,
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila  11am-10pm


Disclaimer: Was invited by this fine establish; but paid for our meal on the 2nd visit.
Wrote this based on my experience.

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