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Monday, July 28, 2014

Not the First time, but definitely not the last. SARSA has been on the radar of foodies ever since it opened. Negrense dishes were served to different heights and yet everything was simple and done to we like to say as MASARAP or delicious.
Since the family was celebrating Father's Day, my family and I head on over to BGC. Dad loving everything simple and Filipino, I knew he would enjoy this place.
The place was packed right on the dot. 11am it opened and the place was filled with patrons with just 10 minutes. Thankfully, we had the foresight of getting reservation and didn't have to wait a single minute. 

The server informed us of the things that were served quick and fast since the place was full. We figured we might wait a while so we got the PANARA ROLLS (180Php).
Basically togue or mung bean filled rolls. As the name of the resto implies, its the sauce that made the difference. Served with Tokwa't Baboy Sauce. It went well with the deep fried rolls.

The SARSA BATCHOY (275Php - special) was definitely a crowd favorite.
Served with egg, bone-marrow and bacon cut liempo.
The soup was just incredible. Milky and soup. Not too rich but you would love it. The serving size was also good for 2-3 persons. WORTH GOING BACK FOR!
We tried the LECHON MANOK SALAD (240Php).
Served with pickled vegetables and kesong puti. Dressing of Mango Tuba.
I think this dish needed a little more development as it wasn't that remarkable for me. 

To start the BBQ, we had sticks of ISOL (170Php) or chicken tail
Juicy butt!!!
and some ISAW (155Php) or chicken intestine.
It was crunchy and didn't have any of that weird after taste of the usual street food we would have.

In case you haven't been paying attention, this is a Filipino Themed Restaurant, and as such, you can't go on and not order rice. The GINAMOS FRIED RICE (55Php/Cup) was incredible good since the damn good stuff was on top of it!!! Incredible.
Of course, who would go here and not order the chicken (175Php/part).
The flavor was intense to say the least. Pair this up with the sauces and you are good to go.
Let's go on over the healthy, ehem stuff we got. LOL!
The GRILLED OYSTER MUSHROOM (140Php) is definitely for those veggie lovers. It gives the flavor one could get from any of the grilled offerings just that its mushroom. A little disappointed with this as it was supposed to be served as an appetizer but it was brought to our table way way way into the meal.
Another healthy option would be the ROASTED KALABASA with GREEN BEANS and CRISPY DILIS (190Php). Although the flavors were there, I would have liked the veggies mushed up as when we previously ordered this on a previous visit. The texture component could have improved with that.
Dad loves his fish so he got the SIZZLING BAGUS ala POBRE (295Php).
He enjoyed it, so I will take his word.
The TORTANG TALONG with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti (165 Php) wasn't right. 
It was weird to say the least. One bite and we left it there. Skip!
Moving on to my favorites and the not so healthy stuff...
The PORK GINAMOS GATA (270Php) was delightful. Yes it was a bit heavy but, the gata or sauce made the flavors jump in my mouth. I liked it.
Another must try would be the SIZZLING KANSI (380Php).
Sort of their go to dish, the gravy is awesome and the bone marrow is fatty and deadly!
Just look at that gooey fatty marrow!!!

The place definitely is simple. Family friendly and is easy with the pocket. Dishes not going above 400Php range, you could budget around 300Php per person. Suggest you get a reservation or go on a non peak hour as the place is easily filled. Parking is a hassle so go early. Limited slots at the back but you could park at the strip and walk.

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Ground Floor, Forum South Global,
7th Ave corner 25th Street , Fort Bonifacio
11am-11pm Monday-Sundays
0927-706-0773 For reservations
Disclaimer: paid for our meal. wrote this based on my opinion.

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