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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There are times when you just got to have great food with awesome movies. Thankfully, there is this one restaurant that you get just that. AWESOME FOOD! 
Located just outside of the new cinemas in Greenhills, MUNCHTOWN serves whatever you may want while watching the movie. From pizzas to dogs to burgers. Along with friends, I was able to try out the new stuff. 
To start things off, we had some fries. 
Not just ordinary fries but AWESOME FRIES!
Freshly cut potatoes does the trick every time.

 The fries were gorgeous. Properly cooked! I wasn't a liver fan but I did try a bite. It has a crunchy outside and there... that's all I am going to say.

PULLED PORK POUTINE. Gravylicious. Enough said!YUMMY

I already had a dose of MUNCHTOWN even before. I was glad we were also given a chance to try out the burger. THE BLACK ANGUS CHEESEBURGER didn't disappoint. One thing you must know about me is that I am picky with my burgers. One of those places that I love to get them is at MUNCHTOWN. The meat was properly cooked and the bread was awesome! I know I just keep on saying awesome but damn it is!! TIP: go for the sliders so more munching can happen! 
Now here comes the party. It was HOTDOG HEAVEN!!!
One thing that would make you appreciate MUNCHTOWN is that they make their own breads. Yep, they are awesome like that. Crunchy outside but not too much, yet fluffy and soft inside like a baby's bottom.
I just wanted to mush my face in those glorious buns! Damn!

The dogs are pretty much dogs. Flavorful and hits the spot for those epic cravings. 

 The DEPUTY DOG - savory flavors rolled into one. Russian dressing, cheddar cheese, pulled pork.
 LE POODLE- pickles, brie and caramelized onions; weird but i did love the pickles!
 CHILI DOG- Chili Con Carne Goodness!
 EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK- If you want everything! A little bit too much for me.. but heck!
 PIZZA DOG- For pizza lovers
 NAKED DOG- if you want the plain stuff and you are cutting down on your calories. LOL!
 REUBEN DOG - REUBEN turned into a dog!!
 CHICAGO DOG- HOT stuff coming through. Spicy with all of the veggies and peppers!
 SURF DOG - think about the beach and you chilling. Now this dogs reminds you of the flavor of onions and bell peppers
 BLT - Bacon Lettuce Tomato - you can't go wrong with this.
 NEW YORK CLASSIC- sauerkraut goodness!!!
 TACO DOG- for taco lovers out there.
 Of course, you need to push them all into your tummy right? So they also got awesome MILKSHAKES
L-R : Oreo Overload (190Php) - I have no idea but it was sweet and awesome! - Salted Caramel (190Php)

You could expect to pay a little bit higher than the usual hole in the wall movie place but you will definitely get what you pay for! The quality and the flavors are top notch and is just what the foodie ordered! Budget around 200-300Php per person. I would suggest you try out their promos as they have buy one take one dogs, pizzas during the weekday.

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Upper Level Promenade
Greenhills, San Juan,
Metro Manila


Disclaimer: was invited to try out their new dishes. Wrote this based on my experience.
Please forgive me if it was too much hotdog, I really got into the party
and I might have mixed up the names lol!
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