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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another burger joint will open in a couple of days and I must say, it is a welcome to the burger scene in the metro. Teddy's is one of the best burgers you could have when you are in Hawaii. It has been consistently winning awards and rightfully so.  Hello TEDDY'S BIGGER BURGERS!!!

You know me, I don't venture to Makati unless its quite important to me. So, on a Wednesday afternoon, I did just that. I gave up my comfort zone and did something all for the sake of food. I went to Makati. To be more specific, Greenbelt 3. It must have been at least a decade since I last went here. This being just my 2nd time to go here, I had a hard time with parking but I will not be stopped. This was something that is worth it.

 I went on over the the Cinema level and found this burger joint. You couldn't help but sense the excitement in the air. A lot of foodies waiting and pretty much enjoying the atmosphere. Once you enter the place, you feel as if it was a fast food joint. You line up at the counter and order whatever you want but that is where it stops. The burgers here are made only when ordered so it might take a couple of minutes more before they are served. The place is a little bit small but it has a lot of picnic tables outside just for the people wanting to chill and try the place out. 
 The surfer vibe in the place is as synonymous as Hawaii. The staff greets you Aloha when you enter and are pretty much friendly.
Posters of what Teddy's is made of is all around the place. Like what you see in your burger.
 and even the sizes of the patties. To give you a sense of what their patties are, a quarter pounder is around 4 oz while here, the smallest one you could order is a 5oz! Damn!! Plus you get good quality patty! 
PURE GROUND CHUCK. Ground chuck is definitely more flavorful than those other parts of the cow. No extenders here so you know that the meat is packed and definitely YUMMY!!
 Before we drooled ourselves to death, the creators and owner of this awesome burger joint welcomed us. Along with their local partners (the people behind the sumosam group), TED and RICH gave us a background on how everything started up.
 From the simple and difficult start to their awesome run. Just epic! They even flown in some of their crew and had other crews worked in Hawaii just to learn the trade.

Thankfully, everything was done in a giff, and I was able to taste their offerings. I went ahead and started with their MILKSHAKES. They have these awesome ones that are made of 90% ice cream and 10% milk. Yeah, you read that right NO WATER. Its thick and creamy and damn so yummy!
 The great thing about their shakes, you get to mix and match the flavor. I was able to try their "Capt Crunch" combination of Strawberry, Peanut Butter and Malted Milk. It was so damn fine! They even had real strawberries in it. 

Let's see what my other friends ordered. Remember, you order what kind of burger you want then you could add up different toppings to put in it. They have a lot so you could really get to a lot of combinations!
 Allen of Stop!Look!and Capture! Got the Single 5 oz Burger with WAIKIKI Toppings. These include: Teri (teriyaki sauce), spud, cheddar cheese and bacon.
Sweet because of the teri sauce and well it has bacon so you know how it is.
Joy of Gastronomy by Joy got a 5 oz burger with KAILUA. It has Teri Sauce, Grilled Mushrooms, Grilled onions and Swiss Cheese.

 Joy couldn't finish the entire burger as it was really huge for her. Even if it was the smallest on the menu, having onion rings as sides gave it a more heavy fill.

 As for me, I went banana! I mean crazy, I got it customized as much as I can. The fine lady at the counter, gave me the look and said, okay, you got to have a double patty! Wahahahahah!!! One look and you know me!!!

That plus, I customized my toppings. Initially, I was going for a WAIKIKI but I had the Teri sauce changed into BBQ sauce. I also got a side dish of fries; you could have it as a small or large serving and with flavor. Let me tell you this, the small is like having it huge and the large is having 2 huge servings of fries. I think they only do 3 sizes here of everything. BIG, BIGGER BIGGEST!

Now, the kind lady, suggested I give it some flavor, so I had some BUTTER GARLIC. I was actually looking to add some cheese but they run out so it was all right.
 On a closer look, you could see that the meat is juicy, meaty and properly cooked. The fries were awesome and the garlic flavor complimented it well.
 I couldn't help but let you see what I have done with my burger. I believe, I was the only one eating with my hands. I guess, if you want to really taste something as huge as this, cutting it just won't do it. You got to stuff your mouth in the burger and have all the flavors rush in!
See how the meat is juicy and pinkish inside. That is how a burger must look like. 

I was thankful that the bread they used was good. As it could make or break the burger. For Teddy's, you get to choose from wheat, potato or lettuce (for those figure conscious peeps!). You would be happy to note that they tried to make it as perfect as the ones in Hawaii by having it tested 30x!!! Yeah! Cool! Talk about OC!
Now, the good people at Teddy's made it a point to give back to the people so they have this promo on their opening day. Now here's the tip if you plan to line up. It starts at 7am (so be there by 5am) and line up at the Hermes' Entrance in Greenbelt 3.

 Be thankful that you could also see the foreign staff and they are here to serve you. They will be awesome. I shit you not! The passion they have with the food is incredible.

 The price is actually all right as you would pay around 200-300 Php per burger. For the quality you get, its totally worth it. The meat is delicious, packed, juicy and awesome. YUMMY!
I can't wait for their branches to open in Shangrila (October) and in Eastwood (November).

3rd floor Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

Disclaimer: Invited to this event, wrote this based on my experience and it was awesome!

 Here's the MENU and also some other topping combinations that you might want to have and enjoy in Teddy's





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  1. Looks yummy!! I'll treat my soon-to-be-4 year-old kid on his birthday. He's a picky eater but recently he started a liking for burgers. He'll surely love Teddy's... Odyssa Cortez/ Baditz

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