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Monday, September 8, 2014

I wasn't expecting much. Heck I was pretty darn late. I came in at around past 5pm because of the heavy traffic. Good thing I was able to get there and come right at it. Saturday afternoon norm. I didn't know that this night would be a night of epicness and fun and me being lucky!

It was  KTG'S MID-AUTUMN PARTY!!! I was lucky enough to get invited and enjoy the fun filled festivity. It was my first time attending a full pledged Mid-Autumn Party like this. I was able to join Crystal Jade's Mini Dice Game and I must say I got to turn My (evil) goal? Get a loooot of winnings from the Dice Game. Just kidding!!

First off, I would like to thank these sponsors for letting us try and enjoy their awesome shares!
Thanks a lot mama bear for this awesome IG post.

 Of course, we couldn't start the party well without us eating. We are after all, food lovers first game and play later. After settling down, a lot of food were brought in. WOAH! I was actually a bit speechless with the amount of food there was!
 1st off, we were pretty grateful that we were able to try out GRACEY'S GOURMET KITCHEN'S BEEF POT ROAST with BUTTERED VEGETABLES. I loved how it was freshly made and that the meat and veggies was moist and not dry. The roast was soft and tender and the veggies cooked just right.
For sides, we were also pampered with BEEF PASTRY PUFF CANAPE from ORANGE WHISK RESTAURANT and PATISSERIE
Cheesy goodness with every bite!

 going to the big guns, SPANKY himself did the honors...
Poor Little Piggy.... PEPITA'S very own...  STUFFED LECHON
One thing Bossman SPANKY really knows what to do is carve one! With each slice.. you could hear the skin crunch off. Amazing!
Look at the way that baby go
and yes, PEPITA's LECHON has some loving insides!!!
Believe it or not, that is truffle rice!! YAHOOO! Jackpot! I could remember that I had this same pig a few months back and it was LOVE! LOVE I TELL YOU!

Since, we had some heavy pig eaters, DIPLAHAN LECHON saw it fit to send some BELLY over.

Irene knows her knife too! She cut the belly up and the skin was crackling! OMG!!! The skin was crisp while the meat was moist and ohh so soft.
The guy I mean girl on my left knew what to do.. A plate of rice and you are good to go.
and yes, we also had some dessert to booth!!
SPRING BY HA YUAN, sent some MOON CAKES over. These were different from the usual white lotus flavored ones. They had flavors such as Salted Caramel, Green Tea and other awesome delicacies.
PEPITA saw it fit to send a SUPER SUMAN.
Just looking at the toppings you know that its sugar overload!
But you know what, it was PINK WASABI's DESSERT spread that got me head over gaga!
Chef Anna did wonders! These little poppers were but 10% of the dessert spread. From cupcakes to other goodies, wow.. just wow!
After eating, we got divided into 2 groups by picking up papers. Lucky number for a lucky me.
But first, I had to check out the prizes to be won.
Object of the game is to win these all!!! How? By rolling 6 dices with different combination with the number 4 in them. Like one 4's, two 4's, three 4's, four of a kind, a straight and so on.
ORANGE WHISK also sent on over boxes of CHEWY BUNS... (waaa I wasn't able to try it!!)

and KAT'S CAFE gave some cupcakes for us to win win win~!

Going up in prizes, next were GC's and mooncakes from Spring by Ha Yuan and Cakes by AGGY.
like this

 and this.
For the grand prize, it would be MOON CAKES from SHANGRILA MAKATI!
So, let the games begin!@!!

KATHI getting ready to roll the dice while RICHARD, MAMA BEAR, SUMI and ROCH looks for awesome prizes to get!!
The round went on and on until all of the prizes were won.
When Sumi and Kath was able to get 5 of a kind dices, we had one last round of throws to try and unseat them from the top.
KATHI and SUMI shared the Grand Prize for our table.
While Chef Anna of PINK WASABI was able to get the grand prize at the other table!

As if that wasn't enough, I was pretty stoked when Michelle of JAM FOODS and also CHORIZO DE CEBU PHILIPPINES gave goodies around.
I would like to apologize that I wasn't able to take pictures of everyone... but here they are:

LUCKY!!!!! Thank you so much guys. and it was fun to see you again MICHELLE!

RICHIE, RINA and RAIN of Pickiesteater and Rina's Rainbow.
SUMI and ATTY of The Purple Doll
Jill and O of The Food Scout
Len having a kiss from Hubbie.. from the Mommist
Of course our gracious hosts, Richard, Irene and the 2 kids.. wait.. isn't that Rain? 
Of course, ROCH of  The Dice in the Board
Mimai of When In Manila and Sharkmaine
and his excellency boss man SPANKY.
I would like to apologize as I wasn't able to take pictures of everyone..
anyway, thank you so much for the
Class Picture!!!
After everything, it was pretty awesome. I totally enjoyed the party!!! After driving home, I was like a kid on Christmas day, I checked out all the winnings I was able to bring home!
I know right! Aggy's Cake .. yes dear 2 of them. A huge cheese curls bottle and a lot more!
Thank you so much AGGY'S!! I got 2 of em! Knocked out from our table!!
Both from rolling 1-2-3-4-5-6!! Yahoo!!
This was a red velvet
and this yellow baby was sort of a soft cake.
 I took a small slice each and I definitely loved them.
This is moist and soft. Not too sweet but a little airy thus soft.
Packed and red! OH EHM!
 Believe it or not this happenned. Only after a day, mama bear asked for a picture of the cake.
So being the good kid that I was, I went downstairs and checked out the cake...
I saw the cake.. and was surprised!!!! The cakes were smaller. Sino ang kumain!?! Sino ang salarin??! I was supposed to give some away....!! To get over the disappointment, I figured I'll take a big small bite.. and you know what.. It made me smile!
and that's the story of my night. Happy Ending still! LOL!

Also, I got a pack of PORK HAMONADO from Chorizo de CEBU
and some awesome goodies from MICHELLE and JAM FOODS!!!

More on this goodies on a future post!!! But I have tried these awesome Tapas and the Pork Hamonado before and all I was looking for was rice!! Dang namit! I want/need rice!

Anyway, more than the stuff I got, I must say I enjoyed having an awesome time with friends. It was truly an amazing experience to mingle and enjoy each others company.

Again, thank you so much!!!!!
Also how'd you fancy the new watermark? Thank you sooo much Eugene of Hefty Foodie for this awesome gift! I didn't know he made one for me! One morning and boom! What a pleasant surprise! Super duper Artistic Sir! Thank you so much!

DISCLAIMER: Thank you very much for the sponsors of the different prizes and the food. I wrote this post based on my experience. 

Mooncakes from Makati Shangri-la
Mooncakes, desserts and GC's from SPRING by HA YUAN
Cupcakes from KAT'S CAFE
Chewy Buns and Beef Pastry Puff Canape from ORANGE WHISK RESTAURANT
Dessert Buffet Spread from MY PINK WASABI 
Beef Pot Roast Packed Dinner from GRACEY'S GOURMET KITCHEN 
Stuffed Lechon and Super Suman from PEPITA's 
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  1. Uuuuy dami mong hakot ha!! At hindi ka talaga nag-share sa mama bear hmp!! Thank you fpr posting all the sponsors baby bear mwah. And great photos. Ako? Asan ang watermark kooooo??? (hindi na daw kailangan.. walang magnanakaw hehe)

    1. Hahahahahaha! Nako mama bear! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to make hakot the prizes bwhahahahahaha!!!! Salamat po.. galing nga ni eugene gumawa eh.. asteeg hehehehe :D :D :D