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Friday, September 19, 2014

Once the new kid on the block, GREEN PASTURES has become the baseline and pioneer for a great farm to table restaurant concept.
Not only do they serve fresh and top quality dishes, they make sure that it is pretty healthy to munch on.

Even their drinks are solid. The HIBISCUS ICED TEA breaks the barrier. Not too sweet and refreshing.
If iced tea aren't your thing, go for the elixirs. I got the "TO DETOXIFY" with Chia Seeds.
 Pineapple, green apple, ginger mint. Generally on the Pineapple side. The Chia seeds make them go pop!

 Of course, when you go to GREEN PASTURES, don't miss on their home made cheese!
 The STRACCIATELLA is a welcome treat for my tummy! Buffalo milk pulled fresh daily with EVOO and arugula.
 One bite and the term Diet leaves your vocabulary forever. (well until you finish the dish... of course.)

Something delicious yet healthy would be their YANG CHOW FRIED CAULIFLOWER RICE. 
ZERO carbs and Gluten Free. 8 hour roast pork, river shrimp, 142 degree egg, scallion, lettuce, green peas, and carrots. One would definitely think that for a rice lover this wouldn't go unnoticed. Yet, for my so, she loves it so much she didn't know it wasn't rice. LOL!.

Delicious and Healthy.. now when would they come up with something good to eat that could actually decrease your weight. LOL!

Mandaluyong City,
Metro Manila.
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Written by Lovely

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