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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Late nights in Cebu could be a blur. Specially for me, as i only visited the place for a few days. Thankfully, I have some friends there to guide me. 
A drink is all I could ask for. MAYA, known for its "Mexican Vibe", seemed like a good place to start.
With a bar that caters to mostly foreign guests, you could still be at east knowing that the prices here are quite reasonable compared to METRO MANILA STANDARDS. A drink would cost around 200 bucks. Pretty cheap thinking that some bars bill around 300-400 for a premium glass.
The bar could be a little busy so its wise to head on up to the couch section and do some people watching.
 I love their Mojito and their Amaretto Sour. Base alcohol used are top notched that you could taste the difference.
One mustn't miss checking out their MAYA NACHOS. Masa chips covered in cheese, salsa roja, sour cream & pickled jalapenos. Add some chili con carne while you are at it. Huge servings!!!

 After a night of drinking and chilling, I still didn't want to go home. Thankfully there are 24/7 places where one could hungout. One such place is MUSIC ONE KTV.
 Quite different from the KTV's we have in the metro. This place caters not only to loud singers but also to dvd marathons, console gaming and poker nights.
 Slick and posh setting. I like
 There are individual rooms to rent and you could pretty much be at ease because they got food  and drinks for those kungfu (kungfumulutan) and for those nightcaps.
  Aside from all the places I have been to, it was a pleasure and an awesome experience to at least test the late nights in Cebu with great friends. I guess its all with the company. Awesome.


2nd level, The Walk, Cebu IT PARK, LAHUG

Disclaimer: Paid for our meal and drinks. Wrote this based on my experience.
Thanks again Justinne! Awesome Tour Guide!! Food Tourism all the way!
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