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Monday, January 5, 2015

Good food and great friends. That Is what I believe KTG stands for.

We come from different backgrounds but when it comes to awesome food, I believe we have a passion towards it.
 To enjoy and to share.

Last month, our dear friends Fran and Paul of obliged us with a mini get together. It was the Christmas Rush, traffic was awful and they were just here for a couple of weeks and yet, we were lucky enough to get them for a day! Lucky!

We made up our minds and went to SARSA.
 I guess I have been here quite a number of times. Click here and here
So, most of the ordering was left up to me. LOL!

Aside from the usual, special batchoy, sizzling kansi, and veggie dishes, I saw fit to order these:

ISAW or chicken intestines grilled to perfection. Crispy burnt parts were a joy to eat.
You won't get the freaky aftertaste as these were properly cleaned.

Of course, when you go here, please don't order the plain rice. Rather go for the GINAMOS rice.
Sort of their "bagoong" or fermented fish paste placed on top. You will definitely ask for seconds.

Something new that I had to try was the SINIGANG FRIED CHICKEN!
Incredible. You could taste the sinigang yet it was fried. Definitely a great reinvention.

The lechon kawali was as simple as it could be. Crunchy skin and tender meat.
Yet, it wasn't that simple. The sauce made it incredibly good. The chocolate dip had a hot chili flavor. Sort of like, Spicy and sweet all at the same time. Yummy!

For something to end the meal, we had a taste of Piyaya Ice Cream Sandwich.
Piyaya is kinda like flatbread that has a sweet filling. In this case, it was salted caramel with a choice of ice cream. 
Now wouldn't you know, Richie of The Pickiest Eater
Had a little surprise for us. Along with our friends from HATTENDO Manila, we were all given a small treat.
We were able to try out HATTENDO CREAM BUNS. The first in the country to do so. LUCKY US!
They come in 5 different flavors. From custard, whipped cream, chocolate, azuki sweet bean and my personal favorite the MATCHA!

Fresh and soft bread has the filling enclosed. Don't worry it actually won't melt because the inside is cream. Believe me! I tried to melt it but it won't ooze out! LOL! It kinda felt like dirty ice cream sandwich but we just don't have it in MATCHA! In a month or two, they will open up in SM MOA and they said that they will add a few more products! YAHOO!

Of course after all the eating, we are just like anyone. We love taking photos for memories!
Almost all the girls. LOL! Ray, Ethan and Lynne of En Route , Mama Bear of SugarGoSpice, Joan the better half of The Food Alphabet.  and of course, Rina and Rain of Rina's Rainbow.
Ray, Ethan and Lynne of En Route, and the Fran and Paul of

SARSA is one of those amazing resto to bring your balikbayan relatives to. The food is straight on and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Reservations are a must when dining during peak hours. 

HATTENDO is a welcome dessert treat for us. Being in a hot country, who wouldn't want a cold ice cream like bun to munch on. Can't wait for their store to open in the Mall of Asia.

Now, I know it may be a little too early, but I just got to say this. 

I will never forget your birthday sir!

Cheers!!! I am so lucky to have met a handsome  funny family man such as you! LOL!

After all is said and done, it was an amazing night... Too bad I wasn't able to go to the after dinner party. LOL!

BGC, Taguig City
Metro Manila

Mall of Asia
Soon to Open
Disclaimer: Paid for the food in SARSA. Hattendo Cream Buns were courtesy of our good friends for us to try out. Wrote this based on my opinions and experience.

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  1. Reading this post made me as if already smelling and appreciating the aroma and taste of each food as described! Whoa, the lechon kawali looked amazing but the Piyaya Ice Cream Sandwich was more captivating as a one-of-a-kind dessert. Nom nom. :D

    1. If you are going roch.... TRY the isaw!!! and the Liempo and the Piyaya!!!! They are freaking good!!! Of course the sizzling kansi is the way to go!!!! Hahahaha happy new year dear

  2. oh Jeng! I can't thank you enough for organising this fun and yummy dinner! :) Hope to see you guys real soon!

    1. I really enjoyed doing it... uhm back in my highschoola nd College days... well lets just say I had a lot of practice with party planning LOL... See you soon po!!!!

  3. Thank you for the awesome treat bbbear! Sa uulitin hahaha! :-*

    1. no problemo po mama bear .... uhm next time??? uhm hahahahahaha we shall see po hahahaha ^_^

  4. Thank you for the amazing treat buddy! Happy Birthday to US!

    1. 👍👍👍👍👍 wohooooooo !!! Thanks thanks too ^_^