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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It was a nice thought. Getting awesome grub near my place. If only there was... Wait, BACKYARD KITCHEN & BREW is exactly that place.

Located just 10 minutes away from home, UP TOWN CENTER seems to be a foodie mecca. New restos opening left and right. Quite recently, BACKYARD KITCHEN joined in the fray just this December 2014.
Found on the 2nd floor of the new wing, walking up the stairs was worth it for the food they served was quite impressive. For the price and the ambiance, I would gladly climb that flight of stairs again.
Yes. I did just that. Even after huffing and puffing, stairs will not stop me. Even after driving to and from Pampanga for a little family reunion (click here), it would not stop me. It was all for good grub. I heard a lot about this new resto under Chef Ed so I knew my sacrifice would not be in vain.
Right off the bat, beer was served. Not just any, they sourced locally made beer for their draft and even has a few bottled ones taken from secret locations. Chef Ed didn't want to divulge where he got them. Rightfully so, as the flavors are distinct and not your ordinary beer. There might be a mad dash for them if you knew where to buy. It was either WHEAT ALE, JOE'S BREW or there very own light or dark draft beer.
For non-alcoholics, they have Iced Tea and even Lemonade but I prefer Joe's Brew!

As a perfect beer match, please do get the SALTED EGG CHICKEN SKIN!
Incredibly crunchy and deadly! Hello Calories!

For the cold season, the SINIGANG NA BATCHOY is a welcome treat.
The sour taste went well with the pork grinds and the noodles.

For quick bites, the kitchen made good use of the CIABATTA. Perfect finger foods!

Melted whipped bone marrow is slathered on the bread. BBQ pulled pork is placed on top along with sour cream. 

 The shredded duck adobo went well with the pate.

Different and quite filling.

We were also able to try out the LOBSTER and PRAWN ROLL.
The Mayo dressing went perfectly well with the prawn and lobster mix. The buttered brioche bun was the perfect container.

Who doesn't want a burger? Leave it to the CHEF to make an awesome one.
Made with 100% brisket and chuck patty. The cheddar melted and engulfed the patty. Making it moist and cheesesational Hellya!

Flat breads are kind of like the in thing now a days when it comes to pizza. 
The ones in Backyard are cracker like yet they can definitely hold the toppings together. 
and yes...Thankfully, BACKYARD has made good use of it and they got to serve incredible flavors.

This sinful ingredient is glorious. Having the chicken skin on top of the flat breads made the texture of the pizza crunchier. The ricotta blended well with the mozzarella and gave it that amazing cheese flavor yet again.. The salted egg yolk is the prize though. Lucky me as I trained my hands to be pretty fast! 

The longganisa are homemade. Definitely a nice touch. Alongside with the peppers, you could taste that breakfast with every bite.

Pasta wise, the NOSE TO TAIL FETTUCINI is the one to get.
Made with all those body parts, the red sauce got its distinct flavor. The fettucini was cooked al dente and with a bite. Just the way I want it.

The UNI CARBONARA needed a bit more oomph!
The Uni flavor left me wanting. Most of the guys suggested a little more tweaking to make the flavor more distinct.
 It may not look good but the SLOW ROASTED BEEF BELLY is a beast.
Placed in a bowl all ready to mix up, the beef belly is tender. The egg cooked properly to get the runny yolk.

The SLOW ROASTED PORK BELLY is amazing. The flavor was spot on.

The BBQ rub definitely did the trick. The papaya slaw and mac and cheese were perfect side dish. My bro's concern was that the pork belly just had a bit too much fat in it. The homemade rhum coke bbq sauce would have been better to be placed on the side because it was just too darn good. He wanted to preserve it.

The star main dish for me, my dad, mom and brother is the WAFFLE BREADED FRIED CHICKEN.
A bit expensive at around 300++ a dish, I believe it was worth it. The waffle breading could be tasted well into the meat. Speaking of, it was moist and definitely crunchy at every bite.

For dessert, we had a go at the PIZZOOKIE.
Only baked when ordered, the chocolate chip cookie is chewy and hot at every bite. Placed on a pan, you have this burnt bottom that made it amazing to eat. Having vanilla ice cream on top, made the hot and cold sensation conflict with one another.

Some could argue that the prices might be a little steep and the serving a little bitin. For me though, there are some dishes that are worth coming back for. I believe this dishes are acceptable to command such a price. Budget around 500 Php per person. Dishes range from 200-300+++ Php

Also, Thank you so much NIKKO for giving out some awesome goodies.
I ate the cookies and the brownies in record time! SARAP!!!!

2nd Level Up Town Center
Quezon City

NIKKO'S Baking Studio

Wrote this post based on my experience. Was invited to try out their menu during their soft opening phase in December. I returned with my family to treat them to an awesome meal just last weekend.
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