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Monday, April 6, 2015

Where have you been all my life? With each bite, I experienced mouth watering goodness. Yes, I enjoyed every bit of it. My time was well spent at BURGER JOINT.

It was my last day at work and I remembered it perfectly. My friends and I were invited to try out this burger joint in a not so foodie place. SM CENTER PASIG. You know that SM "Mall" you pass by on the south bound stretch of C-5 right after TIENDESITAS. 

I wouldn't go there for any kind of food unless if it was to get some groceries but I was told that it was a place worthy of a visit because of BURGER JOINT.

So off I go and I was glad that I did because I enjoyed it.

 Since it was scorching hot outside,
 MALT SHAKE (129Php) was served to let us cool off. They have Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavors for us to choose from.
It is not your ordinary milk shake. Rather, you could definitely taste the malt flavor in them. This is a must get especially that summer is coming. here.

It was also great of them to serve different beers to partner with their burgers.
 These babies goes perfectly well with whatever you get.

Since it is a chill place, they have some LOADED NACHOS (159Php) to start off.
 For the price, I appreciate the serving. See those red cubes? They aren't tomatoes. They are watermelon. Something different right ? Perfect for cooling down.

To keep the craving going, we had some wings. 

BUFFALO CLASSIC (179Php)- This would be the normal kind of wings. Classic flavor with a little bit of heat.

LEMON PEPPER (199Php)- This has a tangy citrus taste with a tiny hint of pepper. I was actually thinking it would be a dry rub but it wasn't. I preferred this one more because it was different.

Since watermelon is a refreshing fruit, they figured why not place them in burgers. THE BAJA (179Php)
You could say that it is a bit too green for me but it has American Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsa, Jalapenos, Cilantro.

Chili Con Carne fans would love RANCHERO CHILI (199Php), It has chili con carne, american cheese, bacon and bbq sauce.

Next up is the SANTA FE (175Php). Made with Lettuce, American Cheese, Bacon Mole, Grilled corn relish, friend onions on top and some cilantro.
You may ask me what is a mole? Mole is a general term for a number of sauces in the Mexican Cuisine. In this case, it is bacon based!

My favorite among the bunch is the PULLED PORK BURGER (195Php). A Quarter Pound Hamburger, with pulled pork, American Cheese, Jalapenos, and sour cream. Surprisingly, it wasn't too hot. The jalapenos gave the right amount of heat. The pulled pork gave a different flavor texture

Two cents worth. The price is definitely a steal. For a place in a mall, THE BURGER JOINT offers both quality and quantity. The taste doesn't suffer and yet the price that they request for each dish is a steal. They are a legit burger place. Although you wouldn't know, this isn't their first rodeo in the food scene. They make the buns in house and the sauces are made fresh daily. Plus, the way they cook the burgers are quite different. It is tedious and definitely difficult for them but you could tell with the taste that their hard work paid off.

I definitely enjoyed my visit. If I'm with someone getting groceries, I wouldn't mind hanging out here while waiting for them just because I don't want to spend too much on getting all the junk food I could muster. Pricing is definitely a plus. Compared to other places, they are pretty competitive. You could live without the drinks, but please get the burgers and enjoy them with their secret sauce. Before I forget, they're planning to open another down south. Lucky~!

C-5 Pasig
Near Tiendesitas

Disclaimer: was invited to try out this restaurant. Wrote this based on my experience.

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  1. Damn, the burgers look really delicious. Must try this place soon! :)

    1. Yeah.. the burger joint serves awesome burgers... price wise, they are pretty sulit.

  2. Watermelon on a burger? Now that's weird... I mean unique. I wonder how it tastes like. And SM Center Pasig, I've never been there. I will go there just for this, you see I love burgers too.

    1. yup wierd but its a welcome treat specially since it is so freaking hot!!!! :D :D :D Believe me when I say sulit... Price wise and quality go!