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Thursday, April 2, 2015

My brother did it and I am just so proud!

I once again found myself going back to my Alma Mater. The Ateneo de Manila High School
It wasn't because of any reunion or what not but it was the graduation of my brother from high school. You could say that my brother is like any typical high school guy.  Hard working and studious.
A member of section A, the Honors Class, you could see his dedication every single day. It was an incredible feat for him to finish with a distinction of 2nd honor. Hands down Earl.  Proud of you!
All the sleepless nights, sacrifices and hard work paid off. He did it. Congrats Earl.

To think we even had relatives and friends flown in from the States just to attend the ceremony.. Ikaw na!
Since it was long and I was bored, I had a few time for myself to walk around and check out the grounds. Since it was holy week, I did a little reflection on my own. 
Remembering the good old days. The laughter, the friends, the late nights, and DWTL. 


They installed lamp posts and other decor going to and from the covered courts. Pretty nice if you ask me.
 EDSA is still there. With all the cracks and uneven surface, I could still remember walking from one end to another.
 and the driveway... 
 They placed an island barrier. I guess for security.

Again, I just wanted to congratulate you Earl, for the doing everything that was expected of you and more. You made us all proud and we love you. I can't express my happiness enough to see you grow up to be the man that you are today. I hope and pray that all your endeavors would be fruitful. I love you bro. Hug you!!

Since it is the Lenten season. Let's take a moment and reflect on the things we have done, and will be doing. 
Take a break and have a breather. Just like me...
So for now, no food posts until next week.
Thanks for dropping by.

Ateneo de Manila University High School.
Katipunan Avenue
Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience.
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