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Friday, September 4, 2015

OMG!!! That was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw this amazing duck getting his succulent meat cut up. But I am getting ahead of myself. I was invited to try out CRYSTAL JADE DINING IN in BGC new MID AUTUMN MENU.

That time of the year again!!! MID-AUTUMN, and CRYSTAL JADE has something up its sleeves. Located in the center of BGC, CRYSTAL JADE DINING IN RESTAURANT is an excellent  Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant. 

Once you enter, you are greeted with opulence and a staff that is courteous in every way. 

Since it is the MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL, and CRYSTAL JADE is celebrating, they are offering a few set menu that could feed a small group of 4 to a large gathering of 10-12 or more.

They first showed off the lovely ROASTED PEKING DUCK.

After showing off the big gun, they started the 8 course meal.

To get things hot, they served the BRAISED FRESH SCALLOP with SHRIMP SOUP. This savory soup can not be faulted. One gulp after the next, you just can't stop yourself. The tofu went well with the scallops and shrimps. It titillates your senses.

I knew I needed to pace myself as I saw what they were doing at the back.
They had the glorious PEKING DUCK wrapped and prepared.
IT was simple and definitely delicious. You could taste the freshness of the roasted duck. The crunchy skin was evident as the meat was tender. LOVE THIS. 

You may be wondering what's inside? This is the BAKED ASSORTED MUSHROOM with BLACK TRUFFLE.
If you are into truffles and mushrooms, you would definitely try to steal your seatmates'. This was heavenly. You could smell the truffle from a mile away. YUMMY!

Something different and definitely fresh is the GAROUPA LINE POACHED in SUPERIOR SOUP.
Bean curds are dropped in the boiling soup. Then, the fish meat is added. Clay pot is used so that the flavor is retained. You could definitely feel and taste the freshness of the fish as it was cooked right infront of you. It was uberly soft and 

Since man can't live with just seafood, they offered the SAUTEED BEEF with BASIL LEAF & SPICY SAUCE. It is't really that spicy that it would hurt your tongue but rather just the right amount to give your taste buds a little kick. 

As with Chinese Cuisine, rice is served towards the end of the meal. Here they brought out the FRIED RICE with SCALLOP, CRAB MEAT and CRAB ROE. Don't you hate it when they give you the synthetic crab meat rather than the fresh one. Well here in CRYSTAL JADE, you won't get disappointed as they use real fresh crab meat!

Just to give the meal a little bit of healthy, they served SAUTEED VEGETABLES with CRAB MEAT SOUP.  Crunchy green veggies mixed well with the crab meat soup. You could hear the crunch after each bite. 

Ending the meal, MOONCAKES were served.

One thing that I like about CRYSTAL JADE is that during the MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL, they let you play a modified version of the dice game. Remember that for this game, you're aim is to get a lucky roll. Getting 4 4's or the number 4 a lot of times or having a straight is lucky and could get you a little token. 

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to get my groove on and I didn't get anything. CRAP! Hahaha Maybe next time.

For the whole month of September, CRYSTAL JADE BGC is offering these dishes along with other house specialties to make your MID AUTUMN a little bit better. Furthermore, their dice game is there to test you if you are lucky. 

Even if it wasn't the season, I could say that CRYSTAL JADE BGC is definitely a must visit when it comes to fine dining Chinese Food. Delicious food, awesome service and everything that you would need. I will be back!!!

Bonifacio High Street Central,

Disclaimer: Was invited to this restaurant. Wrote this based on my experience.
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