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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Osaka Ohsho is known for their amazing gyozas and other Japanese dishes. This time around, they have new ones to tickle us fancy. 

Pictured above is the BEEF SUKIYAKI. Something very familiar to the Filipino Palate, the Beef Sukiyaki is a must when it comes to having a sweet Japanese Broth.

The ASARI GYOZA SUKIYAKI SOUP is more for the nori lover. The Miso Clam Based broth, interestingly works well with the noodles and the nori. A must try.

For the not so adventurous, you could go for a more conventional sukiyaki. The GYOZA CHICKEN SUKIYAKI SOUP. This one right here makes use of the original gyoza along with chicken, mushrooms and mixed veggies. A rich miso soup base is also used for this one.

For gyoza lovers, OSAKA OHSHO definitely delivers. These new dishes are meant to give the foodies more choices to pick from. Variety is a plus at OSAKA OHSHO. Can't wait to return and give them a go. 

3rd Level Sm Megafashion Mall

Disclaimer: Press Release. Pictures c/o Osaka Ohsho
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