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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not thinking into what may happen, I came from an awesome lunch buffet. I told myself what the heck and still went on and on. EATING that is. I think I might have pushed too much with all the food but I sure know that I would love what IPPUDO has in store. So yes, I still went ahead and visited the SM MEGAMALL branch of IPPUDO to get a taste of their latest endeavors.

One step in and I could remember the first time I went here (click here) . Not only that, I couldn't help but compare the dishes and the flavors I had here and in one of their branches in Tokyo (click here for tokyo Ippudo Experience).
Common tables alongside couches. Personally, I prefer seating at the bar.
 All the condiments that you might need for your ramen.
The first dish to come up is IPPUDO's version of a OKONOMIYAKI or a Japanese Pancake. I liked how moist and soft it was with each bite. The Pancake is actually wrapped with Chashu like meat. Almost like bacon. It's a little sweet because of the sauce on top. Be careful though as it is a bit hot as it is served on a sizzling plate.
Other than noodles, IPPUDO in MEGAMALL serves awesome rice dishes. One rice bowl that is somewhat new is the BEEF ISHIYAKI RICE (495Php).
Stewed beef with yakiniku sauce poured on top. In addtion to this, melted butter, corn, tomatoes, crisp garlic chips and french beans are served on Japanese rice. Be careful too as this is served in a hot stone pot.
After pouring and mixing the ingredients, one bite in and I was hooked. The meat was tender and the sauce was perfect. It wasn't too sweet nor was it salty. It definitely made my day. This would be my choice of meal if I wasn't going for any ramen. Speaking off, according to the staff, this has been a go to favorite for kids adolescents not really into ramen.
Alas, this is IPPUDO. It is synonymous to RAMEN so, RAMEN we should and we did.
A limited edition, the GYOKAI TONKOTSU (490Php).
A blend of tonkotsu and creamy chicken broth. It has bonito and shoyu. On the side, they have yuzukosyo pepper. This is the one on top of that soup spoon. It has a zing that cleanses the palate and makes the dish enjoyable to eat. Do not worry it isn't as hot as what you might expect. I also enjoyed that they served this with wavy noodles. Be wary of the bamboo shoots. Don't eat it as it is because it might be too salty for you. One of my mistakes as a ramen novice. Remeber: SLURP.
They also introduced the LEMON SPRITZER DRINK (140Php). Freshly squeezed lemon, sparkling water, topped with mint leaves. It's somewhat 7upy flavored soda water. I can't explain the citrusy flavor but my companions enjoyed it. For me, it was a bit sweet though.

I can see myself coming back again and again. I didn't regret going to IPPUDO even after having a buffet lunch. The Beef Rice is a joy to eat. Alongside the ramen, it would be a deadly combination. I enjoyed the okonomiyaki too as it was moist and suited for the Filipino palate. Cheers.



Disclaimer: was invited. wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. The Beef Ishiyaki Rice looks appetizing! I thought ramen is the only thing that's good in Ippudo. It's a shame that I haven't tried that until now. Long lines kill time xD

  2. go on a dead time. Usually, they only have lines during weekends. Weekdays are perfectly okay!