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Monday, December 28, 2015

Did that get your attention? It sure got mine. It was just this SATURDAY NIGHT and I was all too excited for EDSA SHANGRILA'S HEAT BUFFET: MAD FOR WAGYU. Everything made of WAGYU! The origins of wagyu came from JAPAN. From Matsusaka Ushi, Kobe Beef and Ohmi Beef cattle. Raised in the Kansai region, these are the best of the best. Other than these, The US has an American Styled Kobe Beef while there is also an Australian version. Enough of the history and let's get down to business.
It was a night to remember. SATURDAY night. As I took my seat, these dark reddish brown crunchies were served to whet the appetite. This dish right here is amazing.

THE WAGYU BEEF JERKY, this gives you an incredible desire to NOT stop yourself and indulge. Crispy and candied. Definitely a MUST GET! One plate is not enough.

If you are a newbie to buffets, I suggest you get tips here on how to attack HEAT'S BUFFET.   Better to go on an empty stomach as you would be overwhelmed on where to start and might get full to soon. For me, the Japanese section is always a great way to begin your foodie walk.

Aside from the usual rolls, you are greeted with WAGYU rolls. Just be careful not to over indulge as this is just the beginning.

Wagyu salads and starters are also placed near the Japanese Section.

Believe it or not, EDSA SHANGRI-LA made xiao long bao that has wagyu as the base. It gives off a rich taste as the soup and meat goes well together.

There's also a MAKE-YOUR-OWN TACO WAGYU STATION that could make you go Mexican.

It's like having cheese steak on shells. Perfect to go with cheese.

Even the Shawarma station is WAGYU.

An interesting starter though would be the WAGYU TARTARE. Mixed with capers, mustard, parsley, tobasco sauce and egg. Placed on top a toasted wheat bread. It was pretty good. The meat was fresh and didn't had that funky after taste.


They have a station that slices the WAGYU MEAT and gives you options on what to put in the sandwich. From different cheeses, onions, tomatoes, and vegetables.

I was really into it because of the generous meat serving that I had 3 more. NO JOKE

By this time, you might be thinking: "IS THAT ALL?". Well not really. They have a couple of grilling station with different WAGYU cuts.


Over at the CARVING station, you are given a couple of choices of pre-cooked meats.

The WAGYU TOMAHAWK. 25KG of meat and bones cooked to perfection.

and the ROAST BEEF

Of course, you could have your slices of meat cooked to your liking. I suggest you go for medium.
You might feel that it's a bit too rich or "nakaka-umay" but adding different sauces would allow you to have a plethora of flavors go into your salivating mouth to give you a different pace.
Personally, I prefer the HONEY TRUFFLE MUSTARD. Yes, amazing sauces.

Aside from the meat, you can also have a pick of seafood. Shells, slipper lobsters and clams. You can have them cooked to your liking like garlic butter. A preview of their FRIDAY BUFFET: MAD FOR LOBSTER. Click Here.
Since it's conceptualization, the chef wanted everything to speak WAGYU. Even the dessert. From WAGYU CHOCOLATE CREPES
TO CAKES! Yes, it's a cake and not steak.

You need not worry as they also have a lot of short cakes and other sweet things to treat your taste buds.

FOR Php 2,415.00 Nett per person, EDSA SHANGRI-LA'S MAD FOR WAGYU BUFFET is an amazing salivating treat. Served every SATURDAY DINNER, you could be assured of quality steaks and innovative WAGYU DISHES. Aside from all the WAGYU, they also have all of their usual dishes to go with the meaty affair. If eating seems a bit too hard for you, they also give out free 5 minute massages at the entrance c/o the specialists from THE CHI SPA. It was pure heaven. Cheers!

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Php 2,415 Nett/Person
Every Saturday Dinner

(632) 6338888
1 Garden Way, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila
Disclaimer: was invited to visit HEAT. Wrote this based on my experience. To be sure, please call Edsa Shangri-La for the updated price and to reserve a seat.
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  1. That steak is cake?! Amazing! I love wagyu but I'd probably go there for that cake hahaha...

  2. Yeah. It really looks as if it is a steak right? ... We actually didn't know it was a cake not until the chef pointed it out. !