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Thursday, December 24, 2015

 Air Asia was an airline carrier that I have never flew in before. I didn't know what to expect.
 Thursday and I left my place at 6am, thinking that 4 hours would be enough for me to get to the airport. The boarding time was 10:50 am and flight at 11:30am. Guess what? I arrived at 10:25am. I was really cutting it close. The traffic in the airport area seemed a little far fetched. I was contemplating if I should go out and start walking towards the terminal because I might get late. Thankfully, I knew I was going to be pampered by PHILIPPINES AIR ASIA and VIKINGS LUXURY BUFFET. Everything seemed okay!
Checking in was a breeze. No lines no hassle at AIR ASIA's Counter.
Terminal 3 is the newest terminal that caters to the flying public. Everything was walking distance and thankfully, there are moving walkway for tired feet.
After boarding and getting into our seats, we were treated to AIR ASIA'S SANTAN MENU. In cooperation with Vikings Luxury Buffet, they came up with a whole new menu for the holiday season. You don't need to be worry about the food as it is certified halal. Dishes are roughly 200+ Php each with dessert at 80Php but if you buy when you book your flights, you get a huge discount.
Very nice, I thought myself. Perfect for the budget traveler.

The dishes in the new menu simply focused on the different cuisines in the region. Snacks such as the GRILLED CHICKEN and CHEESE PESTO would be served during domestic flights and the heavy meals during the international travel. 

The KOREAN JAPCHAE and the BARBECUE COLA BEEF looked and smelled delicious.
At first I thought the COLA BEEF was similar to Adobo but it tasted a bit sweet with a hint of COLA flavor. It was unanimous that this dish is definitely a crowd favorite.
The KOREAN JAPCHAE is basically glass noodles cooked to a bouncy bite resulting into a sweet flavor. Nicely done.

For dessert, I had the LEMON TORTE.
It was border like SANSRIVAL. I enjoyed the citrusy taste and the crunch. It wasn't too sweet for me not to eat it.
After a luxurious 3 day stay in HONGKONG, we were on our way back.
I was looking forward to the meal ahead. The BANGUS SISIG and the BUFFALO CHICKEN STRIPS with POTATOES were looking straight at me. I didn't have breakfast so this was perfect!
The BANGUS SISIG is like eating sisig on steroids. The calamansi flavor popped up at the right time. It wasn't too spicy and it was delicious.
The BUFFALO CHICKEN STRIPS could have been better. The flavor was there and I enjoyed the baked potatoes but the chicken's texture was soft. IT was no longer crunchy. Maybe it is because of the moisture that it became a bit soggy. Other wise, it was perfectly fine. Maybe, they could have cooked it differently as it would have been a great addition to the menu.  
 The HOISIN GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH though was pretty good. Flavor wise it was perfect. I would have enjoyed this sandwich more if the bread was not too thick. Maybe they could have the serving size smaller. 
 For dessert, the BANOFFEE CAKE was a dream. Real banana slices underneath. Not too sweet. This was great meal ender.

I was actually a bit concerned that since we would be eating airline food up in the air, the flavor would diminish because of the altitude but PHILIPPINES AIR ASIA did a great job with the in-flight meal. The service was pretty much wonderful. The crew did everything they can to make the flight enjoyable and fun. 

CHECK OUT : RICHIE'S THE PICKIEST EATER'S VIDEO HERE >>> video shot by yours truly so please pardon me the shakes.

VIKINGS LUXURY BUFFET in connection with PHILIPPINES AIR ASIA made this trip wonderful. Aside from their amazing partnership, they definitely have made flying and eating more affordable and enjoyable.

* When you Book Tickets via AIR ASIA... Get the meals! You get to save around 20%*

* If planning to eat at VIKINGS .... Give them a call at least 1-2 weeks before to be sure of getting seats.... DO NOT PROCRASTINATE***


Disclaimer: was invited to join Air Asia x Vikings in Hongkong Food Tour. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. I love flying with Air Asia, the flights are almost always on time. But I haven't tried their meals because I don't really eat during flight.

  2. For short flights, it is okay. But when it comes to international flights, it would be best to have a little treat for your tummy. I don't know but for me, it's a must. But yeah. Air Asia flights are almost always on time. :)