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Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunday has never been this good. 
I left the hotel early just so that I could experience the perfect SUNDAY BRUNCH 
at VASK MANILA. Located on a not so busy part of BGC, VASK MANILA has been in the foodie radar ever since it opened. From tapas to degustacion and even international Chefs visiting and doing 
molecular dishes.

Once I entered, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was giddy with everything that I saw. The spread isn't as big as Spirals nor was it even half of it. What was in front of me though, was food of a higher quality. Flavors on a different level. That is what I was excited about. Food done simply good.

To start off, unlimited SANGRIAS were served. One is based on red wine and is reminisce of the LA GUAPA from ARROZERIA (click here and here for my experience). Another is a white wine based sangria with citrus flavors.
Soup was served while we waited for the staff to finish the spread.

It didn't take long for the dishes to be placed on the long table. 
Two kinds of PINTXOS were served. One was tuna while the other was roast beef. Both were exceptional. The bread was perfectly smothered with cheese and the toppings were amazing. Perfect to start it up.
Since it is that time of year, VASK figured to serve Queso de Bola for their cheese selection. Salty ... Just the way I like it.
What is brunch without egg? Tortilla. Basically Egg.

These triangle delight are what you call CARNITAS. I can't fully explain it but these are to die for. Accompanied with white cream and sauce, I couldn't help myself but to get more.
For seafood, VASK MANILA has a lot to offer. 
The first one they had is the RABAS. Sort of like calamari. The difference is how they did it. The batter is normal yet not too thick that it overpowers the squid. It wasn't rubbery or plasticy. It also had a clean taste. Yummy!
Another is the PULPO alla GALLEGA. Octopus cooked perfectly. Not rubbery and works well with the potatoes.
The one of the right is MEJILLONES TIGRE. Basically clam with a mix of cream then deep fried. On the left is their version of croquettes. One bite and it melts in your mouth. It seemed potatoish puree is used then deep fried too.
One of my favorites on the buffet spread is the BOQUERONES. This sardine like dish has a suprise sour kick. Drenched in olive oil, these babies are excellent bread companion. 
Moving on, there are some vegetable dishes but I'm skipping that.
Because it's time for the big guys.
A huge pan of paella was placed in a counter. This PAELLA NEGRA smelled appetizing because of the squid ink. Definitely a must try.
CALLOS is basically tripe cooked in tomato soup.  This was smooth. The texture and the flavors went well hand in hand.

Christmas season means one thing. Ham. They had these gorgeous ham. Premium and not too salty and had a side of sweet glaze sauce.

The MAIN thing here is the COCHINILLO! This baby pig looks amazing.
One bite in and I just died. The crunch is there and the meat is moist and perfect.
I just couldn't help it and here are some of my plates. Some because I had more.

As you would notice, the spread isn't as big as other buffet. What sets VASK SUNDAY BRUNCH apart is that it serves quality dishes that would make you want to return. The flavors are bold and are perfect for brunch. Simple but perfectly done. Don't go here when you are full because you would love to stuff yourself more. For a little over a thousand, the Sunday brunch at VASK is perfect. Believe me, because I'll be returning in a week or so to get my full again. Cheers.

11:30am-2:30pm Every Sunday
until the last Sunday of December 2015.
Holiday Brunch Buffet is set at Php1,395+ per person.
For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 917.806.5292
or kindly email

5th Floor Clipp Center
11th Avenue cor 39th., BGC,
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out the food. Wrote this based on experience.
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