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Friday, December 4, 2015

The call time was at 6pm Friday. Needless to say I was there at 5:30pm. Because I was in for a treat. HOLY CRAP!!! LOBSTERS!!! Seriously! I remember having a huge one a few years back and it made me think about that. Flashback! Right there for the taking. Perfect with plain butter or even just boiled. Hello MAD FOR LOBSTER!
 A buffet becomes somewhat redundant as time passes by. Innovations are needed to make them more appealing to the diners. Having an amazing theme for a buffet dinner is just perfect to get over that trap. Lobsters! I told myself. I was in HEAT a few weeks ago and I knew the right ways to attack this beast buffet (click here for the tips). Now, I find myself happy with the upcoming dinner.
Of course, EDSA SHANGRILA's HEAT can't live on lobsters alone. You can start with the different stations found. Like a make your own salad bar.
A Japanese station where all the sushi and sashimi a giddy boy would want.
Since it was lobster night, a lot of the rolls contained lobsters too.

 Not to be missed is their Salmon Sashimi. Super fresh. Definitely a must get.
Also, these cute cones are pretty good too. The tuna on top works well with the crunch from the cones.
Another place to go to is the bread area. Not because of the bread but because of the cheese.
 The Raclette Cheese, to be more specific.
 The chef melts the top and slides off the gooey cheese on your plate. Perfect to go with anything that you would like. From bread, to pasta and even to the lobsters themselves.
 Moving on to the main event... The LOBSTERS! The main reason why you should visit Edsa Shangrila every Friday Night.
 You could get them as is. They are already prepared and ready for the taking. Pacific, Boston and Palawan Lobsters were flown in. Slipper, tails and every part of them were there. Accompanied by the usual dippings and sauces. You could just stand there and eat it.
 Aside from eating them as is, you could have them cooked to your liking and even get their readily prepared dishes like risotto, fried rice and ravioli.
 One of those is the LOBSTER THERMIDOR. Basically a creamy mixture is placed on topped of the meat. The cheese factor definitely clocked in. This is the choice for those who love gruyere.
A crowd favorite, the SINGAPORE STYLE CHILI LOBSTER reminds me of my visit to Singapore. It is both chili and sweet. The meat of the lobster has absorbed the flavors.
For those loving something different, they have a Tandoori version for the taking.
 To end the meal, you could go for their dessert bar. From Halo-halo, to churros to fruits, crepes and ice creams.
 I preferred their short cakes and jello shots.
 The dessert spread was a lot. I enjoyed the cakes too much that I needed to run afterwards. 
For a price of roughly 2,500Php per person, this LOBSTER BUFFET at HEAT EDSA SHANGRILA is definitely a worthwhile experience. With the unlimited amount of this crustacean delight, diners would really miss out if they don't try it. Aside from the lobsters, the addition of the usual goodies makes the buffet almost perfect. If only they offered sugar free desserts, then it would be 10/10.   
Also if you have the time, visit the lobby in EDSA SHANGRILA HOTEL. They usually have this snow fall happening every 15 minutes at lunch, afternoon and at night. Of course it's not really snow. Rather it's just foam. Wouldn't it be nice though to have someone by your side while watching it fall.

6 Tips on How to tackle Edsa Shangrila's Heat Buffet

(632) 6338888
1 Garden Way, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out this event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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